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the end.

So here we have it…the end of The Virginia Monologues.

Believe us this was a difficult decision to make. We LOVE writing this – honestly, every disaster we have encountered (and there have been many) has been met with the phrase, “at least this’ll make a good blog post!” and I have been known to blog in my mind during classes to alleviate boredom. And yet, to save everyone’s sanity, we have decided to quit while we are ahead and not bore you with our uneventful, decidedly un-American summers, and so have decided to finish the blog. Let’s call it a hiatus more than an official end: we may return one day. Thanks everyone for your dedication to “the blog” – if you had stopped reading we would have stopped writing so it’s all your fault we kept annoying you on a regular basis. I don’t think either of us ever thought we’d get as many people reading this as we did (although admittedly most of our views came from our self-indulgent Sorority Girls recaps and that one riot in the library).

We’ve come a long way since Sophie was posting in between selling Volvos and drowing in a sea of medical records, and I was listing the many things I had completely failed to do – although in many ways we have also come full circle as Sophie has gone right back to work and I have still lost all my possessions and am still bored and hopelessly unemployed. But we’ve also developed a new appreciation for fried chicken, for exercise and for Natty Light and of course we have grown spiritually as people and, somewhere between JFK on August 16th and Miami on June 11th, Found Ourselves. Sort of.

Thank you everyone for the most amazing year, I can’t believe it is already over. Be assured we are already making plans to return to the ‘Burg in due course…so watch out.

But at least for now, goodbye! It’s been real guys.

Sophie & Bella

a.k.a. Team England.



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Melissa – Ma big!! For the best clue week ever, for the most ridiculous tales, for the dedication to alcohol consumption. I can’t believe you’ve got to be a real person now (God help the world) but I know you’re going to LOVE life in NYC

Courtney – FOR BEING THE BEST BIG EVER. But seriously, I could not have asked for a better, more caring, wonderful big. Good luck with New York – I am sure you will be amazing (you always are!) KEEP IN TOUCH.

Ivan – where do we even begin?! For the food, for spending SO MUCH goddamn time with us during the last couple of months, for driving us to the Myrtle Beach Greyhound station, for constantly abusing us, for taking us to so many restaurants that we wouldn’t have gone to otherwise, for buying 20 pieces of chicken, for taking us to formal, for cooking us chicken, for all the late night tv/food/fun times, for protecting me from that one terrifying Hoarders episode (and not protecting me from the terrifying clowns..). Oh and for being my future husband in 40 years…

Brooks – for being the fourth part of our bizarre little square of BFFs, for agreeing to be my future husband and provide me with that all important green card, for never knowing what is going on, for putting up with us spending a good few months never talking to you but merely yelling BROOOKSYYYY WHERE’S DUNCAN, for being the most comfortable sunken gardens bed I have ever known, but being so freaking hilarious, for having the best facial expressions I have ever seen on a person. AND FOR YOUR DANCING – it’s so good!

bmfl ❤

Hanna Rocks – for letting us crash your formal, for being one of the most chilled, laid-back people we’ve ever met, for having a brilliant British accent (seriously it rivals our own…)

Jake Flowers – for being our first real American friend, buying us alcohol, not being angry when we break into your house and starting our beautiful relationship with Sigma Pi. (and for offering to de-bunk our bunk beds before we got here and answering our ridiculous questions about how much laundry cost) And sorry for Spring Formal…I still remember NOTHING. For the Sig Pi t-shirts (I have been lusting after the Fall Rush 2011 one FOREVER) and for the final goodbye message and the many tears!!

way back when

Kelly Chapman – for finding us at that first party and for being nice to us and for being one of the people that made us want to join Theta / being instrumental in our joining of Theta. AND for teaching us that girls in army uniforms can be hot.

Sam Quinn – For being our Sig Pi buddy and for generally always just being amazing and happy and wonderful all the time. For your “boyfriend” and for your amazing formal companionship and your endless enthusiasm and for being so hilariously awkward – finger hearts forevahhh!

Grace Lauber – for being so put together even when you are not, for being generally the most chill person ever and for being a sex goddess (and not being ashamed of it). And for your dedication to burger night. And for the strip show on your birthday.

