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Melissa – Ma big!! For the best clue week ever, for the most ridiculous tales, for the dedication to alcohol consumption. I can’t believe you’ve got to be a real person now (God help the world) but I know you’re going to LOVE life in NYC

Courtney – FOR BEING THE BEST BIG EVER. But seriously, I could not have asked for a better, more caring, wonderful big. Good luck with New York – I am sure you will be amazing (you always are!) KEEP IN TOUCH.

Ivan – where do we even begin?! For the food, for spending SO MUCH goddamn time with us during the last couple of months, for driving us to the Myrtle Beach Greyhound station, for constantly abusing us, for taking us to so many restaurants that we wouldn’t have gone to otherwise, for buying 20 pieces of chicken, for taking us to formal, for cooking us chicken, for all the late night tv/food/fun times, for protecting me from that one terrifying Hoarders episode (and not protecting me from the terrifying clowns..). Oh and for being my future husband in 40 years…

Brooks – for being the fourth part of our bizarre little square of BFFs, for agreeing to be my future husband and provide me with that all important green card, for never knowing what is going on, for putting up with us spending a good few months never talking to you but merely yelling BROOOKSYYYY WHERE’S DUNCAN, for being the most comfortable sunken gardens bed I have ever known, but being so freaking hilarious, for having the best facial expressions I have ever seen on a person. AND FOR YOUR DANCING – it’s so good!

bmfl ❤

Hanna Rocks – for letting us crash your formal, for being one of the most chilled, laid-back people we’ve ever met, for having a brilliant British accent (seriously it rivals our own…)

Jake Flowers – for being our first real American friend, buying us alcohol, not being angry when we break into your house and starting our beautiful relationship with Sigma Pi. (and for offering to de-bunk our bunk beds before we got here and answering our ridiculous questions about how much laundry cost) And sorry for Spring Formal…I still remember NOTHING. For the Sig Pi t-shirts (I have been lusting after the Fall Rush 2011 one FOREVER) and for the final goodbye message and the many tears!!

way back when

Kelly Chapman – for finding us at that first party and for being nice to us and for being one of the people that made us want to join Theta / being instrumental in our joining of Theta. AND for teaching us that girls in army uniforms can be hot.

Sam Quinn – For being our Sig Pi buddy and for generally always just being amazing and happy and wonderful all the time. For your “boyfriend” and for your amazing formal companionship and your endless enthusiasm and for being so hilariously awkward – finger hearts forevahhh!

Grace Lauber – for being so put together even when you are not, for being generally the most chill person ever and for being a sex goddess (and not being ashamed of it). And for your dedication to burger night. And for the strip show on your birthday.

Harry – for coining the term Team England and consequently being among the first to inflate our egos to the ridiculous size they have now grown to, and for showing impressive dedication to pastels

Ulrich – for making us all laugh till we cried, for being our token South African, for not getting angry when we have broken into your house, and for always threatening to roofie us.

beef and broccoli, anyone?

Neal – for being a closeted blog fan and for letting us harass your twin in UVA and for “having our emotional support” at date party/formal/whatever else we have taken to. For being a SoCal surfer dude trapped in a Nova kid’s body!

John B – for letting us cry on you at date party. For having the same conversation with us about Nottingham every week for the first three months we knew you, for forcing us to hang out on the roof of 333 and telling us that rap has always been in your soul. For putting up with us probably the most (almost) out of anybody…

the ill-fated halloween date party…

Paul – for being the most difficult to please person ever, and for believing Bella and I are the “innocent” members of T.E. For our drunken chats about Russian Literature, politics, and your deep life ambitions, driving us home from UVA and for wearing your slippers to every party! (WHERE IS OUR DUCK!?)

Wren – for providing us with innumerable quantities of alcohol and for comforting us with Sour Patch Kids at some of our lowest points. For being my guardian angel and presenting me at pledge formal and getting us into the bars when we really shouldn’t even have been in public. For being a general life inspiration!

