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Okay, since I have spent this entire day trying to write a paper and actually have less of it now than I did when I began this morning, I am here to provide my own perspective on Sig Chi formal and also to discuss last night quickly.

I think that Sophie covered day 1 pretty well, lots of beach frolicking, eating and so on. However she did miss out what was quite possibly my favourite part of the entire thing, i.e the part where we all had to sing a horrendous, entirely tuneless song to welcome in the new sweetheart. It was really quite something. I imagine the innocent families in the restaurant loved it.

Also I did promise to include this picture in this post…shoutout to our ex-Derby Days coach & one of my very favourite Sig Chis Colin  who I evidently accosted on the beach and who I have had many a wild night at the unit with:

look how much he likes me!

 Also, just because ‘Picture Time’ was such a big deal that there were literally hour warnings leading up to it to make sure everyone was ready…

they’re kind of adorable

Just look at that.

Anyway so as I said, Sophie covered day 1 so that leaves me to briefly do day 2. We were less efficient than Sophie & Canakis and one of our party was suffering BADLY so we went to the strange Native American Pancake land a little later than them. It was seriously bizarre. Then since we don’t really care about schoolwork/I secretly enjoy making myself do 15 page papers in one day, we decided to spend the rest of the day on the beach. This meant socialising by myself for once but it was okay, I had a lot of fun with our new friend Kaitlyn and numerous other people who were still around and it was super sunny and all the boys were running around playing games and stuff. For some reason I’d decided to only put half my bikini on so I couldn’t go in the sea but we did try and paddle and it was FREEZING so I wasn’t too upset. Eventually we decided we should probably leave and so we drove back to the Burg and so ends our second formal adventure.

HOWEVER that was not the end of our weekend adventure. It was a pretty quick turnaround but a couple of hours after I returned it was time to rally again. We went to the Leafe in New Town for Courtney’s birthday dinner which was sooo fun, and then we went over to Pi Phi for a bit to partake in some wine drinking and catching up with Emily. We had also made a very solemn promise to our fellow countryman Jamie that we’d see him at some point on Saturday, and as it was now like 11pm or something and his texts were getting increasingly abusive, we decided to walk to Griffin (even though it was gross outside – dedication!).

This was where things started to take a turn for the distinctly bizarre. We walked into Griffin to find Jamie & Ed sitting on the couch playing some sort of weird sexy drinking game with some mums. Like literally middle aged woman – I don’t even know. We played for a bit and then when we’d had enough of hearing about baby lotion on and so on we decided to wander off, where we stumbled across some Sig Chis, so we talked to them for a bit and then we decided to risk it and go to the bars. Very safely we piled at least a hundred people into Ed’s tiny car, and then luckily a lovely bouncer remembered us from last time and after hearing that it was our last ever Saturday in the Burg was very happy to let us in and very concerned that we had a good time.

Anyway so we hung around in the bars for a while and then we decided to go back to Jamie’s for a while, where we indulged in some blacklight action and got involved in/watched a very long very boring argument about Everton and Liverpool or something. Once again, I don’t even know. THEN eventually we realised it was like 3am and we were both knackered from the formal action anyway soooo we made the long trek back and that was that.

Last weekend in Williamsburg = a success! AND this time tomorrow I will (hopefully) have given in this stupid paper and will finally, finally be free!



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formalizing – take 2

I have just returned from yet another formal, this time not with the W&M Pre-Law society, but with W&M fraternity Sig Chi. The whole experience was a bit of a blur and after trying to match my dates (equally poor) drinking abilities and a lack of food you can imagine what happened. Therefore, I feel the best way to sum this up is with some selected (remembered) highlights.