Harry – for coining the term Team England and consequently being among the first to inflate our egos to the ridiculous size they have now grown to, and for showing impressive dedication to pastels

Ulrich – for making us all laugh till we cried, for being our token South African, for not getting angry when we have broken into your house, and for always threatening to roofie us.

beef and broccoli, anyone?

Neal – for being a closeted blog fan and for letting us harass your twin in UVA and for “having our emotional support” at date party/formal/whatever else we have taken to. For being a SoCal surfer dude trapped in a Nova kid’s body!

John B – for letting us cry on you at date party. For having the same conversation with us about Nottingham every week for the first three months we knew you, for forcing us to hang out on the roof of 333 and telling us that rap has always been in your soul. For putting up with us probably the most (almost) out of anybody…

the ill-fated halloween date party…

Paul – for being the most difficult to please person ever, and for believing Bella and I are the “innocent” members of T.E. For our drunken chats about Russian Literature, politics, and your deep life ambitions, driving us home from UVA and for wearing your slippers to every party! (WHERE IS OUR DUCK!?)

Wren – for providing us with innumerable quantities of alcohol and for comforting us with Sour Patch Kids at some of our lowest points. For being my guardian angel and presenting me at pledge formal and getting us into the bars when we really shouldn’t even have been in public. For being a general life inspiration!

Joe Dean – for being the first Sig Pi freshman we ever met, for calling us aloof, for singing Lion King to us. How we have enjoyed watching you grow and blossom into a fine young man.


STEPHENNNNNN – for taking three months to learn our names, for your spontaneous napping on couches, for your heartfelt messages to us in the Team England video, for being the person we said goodbye to the most out of anybody (seriously…seven times?!).

Sam Hoy – for the furry fleece, for being a stand-in formal date, for providing some of the best entertainment value we’ve ever seen. Oh and for inducting us into “the team” and letting us be wingmen – it really was an honor (and we were pretty good right?!)

Lee – for expressing your love of dance, for not getting too upset when I threatened to lock you in a cage, for beach week, for determining the weather, for wearing a towel sarong, for being another star of the Team England video

the best formal dates we could have asked for?

Rory Park – for being one of the most hilarious people in the world, for having one of the best British Accents, for knowing every single thing about every Big Brother UK series, for saving us in Atlanta!

Caroline, Cari, Anne and Catie – for family dinners, pregames & chasing shots with garlic bread…Caroline I’m sharing your little!!

Casey & Erin – for being a wonderful addition to our family and providing good goss for fam din

Carolyn – for your dedication to Jeopardy. For being the intimidating President that turned out to not be intimidating in the slightest!

Sally – for never getting over the novelty of us and for always failing to mimic our accent and for accompanying us to breakfast nearly every day in first semester. For having your parents rescue us after our time in Death Hostel and for generally just being a babe. For coming to London!!! LOVE YA.

Alla – for Thanksgiving and for being arguably this blog’s number 1 fan (and for your love of Summer Heights High)


Canakis – for spooning banter, for letting us dance on your table (and destroy your ceiling), for the t-shirts with your name on and the banter. For being an amazing formal date and for being equally as drunk (and more OCD) as me – we really were pathetic!

Jackson – because I recently found a note in my phone that said ‘say nice things about Jackson in the blog’ and for being one of the first Sig Chis we ever met, and for beach week bonding and for driving us to Mexico Lindo in the pouring rain

Colin McGlennon – for embracing Theta Thursdays with such enthusiasm; for being the best Derby Days coach we could have asked for; for creativity in the cards-for-sick-kids domain


Jil & Kate – for being wonderful roomates, saving me from the hell of Bryan Basement and for putting up with my stupidly early bed times and twice a week 8am’s.. Jil: For nursing me through hangovers with Gilmore Girls (and not noticing/not commenting when I vommed all over my bed…),for watching Gossip Girl with me and for my education in Country music Kate: for being so lovely and for always being quiet when me and Jil are in bed early. For working so hard and generally being an inspiration to english students everywhere.

The Stairwells – for introducing us to the wonderful world of a capella and for making us cry at your final concert with your Blink 182 medley (sorry not sorry). For the impromptu singalong on the Sig Chi ACTUAL Stairwell…and all that followed…WINKFACE

Vicky – for being the best, 100% NOT- intimidating pledge mum and weeknight drunkard and possibly one of the sweetest people we have ever met (apart from when you tried to brand me with a cigarette!)