Joe Dean – for being the first Sig Pi freshman we ever met, for calling us aloof, for singing Lion King to us. How we have enjoyed watching you grow and blossom into a fine young man.


STEPHENNNNNN – for taking three months to learn our names, for your spontaneous napping on couches, for your heartfelt messages to us in the Team England video, for being the person we said goodbye to the most out of anybody (seriously…seven times?!).

Sam Hoy – for the furry fleece, for being a stand-in formal date, for providing some of the best entertainment value we’ve ever seen. Oh and for inducting us into “the team” and letting us be wingmen – it really was an honor (and we were pretty good right?!)

Lee – for expressing your love of dance, for not getting too upset when I threatened to lock you in a cage, for beach week, for determining the weather, for wearing a towel sarong, for being another star of the Team England video

the best formal dates we could have asked for?

Rory Park – for being one of the most hilarious people in the world, for having one of the best British Accents, for knowing every single thing about every Big Brother UK series, for saving us in Atlanta!

Caroline, Cari, Anne and Catie – for family dinners, pregames & chasing shots with garlic bread…Caroline I’m sharing your little!!

Casey & Erin – for being a wonderful addition to our family and providing good goss for fam din

Carolyn – for your dedication to Jeopardy. For being the intimidating President that turned out to not be intimidating in the slightest!

Sally – for never getting over the novelty of us and for always failing to mimic our accent and for accompanying us to breakfast nearly every day in first semester. For having your parents rescue us after our time in Death Hostel and for generally just being a babe. For coming to London!!! LOVE YA.

Alla – for Thanksgiving and for being arguably this blog’s number 1 fan (and for your love of Summer Heights High)


Canakis – for spooning banter, for letting us dance on your table (and destroy your ceiling), for the t-shirts with your name on and the banter. For being an amazing formal date and for being equally as drunk (and more OCD) as me – we really were pathetic!

Jackson – because I recently found a note in my phone that said ‘say nice things about Jackson in the blog’ and for being one of the first Sig Chis we ever met, and for beach week bonding and for driving us to Mexico Lindo in the pouring rain

Colin McGlennon – for embracing Theta Thursdays with such enthusiasm; for being the best Derby Days coach we could have asked for; for creativity in the cards-for-sick-kids domain


Jil & Kate – for being wonderful roomates, saving me from the hell of Bryan Basement and for putting up with my stupidly early bed times and twice a week 8am’s.. Jil: For nursing me through hangovers with Gilmore Girls (and not noticing/not commenting when I vommed all over my bed…),for watching Gossip Girl with me and for my education in Country music Kate: for being so lovely and for always being quiet when me and Jil are in bed early. For working so hard and generally being an inspiration to english students everywhere.

The Stairwells – for introducing us to the wonderful world of a capella and for making us cry at your final concert with your Blink 182 medley (sorry not sorry). For the impromptu singalong on the Sig Chi ACTUAL Stairwell…and all that followed…WINKFACE

Vicky – for being the best, 100% NOT- intimidating pledge mum and weeknight drunkard and possibly one of the sweetest people we have ever met (apart from when you tried to brand me with a cigarette!)

Jessica – for being our most dedicated blog commenter ever, for dedication to Sorority Girls and having AMAZING style

Meredith – for our hardcore bonding at events such as Homecoming over bread, for being so dedicated to finding the village of Nutcomb

Maggie – for being my first ever Kite Buddy and all around hilarious, for joining us on a Nashville adventure in Opryland and for GETTING A JOB AT DISNEY

Cricket – for just being Crickety all the time!

