let’s pretend to be hungover

Today was a hungover day. Except we weren’t hungover.

We woke up with great ambitions, we were gonna go to the lake and chill there until the forecast thunderstorm at 6 where we were going to retreat and get ready for food. However, we woke up to grey grey skies and so we instead decided to pretend to be hungover. It just felt like one of those days. Let’s just say it was the hangover of all our travels. That works right?

Our first hangover activity was breakfast as we were both rather hungry and breakfast always makes you feel better. We decided Denny’s would be a perfect venue so after getting ready really slowly we decided to make the trek which was SO worth it. Despite smelling slightly like vom in there (or was that just me smelling that Bella?) the food was perfect.  We both had banana and pancake combos with eggs, bacon and hash browns. It started to cure our hangover very quickly.

Next stop was our favourite landmark here in San Antonio – Rivercenter Mall. After re-visiting some of the shops we undertook hangover activity number two. We went to the movies and saw What to Expect When You’re Expecting which was actually really good and funny. It made us both kind of want to have babies  so watch out boys (speak for yourself – it made me never want a child – B).  Anyway, we enjoyed the movie a lot and it was only $4 each which made it possibly the cheapest movie I have ever seen.

After this, we continued back round the shops. I finally invested in some Victoria’s Secret yoga pants after finally realising how comfortable they were and Bella and I both got some yoga shorts too. As you can tell we will be doing a lot of yoga next year! Chili’s was our next stop where we once again exploited our position as a married couple and ordered the two dine for $20 meal. This was on the bucket list so we felt compelled to go and our server was very nice and wished us well on our travels. Obviously, afterwards we went to get froyo. We ate our froyo out by the river, and spent some time reminiscing about our year (again) and creating black and white video montages in our heads…all to the ambient sound of panpipes that was drifting through the mall. I think it is good that we are going back to civilisation tomorrow – if you can really call Disney World/the Orlando area at large civilization??

On the way home we met a nice man who told us that we “must be from a state where they grow very pretty girls” to which we thanked him and let him cross the road in front of us so we could escape. However, he carried on trying to talk to us and told us he was called Jose and that he used to live with his grandparents. He then kept apologising and blurted out he was homeless and wanted a burger…we sadly couldn’t provide him with one and hastily crossed the road. Poor Jose.

I think we are both quite happy to leave San Antonio. It is a cool city, but a bit weird and I think we had run out of things to do. I am not quite sure how we missed that we had four days here to begin with. However, we have had a nice time and have been able to go shopping which is always fun and therapeutic to our weary traveller souls. But now, we are just excited because  WE ARE GOING TO DISNEY TOMORROW ARRRRRRGH!!


S xx


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