Jessica – for being our most dedicated blog commenter ever, for dedication to Sorority Girls and having AMAZING style

Meredith – for our hardcore bonding at events such as Homecoming over bread, for being so dedicated to finding the village of Nutcomb

Maggie – for being my first ever Kite Buddy and all around hilarious, for joining us on a Nashville adventure in Opryland and for GETTING A JOB AT DISNEY

Cricket – for just being Crickety all the time!

Hannah Ugarte – AND WE DANCED, AND WE CRIED, AND WE LAUGHED….AND HAD A REALLY, REALLY, REALLY GOOD TIME. (but really…we love you and the 321 girls)

Katie Thoma – for keeping me sane in Modern Poetry class, for being one of the sweetest people I have ever met in my life, for being one of the few Thetas I can rely on to be at Sig Chi’s unit

Jo Beletic – for being a total GODDESS and general sweetheart

Luuk Figdor – LOST TO US TOO SOON but for the late night chats, life advice and mentor sessions in Chandler kitchen/other inappropriate places

Jake Jose – for being our one and only Beta friend (apart from J.W) and for completing the British tri-athlon. For being my date to Pledge formal (doesn’t that seem so long ago?!)

Drew Middleditch – for also completing the British tri-athlon and for being a key part of our team england video. For your dedication to YOLO and OH HELLO, and for sheer comedic value

Jamie Whiteford – for being our fellow countryman and provider of banter, for christening us the Ladettes, for entertaining us on the first journey of our travels, for being an all around LAD

J.W – for international kiting

THETA BABIES – Malia, Sophie Helm, Caitlin, Stephanie, Madeline, Casey, Claire, Kelly and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU for letting us be in your pledge class

Carie – FOR THE BEST TWO DAYS IN DALLAS WE COULD POSSIBLY HAVE HAD, for picking us up at 2:30 in the morning, for taking us to lunch, for being adorable and hilarious and so so so much fun

thetas in dallas whatuppp

Katherine Hammond – for being the perfect tour guide in Memphis and taking us on the best food tour we could ask for! THANK YOU SO MUCH IT WAS SO FUN!

Miss Angie – for always calling us “baby”. Everyday. Without Fail.

Prof. James Savage – for helping us survive Milton and English Renaissance Drama respectively, for having great style and for being possibly the funniest man ever

Anon (*distinct hamster*) – for mentioning us on College ACB

Shane, any other residents of Shirley & Kappa Sigs in general – for adopting us as your groupies this semester, for letting us crash your house too many times to count, for making us want SO BADLY to come back for Homecoming next year

Schofield – For “British Tea!”, for being generally hilarious, for loving life, for dedication to Carrie Underwood and for not-dining and dashing in Berets on Blowout

Trent – for THE American flag baseball cap, for sharing its secrets, and for kind-of-not-really accusing us of stealing an iPad

WaWa Pam – for punching Bella in the arm for attempted shoplifting and assuring us that she “doesn’t like to touch pussy”

Sophie’s Mum – for constantly unblocking my cards, sending me strange parcels of Topshop shorts and chocolate and for putting up with my moaning everytime I am “ill”. Oh, and sharing so much emotion in my Senior Letter 😉

Bella’s Mum – for always being on hand to find places to seek refuge from death hostels and from death buses to Miami. For taking us to Disney world!!! (And on that note: THE J TEAM for the fun bus banter, the beer pong lessons, the catchphrases and the poses and a week of general hilarity in not-so-sunny Florida)

Of course every. Single. Theta. THANK YOU


It is time to mention THE Team England. The people who without which we all may have gone mad. Sometimes you just need someone with you to bitch about tie dye…

Nushy – for being the most insane person we have ever met (in the best way ever) and being the best story teller ever. YOU SHALL BE FAMOUS.