We start off well

  • get picked up by my lovely date Canakis in a truck (only in America) and drive down to VA beach.
  • get filmed on the way for his strange documentary of this year
  • make a new friend who I am going to teach all about England
  • get to our hotel – The Royal Clipper….it was very royal indeed
  • go to the beach, with a beautifully customized cooler, and commence

Then this is where we get a bit more fuzzy

  • frolic on the beach
  • find Bella
  • play in the sea
  • fall over flat on my face in the sea, and lose my top multiple times
  • lose my shorts (if anyone has these please can I have them back…)


  • get ready, without a shower, cos I am classy
  • somehow steal a hat
  • shout at my date profusely for forgetting his shoes and his underwear
  • shout at my date for wearing flip flops and socks…
  • start on the Grey Goose…from the bottle…
  • take some pictures
  • get to Murphey’s Irish Pub and sit there for a long time
  • get upset because we are not sitting with Bella so send her badly spelt remorseful texts and pictures
  • become beastly with the bruchetta (granted this was a team effort), sharing bread and tomatoes equally between us
  • eat my chicken…escape to the bathroom not long afterwards
  • date insists he “needs a nap” – it’s 9pm
  • go back to the hotel, watch Sex and the City
  • BRITISH SPOON (finally)
  • RALLY (on water) because it’s 10pm
  • play on the beach, watching people wrestle each other (why do boys always do this?!)
  • miss the rain and ooops its midnight. HANGOVER. BEDTIME. PASSOUT.

Meanwhile… poor Bella was not quite on our level and so unfortunately had to deal with our ridiculous behavior somewhat. Even though the schedule was meticulous planned by my date unfortunately he just got a bit too excited, and so we ended up dead.  Needless to say my date did look after me well…we both just peaked to early but what can you do? #formalproblems

Our lovely weekend ended with a trip to a very classy venue – Pocahontas Pancake House. A native american themed breakfast eatery with lots of plates of food the size of ones face. I had a strawberry waffle which was really good and demolished it before anyone else on our table (I think this is becoming a recurring theme). We then drove home and had a lovely sing song and now here I am.

THANK YOU SO MUCH DATEEEEEEEEEEE – you did goooooooooooood.

Also I am sure Bella will have a probably far more detailed account of this night she can fill you in on should she wish. But for now, nap time.

It’s Cinco De Mayo bitches….see you later Williamsburg.

S xx


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(but at least it is now ticked off the list…kerchiiiing!)

S&B xx

(and thanks Hanna and Ivan for taking us/trying to make us obese)

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senior spring

As Amy recently pointed out in her blog, all those firsts we kept celebrating when we got here have quite suddenly become lasts and I don’t think I like it. I’m not entirely sure how this has happened, but somehow yesterday was our last ever (regular) Theta meeting. Like actually. The last time we’ll ever sit on the chapter room floor till our legs fall asleep and our last ever chance to win the A Box (unsurprisingly I didn’t although my name was in there). Next week we have a whole host of senior-themed events which is sure to reduce everybody to hideous messes – I’m having horrible flashbacks to when I to take all my photos down off my wardrobe in Rowancroft.

Speaking of photos, over the last few weeks I have uncharacteristically managed to break my camera, lose its charger and lose a charm off my Tiffany bracelet – karma for something I’m sure. However, as I just took a poetry exam I decided to reward myself by ordering a new camera. Oooooops. I can’t go through our last weeks here with no camera! Who would document blowout in increasingly blurry pictures?! So there is a new camera hopefully on its way to me soon. I even forewent free shipping and paid a whole $4 to have it here in 3 – 5 business days so that’s how serious I am about this thing. Also, last night Sophie and I amused ourselves by going through everybody’s formal pictures spying ourselves in the background. It is a sight to behold – although weirdly Sophie is in millions and I am in hardly any which leads us to believe we may actually have been separated for quite some time? What is this?! Then, entirely by accident, both of us posted near-identical statuses about the whole thing. It was embarrassing all round and should never happen again.

Anyway I’ve come totally off track. Basically my point is I DON’T WANNA LEAVEEEEEE!