Hannah Ugarte – AND WE DANCED, AND WE CRIED, AND WE LAUGHED….AND HAD A REALLY, REALLY, REALLY GOOD TIME. (but really…we love you and the 321 girls)

Katie Thoma – for keeping me sane in Modern Poetry class, for being one of the sweetest people I have ever met in my life, for being one of the few Thetas I can rely on to be at Sig Chi’s unit

Jo Beletic – for being a total GODDESS and general sweetheart

Luuk Figdor – LOST TO US TOO SOON but for the late night chats, life advice and mentor sessions in Chandler kitchen/other inappropriate places

Jake Jose – for being our one and only Beta friend (apart from J.W) and for completing the British tri-athlon. For being my date to Pledge formal (doesn’t that seem so long ago?!)

Drew Middleditch – for also completing the British tri-athlon and for being a key part of our team england video. For your dedication to YOLO and OH HELLO, and for sheer comedic value

Jamie Whiteford – for being our fellow countryman and provider of banter, for christening us the Ladettes, for entertaining us on the first journey of our travels, for being an all around LAD

J.W – for international kiting

THETA BABIES – Malia, Sophie Helm, Caitlin, Stephanie, Madeline, Casey, Claire, Kelly and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU for letting us be in your pledge class

Carie – FOR THE BEST TWO DAYS IN DALLAS WE COULD POSSIBLY HAVE HAD, for picking us up at 2:30 in the morning, for taking us to lunch, for being adorable and hilarious and so so so much fun

thetas in dallas whatuppp

Katherine Hammond – for being the perfect tour guide in Memphis and taking us on the best food tour we could ask for! THANK YOU SO MUCH IT WAS SO FUN!

Miss Angie – for always calling us “baby”. Everyday. Without Fail.

Prof. James Savage – for helping us survive Milton and English Renaissance Drama respectively, for having great style and for being possibly the funniest man ever

Anon (*distinct hamster*) – for mentioning us on College ACB

Shane, any other residents of Shirley & Kappa Sigs in general – for adopting us as your groupies this semester, for letting us crash your house too many times to count, for making us want SO BADLY to come back for Homecoming next year

Schofield – For “British Tea!”, for being generally hilarious, for loving life, for dedication to Carrie Underwood and for not-dining and dashing in Berets on Blowout

Trent – for THE American flag baseball cap, for sharing its secrets, and for kind-of-not-really accusing us of stealing an iPad

WaWa Pam – for punching Bella in the arm for attempted shoplifting and assuring us that she “doesn’t like to touch pussy”

Sophie’s Mum – for constantly unblocking my cards, sending me strange parcels of Topshop shorts and chocolate and for putting up with my moaning everytime I am “ill”. Oh, and sharing so much emotion in my Senior Letter 😉

Bella’s Mum – for always being on hand to find places to seek refuge from death hostels and from death buses to Miami. For taking us to Disney world!!! (And on that note: THE J TEAM for the fun bus banter, the beer pong lessons, the catchphrases and the poses and a week of general hilarity in not-so-sunny Florida)

Of course every. Single. Theta. THANK YOU


It is time to mention THE Team England. The people who without which we all may have gone mad. Sometimes you just need someone with you to bitch about tie dye…

Nushy – for being the most insane person we have ever met (in the best way ever) and being the best story teller ever. YOU SHALL BE FAMOUS.

Hayley – for being gorgeous all the time, and for being my fellow Essex friend across the pond, for the Savage banter

Duncan – for putting up with our constant bullying, for taking us to date-parties, plying us with alcohol and for repping exe hardcore. SEE YOU AT THE BOP

Jess – sorry about your brother…

and finally

Emily & Josie – FOR EVERYTHING. I feel like we don’t need to write a message to you two becuase it wouldn’t even begin to sum up our amazing year. WE LOVE YOU GUYS and I don’t know what we would have done without you. I rember thinking before I went to America that I didn’t want to make English friends – who would have thought our best friends of the year would have been British! Thanks for hours Bryan Basement, Digestive Santa and his Rent Boiz, Spring Break, black beans, friendship heights, the BJ SHED and everything in between. Can’t wait to take Team England adventures in actual England (please don’t die on your road trip.) BRING IT ON! ps. we miss you!

the most perfect day




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this place about to blow

Good news folks – WE SURVIVED BLOWOUT!