Hayley – for being gorgeous all the time, and for being my fellow Essex friend across the pond, for the Savage banter

Duncan – for putting up with our constant bullying, for taking us to date-parties, plying us with alcohol and for repping exe hardcore. SEE YOU AT THE BOP

Jess – sorry about your brother…

and finally

Emily & Josie – FOR EVERYTHING. I feel like we don’t need to write a message to you two becuase it wouldn’t even begin to sum up our amazing year. WE LOVE YOU GUYS and I don’t know what we would have done without you. I rember thinking before I went to America that I didn’t want to make English friends – who would have thought our best friends of the year would have been British! Thanks for hours Bryan Basement, Digestive Santa and his Rent Boiz, Spring Break, black beans, friendship heights, the BJ SHED and everything in between. Can’t wait to take Team England adventures in actual England (please don’t die on your road trip.) BRING IT ON! ps. we miss you!

the most perfect day



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country roads

Yep, those country roads have taken me home and I’m now back ensconced in the English countryside. I can’t say I’m particularly happy about this development, especially as I have absolutely nothing to do with my summer and I’m already bored out of my mind. I haven’t had a day to do nothing since God knows when, so I have spent the last two days pacing around my house looking for company (there is none) and sticking all my Theta/travel souvenirs up on my wall (naturally, I’ve lost most of them):

theta nation

I have also been ‘unpacking’ today, which is a million times harder than it sounds.

this is after a day’s work

As Sophie texted me earlier, it’s so weird because I remember packing everything so clearly and it only seems like about two months ago. I actually posted a picture last August of my packing process just before we left that probably looks almost identical to this one. Anyway, it turns out I have more suitcase space than I have wardrobe/drawer space which has posed quite the problem. I might literally have to pack for Exeter now and just store all my autumn clothes in a suitcase, which would be fine except for the fact that I forgot that English summer weather is QUITE so gross and I’m probably gonna have to wear it all between now and late August when I can move down there (not that I’m counting down the days?)

In the mean time, if anyone knows anyone that wants to employ me…send them my way!

Also there will be a reflective final post coming, we promise…I’m just not ready to leave the Virginia Monologues alone just yet!!!


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is this gonna be on the bbc?

We felt like this deserved its own post, for anyone who didn’t see it on facebook/to demand more attention. Remember when we said we spent our last night in Myrtle obnoxiously demanding to know all the things that people liked about us? Well, we have condensed 50 minutes of footage into this piece of sheer brilliance, so enjoy:


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last days


For me at least, this has not sunk in AT ALL. I cannot believe this time tomorrow we will be on the train to Charleston. It is literally terrifying. I haven’t been as sad as I was leaving Exeter, partly because I need to learn to stop being a little baby, and partly because I think in Exe I was acknowledging I was leaving pretty much every day since I got there, but here I haven’t thought about it at all. But, failing to acknowledge you are leaving does make the process that bit easier.

SO…what have we been doing with our selves the last few days you are probably wondering…


Because I am a nerd, and because I like to cross  things off lists, I went to Jamestown. Alone. The trip was all a bit more hassle than it was really worth. Disaster started when I forgot my ID. Luckily the nice man quizzed me on my address etc. and decided I was a student so gave me a lovely card with a picture of myself on so I could get in and see all the stuff. When I arrived I must admit I was distinctly underwhelmed by America’s first settlement. It was small with a fake Indian Village and stuff but everything just looked so fake/new that it wasn’t very convincing. The actual first site was in a woods and I couldn’t be bothered to get off the bus there sooo….the replica one had to do. But I did it – and now I can officially say I have been to the oldest town in England and the oldest town in America.

Monday night we spent a night at the Penthouse with our fave sig pi sophomores Sam and John where we listened to English music and became performing monkeys when we were forced to show our proficiency in the lyrics of courtesy of the red, white and blue. We headed to the Crust which was closed and so did the thing that comes most naturally to us. We broke into 333. Again. What is most disturbing about this is that Jake seemed completely unsuprised to have two brits climb up his fire escape, knock on the window and climb in to use the bathroom at about 12.30 at night.  We then sat on the roof for hours and sang with john and sunshine near the sky. This is why I love America.

The night ended with a trip to WaWa which was interesting. Nushy produced a dollar bill to pay for her crisps out of her bra much to WaWa Pam’s disgust. Possibly my fave quote ever of hers followed:

(after Nushy produces the money from the bra)

“That’s disgusting. I don’t like touching women’s titties or pussys. I didn’t even like touching my daughters pussy when she was a baby”

Ok Pam, good to know….