Also, have we mentioned Hanna Rocks’ AMAZING party favors we all got at formal? We all got a Theta coozie (YESSSSSS!!!) and amazing sunglasses just like the ones I tried to steal from an unsuspecting Drew once upon a time but most importantly, all the seniors got one of these:

yep, everyone got a picture of me

ISN’T IT ADORABLE? Definitely an inspired idea on Hanna’s part and seriously I’m in love. Now all we have to do is figure out how to get it home without dramatically breaking it…


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the day that time slowed down

Yesterday was a very long, very fun day. It started at 10:45 when my alarm went off and I remembered that Mae’s train was supposed to arrive in Williamsburg at 11:15. After spending a bit of time lolling at the previous night’s facebook antics, doing some quick piecing together, and struggling to understand how to dress myself, I headed over to Theta and off we trotted to the train station.

Mae’s train was like a couple of minutes late which was good as so were we. We were joyfully reunited, and headed off to the Days Inn, where the lady at the desk had no record or even recollection of Mae’s reservation. Luckily as this is the Williamsburg Days Inn in April it was surprisingly not fully booked and so she got a room anyway. We all looked longingly at the pool, received our gifts of digestives, chocolate and deodorant (for Sophie) and then we made a spontaneous plan to go to Nawab (BUCKET LIST!!) with – guess who?! – Ivan, with a brief stop at Food Lion on the way.

Ivan described my night before as ‘shambly.’ I have to agree. We accidentally caused quite a lot of chaos in Nawab by talking loudly and obnoxiously British-ly but whatever. Naan bread. Ivan then insisted that we went to Rita’s and we tried a selection of various frozen dishes such as frozen custard (which nobody wanted at all) and something delicious involving mangos.

Next on the agenda was a little trip back to Theta and then a trip to Pi Phi which was full of excitement as everyone was trying on their dresses/various combinations of other peoples’ clothing & shoes ready for their formal. Then we separated for a little while to get ready for our athletic adventure of the evening, i.e a trip to REBOUNDERZ!! We were driven by the lovely Hanna, along with Sally and Rose, and had a wonderful time on the drive there singing Call Me Maybe very loudly and so on.

Rebounderz  was the most hilarious place, it was essentially a massive warehouse with lots of trampolines in it. It was a bit antisocial as there were a lot of rules including one that meant only one person could be on each trampoline, so you had to kind of yell across to everyone, but it was still sooooo much fun (although it was exhausting) — SISTAHOOOOOOD!!!

Afterwards we got back into Hanna’s car and decided to go to Panera for dinner which we’d never been to and which I enjoyed a lot and then it was time to introduce Mae (against her will) to Sweet Frog. Thennn we went back to Theta where the couches were buzzzzzinnggggg and watched Anchorman for a bit and so on and so on.

TONIGHT IS FORMAL WOOOOOOOO SO EXCIIIIITEDDDD (so excited that I had a very bizarre dream about the whole thing involving pregaming in Paris and wearing a dress with a layer made out of clear plastic)


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casualties: 1

Anyone who knew me well in Exeter/witnessed any of my often hungover attempts to make it to Streatham/has been near me when a bike has also been near me will probably know that for ages I have believed that it is my destiny to be run over by a bike. I’m serious, I have nearly been run over by a bike every single day for probably the last three years.


And I have the hideous bloody graze on the back of my calf to prove it.

I feel strangely fulfilled by the thought of this. In other news, it is super sunny again today (although unfortunately we were unreasonably forced to go to class) AND I went to see 21 Jump Street yesterday with my Theta fam and it was SO GOOD. Seriously, hilarious. And I didn’t even wonder when it was gonna end once which is a definite sign of how good it was.

Go see it. And always beware of bikes.