Surprisingly, in even better style than last semester’s, or at least with more memories. However, as it turns out, Thursday is also worth a little mention. We had Senior Roast & Toast at Paul’s which was very fun if a bit stressful cause it was SO LOUD in there and we had to shout everything, then we returned to Theta where we picked up both of our blowout tanks which were both amazing.


Next up was Delta Phi for a little dose of skippy and then we went to the Leafe for a little bit to crash Emily’s date party. After she started undoing her shirt we thought she was maybe on a different level to us so we jumped ship to Ivan’s, naturally, who promised us food. We had a traumatic time all round watching Hoarders and laughed for 30 minutes straight before he unleashed us on the pizza. On the way home Sophie became very paranoid and was convinced she was being followed by clowns and ghosts but what can you do?

AND NOW onto the event itself. We began the day yesterday at Theta where there were bagels and so on, and then it was onto Pi Phi to begin the festivities. We found Emily was well away already and so we began with some mimosas etc. Then Emily and the Pi Phis decided to go get breakfast so Sophie and I went off to 321 to see all our Theta chums. This was an excellent life decision – the sun was shining, there were amazing tunes and we indulged in some standard Natty-stealing and many photoshoots in all our matching tanks.

After a quick singalong to Macklemore we decided to move onto the soccer house, which was apparently the destination of the day as everyone had been going on about it all year. On the way we found Neal (and tore him away from whatever girl he was with oopppsss) and arrived at the soccer house to find this:


I.e, everyone was right when they said it was the place to be. We literally saw everyone we know and wandered around for hours and hours, spectating games of beer pong and inventing the British Triathlon.

In what was possibly the strangest and most badly judged part of the day, we somehow ended up on a trip to Beret’s with Vicky, Drew and Schofield. We were told we had to sit at the taphouse bar (or the tapas bar) so we went outside, and the boys kindly offered to pay for us, so we all ordered and Schofield ordered about six dishes just for him. Immediately after the waiter left, we remembered that there was food for free on the sunken gardens. We then decided it would be a wise decision to abandon ship and quite literally sprinted away from the restaurant. No, I am not proud.

Anyway when we reached the sunken gardens we almost got into a fight with some obnoxious men who kept pinching sophie’s bum, but eventually we fought our way through the crowds and managed to get to the food, where we promptly devoured at least three hot dogs each and too much generic barbeque meat. After a while, and after Sally had poured about a ton of pasta salad on the floor, I got a call from Lydia on Emily’s phone so I went off to find them. Sophie insisted that she was not going to move so I left her and went off to find Lydia who was with Emily.

When we returned Sophie had disappeared so Emily and I found Neal and lay on the ground for a while. After a while we started to get a bit concerned about Sophie’s whereabouts so I called her and she confusedly told me she was ‘just lying on the flowery couch in the chapter room.’ Shortly after this she appeared back on the sunken gardens, and then Brooks and possibly someone else turned up, and then later Ivan did, and so for about two hours we all just lay there. Brooks was a very comfortable bed. We also all betrothed ourselves to each other so you should look for wedding invitations in around 20 or 30 years.

Eventually we realised it was getting kinda late so we all retreated to our various houses and Sophie and I went back to Theta for a while, then we went to Sadler cause there were free pancakes but the line was ridiculously long so then we went to the Sexchange and eventually we gave in and went to bed.

All in all, a massively successful day and WE DON’T WANT IT TO BE OVER!!!!!


p.s I would totally be doing some blogging right now but my computer exploded on me…soooooo I can’t – S

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all hail the red couches

Yesterday was another day productively spent: I think I literally sat on the red couches for about 8 hours. Although actually, I did somehow manage to read two entire books (admittedly one of them is for 11 year olds) and write a response paper.