Yesterday we were very productive. We got up early and went on an adventure to Target in the hope of finding some sort of bag to carry all our crap around in for the next month and luckily Target pulled through so we know have beautiful matching wheelie duffle bags. Bella also got her hair cut whilst I got shampoo etc for our trip and deliberated for about twenty minutes whether Bella would let me get snoopy plasters instead of normal ones. I decided against it (I was wrong). We have also become a married couple – now we share a bank account. What have we become? It does just make things so much easier though! No need to split cheques and makes paying for hotels etc easier. I also came home with a beach towel. Just what you need when you can’t fit anything in your case already…

We then went on a little trip to Jamestown beach with Melissa, Grace & Molly and some of their friends which was nice. I managed to burn stripes on my boobs which is always a strong look. And then we went back and commenced mission pack. Which really is a mission. We are both getting 30kg bags shipped home today so we basically had to pack everything yesterday. Safe to say I sat on my case to shut it and my mum is going to have quite a surprise when she opens it. It also means that I had to be up at 9am this morning as the man could come at any time to pick it up…

After this we headed down to the sunken gardens for Riley’s birthday picnic which was really fun (after we escaped the two creepy weirdo’s trying to talk to us) and we began with the goodbyes which is tragic. We had to say bye to the wonderful Sam Quinn and actually this ended up being when we said bye to Sally too (shoulda come to Shirley)…BUT WE SHALL MEET AGAIN IN LONDON! We also had the lovely surprise of Brooks telling us we were having a surprise gathering at Shirley that evening – which nearly made us cry, was very sweet. So off we went to get ready for that.

Shirley was so much fun and our fave boiz Ivan and Brooks were there along with our fave ladiezzzz Hanna and Cari. As per usual, whenever Ivan is involved, there was lots of food and I am not even going to acknowledge how much I ate. We did check out the new burger place Mooyah though -SO GOOD. Did a bit of colouring and then went back to Ivan’s where I, after 3 drinks, fell asleep. It’s been a long week.


So this brings us to today. Today is an awkward day really because I am waiting around for this bag to be collected so cannot leave the house. It is a day of errands – have to finish packing, pay my bill, give my keys back, go to the bookstore one last time, and Bella and I still need a hotel in Savannah! We are now staying in someones apartment who goes to U.T in Austin called Cindy which should be cool and we are now stalking their theta house

oh and my bag just got picked up.

Let the last day in the ‘burg commence.

S x

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just sayin…


I just officially sent my last ever paper in which means I’M DONE!

Now to begin our final 3 days here and all of the ridiculous amount of preparations I have to do…


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Okay, since I have spent this entire day trying to write a paper and actually have less of it now than I did when I began this morning, I am here to provide my own perspective on Sig Chi formal and also to discuss last night quickly.

I think that Sophie covered day 1 pretty well, lots of beach frolicking, eating and so on. However she did miss out what was quite possibly my favourite part of the entire thing, i.e the part where we all had to sing a horrendous, entirely tuneless song to welcome in the new sweetheart. It was really quite something. I imagine the innocent families in the restaurant loved it.

Also I did promise to include this picture in this post…shoutout to our ex-Derby Days coach & one of my very favourite Sig Chis Colin  who I evidently accosted on the beach and who I have had many a wild night at the unit with:

look how much he likes me!

 Also, just because ‘Picture Time’ was such a big deal that there were literally hour warnings leading up to it to make sure everyone was ready…

they’re kind of adorable

Just look at that.

Anyway so as I said, Sophie covered day 1 so that leaves me to briefly do day 2. We were less efficient than Sophie & Canakis and one of our party was suffering BADLY so we went to the strange Native American Pancake land a little later than them. It was seriously bizarre. Then since we don’t really care about schoolwork/I secretly enjoy making myself do 15 page papers in one day, we decided to spend the rest of the day on the beach. This meant socialising by myself for once but it was okay, I had a lot of fun with our new friend Kaitlyn and numerous other people who were still around and it was super sunny and all the boys were running around playing games and stuff. For some reason I’d decided to only put half my bikini on so I couldn’t go in the sea but we did try and paddle and it was FREEZING so I wasn’t too upset. Eventually we decided we should probably leave and so we drove back to the Burg and so ends our second formal adventure.