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frat city bitch

I feel like we say this a lot, but this weekend has really been yet another strange one. I’m not even entirely sure what has really happened so I’m going to sum up Thursday & Friday in list form before even embarking on the ridiculousness that was yesterday. So, over the 48 hours of Thursday and Friday, we:

– More or less demanded that some of our main Kappa Sigs throw a party in our honour

– Introduced Nicole to the ‘wonders’ (?) of Four Loko

– Got bought a chocolate bunny by Ivan and told not to share it under any circumstances with anyone else

– Crashed a rugby party (this one was Sophie and Nicole)

– Consumed our body weight in chicken fingers thanks to a hungover trip to Zaxby’s with our food buddy Ivan and a food tab at College at our Delta Phi mixer

– Spent at least an hour standing outside the units talking to random Sig Chis and discovering that Rory is the biggest anglophile known to man and borderline addicted to Big Brother

– Fielded even more England questions than usual…we kindly let Nicole answer them all

– Went to Kappasta, the first of THREE philanthropy events we attended this weekend

– Made muffins from a mix that boasted ‘imitation blueberries’ (only in America)

– Attended a poetry reading…so cultured innit

– Spent most of the daylight hours on the red couches

Okay I think that just about covers it, and so we get to yesterday. The day began in quite a wholesome way; as we hadn’t eaten quite enough food so far in the week, we went to Five Forks with Ivan for breakfast so Nicole could get the full diner experience. AND WE ATE THIS:

Then it was off to Shirley to prepare ourselves for the day’s main event and philanthropy #2 on our epic charitable weekend: Fratminton. Basically this was badminton with a bigger shuttlecock. Realising that we were probably inappropriate dressed for such activities, Sophie and I even got changed into athletic gear especially, but unfortunately this didn’t make up for fact that we have NO SKILLS. It has to be said that Sally, Riley and Josie carried the team – although they didn’t have to carry it very far as we lost every single match and were out pretty damn quickly, much to the devastation/exasperation of our coaches Shane and Ivan.

After sitting around on Frat Field for a while we headed back to Theta and if memory serves correctly (I wouldn’t bank on it) we just sat in the sun porch for quite a while doing absolutely nothing, except every now and again we carried various items of food to and from cars/to DPhi’s fridge ready for Fourthmeal. We also helped Casey make two brilliant veggie trays. Then it was time for a trip to Sadler so that Nicole could officially say she had experienced all the dining halls W&M has to offer, and then it was basically time for the thing that we have literally been told about pretty much since the day we arrived: Vietnam.

We did get slightly lost on the way but eventually found it and wowww was it impressive – the boys had gone ALL OUT just like we had been promised! Literally the coolest thing I have seen in a long time. We couldn’t exactly enjoy it to the full extent cause we had Fourthmeal lurking on the horizon but we made sure Nicole did – that Pika punch is a lethal thing – but we did meet some nice visitors from New York and wandered about enjoying all the Vietnam-y scenery etc.

THEN it was just time for a brief stop back at the house to pick up our Fourthmeal shirts and then it was onto Lodge 1. I know I’m biased but seriously, Fourthmeal is literally the best philanthropy I have ever seen. Working it was TORTURE – there was SO MUCH FOOD and it all smelled sooooo good! We deposited Nicole at a table and told her to behave herself and then stationed ourselves at the ‘cheese products and chicken nuggets’ station. There was good music and lots and lots of people and we had a lovely time dancing with my chicken nuggets and using awkward and inappropriate tools to serve grilled cheese – it was all going very well until we realised that there was suddenly a smoky haze in front of us and a distinct smell of burning. THE CHICKEN NUGGETS WERE ON FIRE!!! Kind of. Actually they were mostly pigs in blankets by this point but same deal; the candle heating up the tray was literally burning through it. Luckily nobody seemed to really notice they were eating distinctly charred pigs in blankets/chicken nuggets and we frantically waved over Sam & Courtney (who at first just thought we were happily waving in a cheerful manner) so the crisis was averted. Obviously this would happen to us. Also, there were several times when we noticed that Nicole had vanished from the spot we’d left her in, and so, fearful she had wandered off onto Richmond Rd and was v likely to be arrested, we had to tell everybody that came through the line that if they saw a lost Brit wandering about, they should send her our way. Luckily it turned out she had just been playing pool.