Yesterday also began, as far as I’m concerned, the beginning of the end, because we had to go to the house for our ‘Senior Lunch.’ There was SO MUCH good food and lots of alumni Thetas to talk to. We were in the middle of our emotional ceremony to celebrate us moving on in our lives etc when suddenly Alice appeared, looking terrified, and announced that there was a fire in the kitchen. Can you say total Theta move?

Anyway so Carolyn, as ex-president took charge while Sophie and I, along with most of the alumni, grabbed all manner of umbrellas and sought shelter a safe three feet outside of the door, preparing ourselves to watch the house burn down. Not five seconds later we were summoned back in and the ceremony continued.

After that, and after having eaten way too much crap for my own good (a theme of this weekend), I concluded that it was way too wet and disgusting outside to even contemplate going home and so spent the entirety of the rest of the day on the couches (which, we learned, have been there in some form or another since 1997. Long live the red couches etc). This was well rewarded when it got to 10pm and ‘William and Kate: One Year On’ began on TLC. This was truly a gem of a program, firstly because I am quite possibly hopelessly in love with Kate Middleton and also because of the hilarity of the commentator, who seemed to be determined to make Wills & Kate’s relationship and royal duties as dramatic as physically possible and turned every possible situation into a dramatic rhetorical question. Sophie and I also went back in time for a little bit and read some of our blogs from when we first arrived/rushed/joined Theta which was hysterical and not at all a waste of time.



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on formal

“There was a lot of making out. It was all very casual.”

– Lee on formal

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senior spring

As Amy recently pointed out in her blog, all those firsts we kept celebrating when we got here have quite suddenly become lasts and I don’t think I like it. I’m not entirely sure how this has happened, but somehow yesterday was our last ever (regular) Theta meeting. Like actually. The last time we’ll ever sit on the chapter room floor till our legs fall asleep and our last ever chance to win the A Box (unsurprisingly I didn’t although my name was in there). Next week we have a whole host of senior-themed events which is sure to reduce everybody to hideous messes – I’m having horrible flashbacks to when I to take all my photos down off my wardrobe in Rowancroft.

Speaking of photos, over the last few weeks I have uncharacteristically managed to break my camera, lose its charger and lose a charm off my Tiffany bracelet – karma for something I’m sure. However, as I just took a poetry exam I decided to reward myself by ordering a new camera. Oooooops. I can’t go through our last weeks here with no camera! Who would document blowout in increasingly blurry pictures?! So there is a new camera hopefully on its way to me soon. I even forewent free shipping and paid a whole $4 to have it here in 3 – 5 business days so that’s how serious I am about this thing. Also, last night Sophie and I amused ourselves by going through everybody’s formal pictures spying ourselves in the background. It is a sight to behold – although weirdly Sophie is in millions and I am in hardly any which leads us to believe we may actually have been separated for quite some time? What is this?! Then, entirely by accident, both of us posted near-identical statuses about the whole thing. It was embarrassing all round and should never happen again.

Anyway I’ve come totally off track. Basically my point is I DON’T WANNA LEAVEEEEEE!

Also, have we mentioned Hanna Rocks’ AMAZING party favors we all got at formal? We all got a Theta coozie (YESSSSSS!!!) and amazing sunglasses just like the ones I tried to steal from an unsuspecting Drew once upon a time but most importantly, all the seniors got one of these:

yep, everyone got a picture of me

ISN’T IT ADORABLE? Definitely an inspired idea on Hanna’s part and seriously I’m in love. Now all we have to do is figure out how to get it home without dramatically breaking it…


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spring awakening

Yesterday I was so excited for formal that I literally woke up at 8AM raring to go and proceeded to spend more or less the entire day counting down the hours. Luckily it was fairly easy to manage; we went for a walk around C Dubs, ate millions of peanut samples, and then ended up wandering about with John & Neal as it was the day for Admitted Students and so there was loads of stuff going on on the Sunken Gardens and stuff.