HOWEVER that was not the end of our weekend adventure. It was a pretty quick turnaround but a couple of hours after I returned it was time to rally again. We went to the Leafe in New Town for Courtney’s birthday dinner which was sooo fun, and then we went over to Pi Phi for a bit to partake in some wine drinking and catching up with Emily. We had also made a very solemn promise to our fellow countryman Jamie that we’d see him at some point on Saturday, and as it was now like 11pm or something and his texts were getting increasingly abusive, we decided to walk to Griffin (even though it was gross outside – dedication!).

This was where things started to take a turn for the distinctly bizarre. We walked into Griffin to find Jamie & Ed sitting on the couch playing some sort of weird sexy drinking game with some mums. Like literally middle aged woman – I don’t even know. We played for a bit and then when we’d had enough of hearing about baby lotion on and so on we decided to wander off, where we stumbled across some Sig Chis, so we talked to them for a bit and then we decided to risk it and go to the bars. Very safely we piled at least a hundred people into Ed’s tiny car, and then luckily a lovely bouncer remembered us from last time and after hearing that it was our last ever Saturday in the Burg was very happy to let us in and very concerned that we had a good time.

Anyway so we hung around in the bars for a while and then we decided to go back to Jamie’s for a while, where we indulged in some blacklight action and got involved in/watched a very long very boring argument about Everton and Liverpool or something. Once again, I don’t even know. THEN eventually we realised it was like 3am and we were both knackered from the formal action anyway soooo we made the long trek back and that was that.

Last weekend in Williamsburg = a success! AND this time tomorrow I will (hopefully) have given in this stupid paper and will finally, finally be free!


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final daze

Well, we’re one final down and only one to go (not counting the two papers I also have to do) and campus has well and truly entered finals mania. Luckily, nobody has been trampled in Swem – although don’t count it out just yet. There’s still time. Sophie’s new laptop charger arrived this morning which means that, after three days, she has finally been able to leave the underground computer lab in Tyler, and earlier we even permitted ourselves some real fresh air and a trip to BerryBody. Yep, things are getting pretty indulgent. On a serious note, though, the work ethic on this campus never fails to amaze me and has also made me realise just how bad my own is. The more people around me work, the less I want to work, which is hardly gonna be conducive to that First that I really really want now, is it?

In other news, we have also been reluctantly preparing ourselves to leave and planning a series of events that we will use to say goodbye to our many legions of friends and admirers. Jokes, but seriously, this stuff is depressing. On the up side, though, since we got our student loans this weekend we used yesterday evening to actually book some of our epic travels, and so now it is set in stone that yes, we are leaving Williamsburg at 8:30 next Thursday, Charleston bound. This train journey is going to take seven hours. What is life?

And finally, it is exactly six weeks today till we land in Heathrow. MADNESS.


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any last words?

I’m sitting on the sunken gardens in the sun (by myself – what a loser) with a crowd of puppies, brought here purely so students can ‘destress,’ in front of me, a barbeque to my right and somewhere even further to the right, a Stairwell/someone else is singing Forget You (lol…sorry I can’t bring myself to put profanities here) by Cee Lo Green which was literally my first year anthem. This has literally been the most loveliest idyllic 45 minutes ever.

Today was a bit of a milestone because the first of the ESNA girls set off home for Blighty, which is terrifying. I remember when the first girls left England for the US (if memory serves it was for Kansas, specifically) and all of a sudden people are going home. It has sort of just hit home that this year is coming to an end, even though Sophie and I have like 6 weeks left in the US of A. Today we also had our very last Homosexuality & Empire classes. I can’t say I am entirely upset by this although I do enjoy our Empire class, but at the same time it is so weird that this semester is actually ending. When we first got back in January I was convinced that this entire semester was going to drag on and on and it seemed like forever until we got to go home but I have seriously had SUCH a good time these last four months and if the semester could last another 2 months I’d totally take it! (Okay I totally wouldn’t. But if we could stay on campus with everyone and have mixers and formals and stuff and no classes, I would!)

In about an hour we have ‘senior dessert’ which should be a lot of fun. And a lot of food. I have to keep Sig Chi/beach week in mind because right now I am starving and as I am far too lazy to get real food I fear that I might just descend on desserts like a starving pig.

Unfortunately I am also being swallowed by the shade and may shortly have to move and awkwardly sit right in the middle of the sunken gardens.


(PS. Also, for any Thetas that read the HELP-A-BRIT announcement last night, I located my scroll!)


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