Anyway I would happily have stayed serving chicken nuggets all night but soon it was time for our shift to end and Nicole was looking distinctly bored so we decided to move on. We assumed that Vietnam had probably been shut down/couldn’t be bothered to walk all the way back to Lafayette so instead we rounded up some Sig Pis and decided to go to their unit. John was busy trying to join Delta Phi but after we called him and told him we were on his bed waiting for him he turned up pretty soon. We ended up spending ages listening to strange country music/generally bonding and it was v chilled and fun cause we love us some Sig Pi.

Eventually we decided to leave and then went back to Theta where we looked longingly at the plates and plates of leftover Fourthmeal snackage and had to wait a RIDICULOUS amount of time for a useless taxi service to take Nicole back but eventually it arrived and after the longest/frattiest/strangest day in the world we could all go to bed. At 4am.



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colonial adventures

Today was very wholesome. We were transformed into fully fledged tourists and went on an adventure to C-Dubz so Nicole could experience all the colonial joys of the ‘Burg! This was nice for me, because unlike Bella, I haven’t done a colonial history class and I haven’t had my family come and make me stroll around. Once again, I took lots of pictures like a middle-aged woman and forced everyone to pose for a variety of cheesy piczzzz. We did some touristy stocks photos….

AND we repped Team England

After trying out every free sample in CW (peanuts, hands, fudge, tartar sauce and ham..)and introducing Nicole to the joys of Lily, we went back to Theta and then….we completed another thing on the bucket list!! We finally got a photo with Thomas Jefferson! (which we definitely forced Sally to take)

So colonial right now…

Now let us return to laughing at Emily who as we speak is actually shedding tears after receiving a copy of Heat magazine…talk about deprivation!

S xx

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Yet another disaster



No, this is not a joke. We just got an email warning us of the following:

This spring there have been higher than normal numbers of raccoons throughout the Williamsburg area and caution should be taken whenever a raccoon is nearby.  Just today a suspected rabid raccoon was discovered near the Botetourt Complex and removed from the College; tests are being conducted to confirm the presence of rabies…

Behavior of animals infected with rabies includes staggering, falling, and circling. You may also notice nocturnal animals out during the day that may appear overly friendly or aggressive.  Do not handle or try to trap these animals….

Thank you and be careful out there.

 This may be the last you hear from us….farewell dear friends!


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hot diggity dog

We have done it! We have ticked the first thing off our bucket list…..

Ben’s Chili Bowl! (and it was sooo goood!)

Yesterday Bella, Emily and I went on a little adventure to D.C, one of our American spiritual homes, to go and rescue Nicole from the grasp of the airport shuttle . It felt slightly bizarre to be driving three hours just for the day, but because we are now indoctrinated with the American ways we thought it was a perfectly do-able. The journey was surprisingly fun; Emily didn’t kill us, we were accompanied by Lydia’s…interesting…GPS (a woman from Zimbabwe who kept talking about communists…) we had a wonderful sing-a-long (A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ and a bit of Wagon Wheel) and expressed our love for America a lot. Yesterday we were all feeling the love for America and were once again getting all nostalgic for our time here (sense a pattern?). We all realised that the fact we are in America still hasn’t really sunk in…and we only have six weeks left – talk about taking America for granted?!

Anyway…we were nearly in DC when Mrs. Zimbabwe directs us into a strange and mysterious lane in the middle of the road – the HOV lane. Bemused that everyone else was on the road running parallel to us we began to panic. Signs everywhere said that unauthorized vehicles on this road would be fined $1000 and when we veered off towards the Pentagon we really started to panic. Were we on government only road? Were we going to get arrested for trespassing on government property? Luckily we were fine. HOV (we later learnt) means high occupancy vehicles and we were technically car-pooling so we were fine!