Despite my state of great excitement I ended up hideously un-ready and ended up getting ready in like fifteen minutes – how this happened I do not know. Then we ate pizza with Grace and everyone and began easing ourselves into the evening with a little beverage or two. We were running a bit late – when are we not – but it didn’t matter, so were our dates. Eventually they showed up and so we moved the festivities on to NoBo with our motley crew of Sig Pis trailing behind us. Sophie made quite the entrance by falling completely over in an extremely dramatic and Bambi-esque fashion just as we crossed the threshold; unfortunately, it was just around the corner from where everybody was so nobody got to see this hilarious moment. Everyone said that they knew we’d arrived when ‘all of Sig Pi rolled up’ so that tells you everything you need to know about our relationship (read: weird obsession) with them.

Honestly, the pregame was so good that I would happily have stayed there all night. Almost all of our favourites were there and we had a jolly old time cavorting about in the back garden and so on. Unfortunately we had to get the buses very early so with a quick swig of some delicious (not) strawberry and lime concoction (the same one that was my downfall on Thursday) we rounded up all our dates once more and piled into the Wrenmobile, which was being driven by Casey. We were all very excited cause the buses were real life American schoolbuses. On the journey, we started a spontaneous singalong of Wagon Wheel and also nearly had a minor disaster when a certain someone at the back started vomming into a beach bucket 😛

Eventually we got there, checked in, and at this point things get a little blurry so we feel that the best strategy is gonna be to write a list of memories of actual formal:

– Gathering all our dates up to dance in a sort of domino-esque chain

– Being presented (kind of); actually all I remember is lining up, then suddenly finding myself several feet in the air and hiding behind my flowers while Hanna called my name

– Inadvertently taking a bite of some sort of hideous crabby/fish thing which was gross

– Demanding that Jake buy me a glass of wine (which cost $7) and, in true fresher style, downing it

– Sophie running up to me with a very excited look on her face and proudly yelling “I JUST VOMMED ON SOMEBODY!” (which, we have now concluded, was likely a total lie)

– Falling asleep on Schofield on the bus back (Sophie)

– Removing our shoes – probably for the best as Sophie fell over at least three times

– Bonding with one of the Sig Chis we talked to outside the unit for like an hour the other week

And I’m sorry to report that that is it. At some point somebody told us it was time to leave so we all got back onto the buses and, judging by the pictures, partook in a) a photoshoot and b) a game of musical chairs. We returned to Theta for what was supposed to be a brief pit stop, and next thing I know Sophie and Mae are both passed out cold on the couches which did not please me at all. I texted Emily and then went over to Pi Phi for a bit, and then good old Ivan came through with an offer of food and even a ride from Theta to his house which was perfect. Sally was also there, having got changed for the occasion, and so off we went to Ivan’s house, where for some reason he insisted that I eat a cinnamon roll (where this was from I had no idea) and where he had brilliantly already ordered pizza, and not just any pizza but my utmost favourite, barbeque chicken. We have already trained him well. In hindsight eating more or less half a pizza at probably 1:30am was not the wisest life decision I have ever made but at the time it seemed like a brilliant plan and it did stop the horrific hangover I definitely deserved.

Meanwhile, Sophie and Mae were left on the couches and apparently woke up at 4am very confused. All in all, a successful night…



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the day that time slowed down

Yesterday was a very long, very fun day. It started at 10:45 when my alarm went off and I remembered that Mae’s train was supposed to arrive in Williamsburg at 11:15. After spending a bit of time lolling at the previous night’s facebook antics, doing some quick piecing together, and struggling to understand how to dress myself, I headed over to Theta and off we trotted to the train station.

