The Spring Break Diaries – Getting There (Day 1 & 2)

We are finally back in the Burg after what can only be described as one of the best (nearly) weeks of our lives. I have fallen in love with California and I know we have all, since getting back, been trying to find ANY way to return (masters programs/becoming a surfers wife – you get the idea!).  SO – here you have it, our spring break diary. LET THE EXCITEMENT COMMENCE!

Day 1.

Day 1 was not very exciting as it was really just our flight, but none the less there are a few carefully selected highlights that need to be remembered…

  • We got picked up by taxi Jose who was a very lovely man. As this taxi service was around $30 cheaper than any of the other ones we called we were expecting something a bit sketchy – we were envisioning ourselves being driven to Richmond in a rickshaw style device by a man in a sombrero but luckily for us, Mr. Jose was very efficient in getting us to the airport…around 3 hours early. (mine and Emily’s doing obviously)
  • Because this is us, our plane to Chicago was delayed. Initially it was only 25 mins but every time we looked it kept creeping up until we were delayed for a whole hour.
  • Boredom ensued but was soon defeated by an…interesting…game of “would you rather?”; no limbs or be deaf and blind?…seeds or herbs? etc etc.
  • Flight one was a mini-plane to Chicago which terrified Emily somewhat
  • Chicago airport and their interesting baggage claim systems. Apparently it is a great idea to put everyone in a line and then take off the bags in a random order so no one can see them. This means that people were missing their connections and an INSANE airline woman began shouting at a poor innocent passenger exclaiming “why you wait for your bag!? WHY YOU WAIT?!!” Obviously people should never check bags. Lesson learnt.
  • Noodles
  • Flight two – Chicago to San Diego
  • This flight was lovely. Whilst Emily and I weeped to New Years Eve, Bella was stuck next to an obese woman with an interesting aroma and a fear of flying who decided to fidget for the whole four hours of the flight. (Literally the worst seat neighbour you could ever imagine. She literally spilled over into my chair, played her music at an offensively loud level and spent the whole time muttering about how she ‘couldn’t handle this.’ She couldn’t handle this?! WHAT ABOUT ME?!)
  • WE ARRIVED IN SAN DIEGO (and drove off to Coronado where we were staying) – in a state of extreme excitement
  • The Hotel (Loews Coronado). Lets just talk about that. The hotel was seriously gorgeous, I do not know why we were allowed to stay there and I feel the hotel didn’t really either.
  • However, one woman Sister Katie thought we had been there for ages. As we were checking in we noticed a wedding party outside, at which point I realised that is my destiny to get married at the Hotel Del Coronado, and then as we were leaving the lobby area for our building we were accosted by a little, possibly drunken old lady who informed us that we were “fantastic” and thanked us for taking part in the wedding before she was gently corrected by her friend who told her that we were in fact complete strangers. She then introduced herself as Sister Katie and we all laughed uproariously and she shared some wonderful advice to do with having too much fun and ‘being careful’ (wink wink nudge nudge…)
  • And then we went to bed cos we are wild (and were moderately jet lagged with the three hour time difference)

Day 2. 

  • We were all awake by 7am, obviously really excited for our day ahead. Having meticulously checked the weather for the past 3 weeks we were aware that today was going to be the hottest day (29 degrees woo) so this day had been designated as sunbathing day. And here was the view we woke up to :

  • After a quick breakfast muffin and a mini explore we headed to the pool. Jack Johnson was playing and I don’t think any of us could have been any happier at this point.  The pool was gorgeous (and heated) and we must remember IT IS MARCH. What is this insanity?!
  • In the afternoon we headed to the beach. Even more gorgeous than the pool and to top that off – Lifeguard towers. My Baywatch fantasies were well and truly fulfilled and over the course of five days I must have taken at least 50 pictures involving lifeguard towers in various guises.

  • That evening, obligatory British sunburn in tow, we headed into Coronado town centre. We had the standard argument of where do we go for dinner and eventually settled on a lovely little restaurant called Rhinoceros and all ate way too much and then decided to have ice cream afterwards just to gorge ourselves further.
  • Then we went back to the hotel in preparation for the next day: THE BIG ROAD TRIP!

To be continued…

S xx


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