After a mission through D.C’s ghettos (including an odd man shouting at our window) we made it to U street (home of Langston Hughes among others) and tried to park. That was a mission in itself and after driving round the block about one hundred times and being told off for parking the wrong way round (who knew that was a thing?!) we finally found another spot where Emily parallel parked with amazing accuracy and we practically ran (not just for fear of our lives) to Ben’s Chili Bowl!

And we all ate this…YUM ^^^ Half-Smoke Chili Dog with Cheese (but no cheese for Bella cos she is a freak). It was very good and also allowed us to tick something off our list. We graffiti the wall with “Team England” and then we were off to find Nicole.

We found her fairly easily (although ended up driving on the Mall at some point) and after the initial weirdness of “oh my god what are you doing in America Nicole” and a little bit of country music we headed onto Georgetown. Did the usual – shops, shops and Serendipity. H&M was shut which devastated us all as this was our main goal of the day so instead had to spend money elsewhere. We also ate far too much fried chicken and shrimp and introduced Nicole to the phenomenon that is American portion sizes in the form of the Carrot Cake sundae. YUM.

The homeward journey was much the same. More sing a longs, more lamenting about America and a bit of Rack City behind the wheel dancing for good measure. I was slightly concerned when Emily asked me to steer whilst she did her hair…but we made it alive!

And now it’s time for Nicole to experience the joys of the Burg’. So far she has had Aroma’s and half price burger night which is the perfect start to her inevitably food focused trip!

S xxx


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team expansion

Today is a BIG DAY and the one I have been waiting for for many many months cause TEAM ENGLAND IS EXPANDING!!!

Yes, I can announce that Sophie and I are actually expecting a child together.

Lol no. But really, one of ma bffz Nicole is coming to visit for the week and we’re just about to commence on a (possibly ill-fated) roadtrip to DC to get her/shop in Georgetown/go to Ben’s Chili Bowl/show off the delights of cherry blossom and Serendipity (our plans for the afternoon are as ambitious as ever) before returning to the Burg as obviously there is a lot to do here and it will be difficult to cram it all into just one week…HAH not, hopefully she is not expecting too much in the way of entertainment.

Also, yesterday for the first time in human memory I completed a paper (more or less) with more than 48 HOURS before it is due in – the lengths I go to for friendship!

But seriously, I’m excited


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may the odds be ever in your favour

So as is becoming habit for us, we kicked off the weekend yesterday with yet another weird weird night. We had a mixer at the Crust that involved a $300 tab, and, knowing how much Thetas love food, we headed down there at least ten minutes before the tab opened to find half of Theta already there. Great minds think alike.

Anyway Amy/whoever was in charge had cleverly arranged for them to just bring out a billion pizzas, so we all sat down around a raging fire (no exaggeration) and sort of awkwardly looked at the boys, like we were at a year 8 disco or something. Eventually though we got some mixing going on and bonded with our two fave British Pikas (us foreigners stick together!), mainly over US dancing (always a conversation point).

When the tab was over it was time to move the party onwards so off we went to Diamond Den, where some more awkward boy/girl separation happened until Carie took charge and ordered some pledges to mix with us, which they did. Then there was a game of flip cup, general festivities, and then it was time for possibly the most exciting part of the night…


Why yes, we did leave a mixer to go to the 12:05 showing of a teenage dystopian fantasy movie/novel. And what? We gathered Emily, Jil and Carolyn and all got in the car and went to Movie Tavern, which is an experience in itself – it’s like half movie theater, half lecture hall. I won’t spoil it but we all thought that the movie was very good (although obviously not as good as the books!)

Anyway then we went back home cause we were all knackered after our ridiculous 8am start (ONLY TEN LEFT!!!!) and we had had quite a wild night watching teenagers kill each other…


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So today we committed. Surprisingly, not to each other, but to this:

All 3200 miles of this!

Today we booked our flights from Austin to Orlando which basically means we have to go! So over just under four weeks, this is our plan! I am slightly concerned about this trip. I had a dream  two nights ago that Bella and I had an argument because she refused to come to an aquarium with me, even though they were giving away free puppies! Then I nearly got arrested for going in without a ticket…so hopefully this won’t happen.

We had a disaster booking the flights too (a foreshadowing things to come no doubt!). I successfully managed to book my flight, only for Bella’s to be told that there was no seats left at this price. Needless to say we were in a small panic! However we decided in a sensible fashion to split the $40 difference between my flight and hers (cos we are nice like that) and luckily Bella got to be on the same flight. We both had images of one of us being stranded hundreds of miles away from the other.  No doubt some other disaster will befall us.

S xx

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breaking news

The results are in and in a shocker that nobody saw coming, Pi Phi are the winners of Derby Days – and more importantly, we came second! Woooo Theta Nation!

The lip sync last night was very successful/sexual and we came third – Tri Delt KILLED it but I feel we were robbed of second place. I am a v dedicated camerawoman of course so here is your (wobbly kind of bad) video:

Get it girls.

Apparently all this madness made me and Emily very excitable because while Sophie returned home at like midnight we proceeded to spend the night roaming the units for several hours, showed off the difference between UK/USA dancing (for only the ninety millionth time this year) and culminated the whole affair with a hardcore four-person dance party in Sig Chi basement until like 3:30AM, at which point we began to walk home only to discover that somewhere over the course of the night Emily had lost a shoe. Colin and I sat her down at the side of the road and told her NOT TO MOVE while we went to look for it, but we couldn’t find it, and when we returned she had literally vanished. I do not even know.

Today our stamina let us down and we couldn’t bring ourselves to really day drink for St Patrick’s Day (HUGE deal here!) so instead we lay in the grass on sorority court (where we have spent probably 80% of the last three days) and spontaneously ordered a feast from Domino’s. Tonight we have date party so it is time to RALLY!


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oh these derby days

We’ve now been back from California for a week, but it doesn’t really feel like Spring Break ever ended. Since we returned, W&M has been less campus and more holiday camp (think Centerparcs): the weather has been gorgeous, we’ve had hardly any work, and we’ve spent the entire week painting, eating, sunbathing and doing serious Theta bonding.

Most of this is because of the wonder that is Sig Chi Derby Days. We’d heard vaguely about this but hadn’t really appreciated the time and ‘effort’ it would take up (I say effort…). After our brilliant banner-making on Tuesday, Wednesday was the ‘Miss Derby Days Pageant’ and, more importantly, Sorority Appreciation Dinner. We all paid our $5 (SAVE THE CHILDREN) and went to the Alumni House (which is amazing, complete with special W&M CARPETS) to watch representatives from each sorority tell outrageous lies about themselves and eat pasta. Jil was repping Theta and did it brilliantly – I wish I had a picture – in true Southern belle style but unfortunately we were robbed, despite the fact that our v dedicated coach Colin came up with a brilliant bio in three seconds flat cause somehow we’d missed the memo we needed one at all. Also, we got chocolate dipped strawberries which were served as like a bouquet AND our table got double the amount which actually was the best part. Afterwards we all went to the Crust and sat outside and it was just like being on holiday and we had yet another ridiculous conversation about Harry Potter, England etc etc which as everyone knows never gets old.

Yesterday after classes we spent the whole day lying on the grass in sorority court getting our tan on and then we went to the Sig Chi unit for a pregame in honour of Theta Thursday – the boys were on top form and we got a sneak preview of the lip sync dance for tonight. I’m fairly sure we’re definitely gonna win. And speaking of, the dance is exactly what I’m heading to right now and I am seriously excited to see what everyone’s come up with. After weeks (days) of practising, it all comes down to this…


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