Mae’s train was like a couple of minutes late which was good as so were we. We were joyfully reunited, and headed off to the Days Inn, where the lady at the desk had no record or even recollection of Mae’s reservation. Luckily as this is the Williamsburg Days Inn in April it was surprisingly not fully booked and so she got a room anyway. We all looked longingly at the pool, received our gifts of digestives, chocolate and deodorant (for Sophie) and then we made a spontaneous plan to go to Nawab (BUCKET LIST!!) with – guess who?! – Ivan, with a brief stop at Food Lion on the way.

Ivan described my night before as ‘shambly.’ I have to agree. We accidentally caused quite a lot of chaos in Nawab by talking loudly and obnoxiously British-ly but whatever. Naan bread. Ivan then insisted that we went to Rita’s and we tried a selection of various frozen dishes such as frozen custard (which nobody wanted at all) and something delicious involving mangos.

Next on the agenda was a little trip back to Theta and then a trip to Pi Phi which was full of excitement as everyone was trying on their dresses/various combinations of other peoples’ clothing & shoes ready for their formal. Then we separated for a little while to get ready for our athletic adventure of the evening, i.e a trip to REBOUNDERZ!! We were driven by the lovely Hanna, along with Sally and Rose, and had a wonderful time on the drive there singing Call Me Maybe very loudly and so on.

Rebounderz  was the most hilarious place, it was essentially a massive warehouse with lots of trampolines in it. It was a bit antisocial as there were a lot of rules including one that meant only one person could be on each trampoline, so you had to kind of yell across to everyone, but it was still sooooo much fun (although it was exhausting) — SISTAHOOOOOOD!!!

Afterwards we got back into Hanna’s car and decided to go to Panera for dinner which we’d never been to and which I enjoyed a lot and then it was time to introduce Mae (against her will) to Sweet Frog. Thennn we went back to Theta where the couches were buzzzzzinnggggg and watched Anchorman for a bit and so on and so on.

TONIGHT IS FORMAL WOOOOOOOO SO EXCIIIIITEDDDD (so excited that I had a very bizarre dream about the whole thing involving pregaming in Paris and wearing a dress with a layer made out of clear plastic)


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snap back to reality…

As you can probably tell – this week has been very strange. It seems to have lasted forever, and has been an odd mix of wholesome and trashy as hell. It is safe to say this week has been one of mine (and Bella’s) favorites since we have been here. So lets just recap some of the stupid and weird things that we have done this week before getting on to date party. We have:

  • Painted a banner
  • Made hundreds of cards for sick children (don’t laugh we actually did!)
  • Donated our pennies
  • Lost our dignity
  • Found some new friends (awww)
  • Collectively had two of the worst hangovers we have ever had
  • Partied in the Sig Chi unit til ridiculous hours (Bella – I was defeated by said hangover by 12pm after a near vom experience ^)
  • Been kited many a time
  • Watched Theta dominate in the slutty dance category
  • Eaten our weight in Dominos at a Team England hungover feast
  • Been in our bikinis an abnormal amount for March
  • Experienced some (more) ridiculous English accents / racist comments
  • etc. etc. etc

So that was us until Saturday afternoon. Bella was nursing an epic hangover and I was on day two of mine so we did not commence our day originally planned for St. Patrick’s Day raging. Everyone on campus seems to take this “holiday” (I use the word lightly) very seriously. Campus was a-wash with people wearing green and everyone was devastated to learn that we don’t take St. Paddy’s Day (not PATTY’S people!) very seriously.  Worried our dates were a little worse for wear we decided to hunt them down at around 5pm. Safe to say they were mildly intoxicated at this point. We had our first Natty of the day which was delightful, I argued with my date about a pre-game location, had a quick rap battle with a drunken young man and then we set on our merry way to get ready for date partyyyyy.

The theme was “rhymes with green” and because we are firm believers in poetic licence we just went in green (they do rhyme – Tim Kendall taught us so!!). I began pre-game at the house with my fam and then met with Bella and Duncan to continue on our way. Despite Duncan nearly missing the pre-game due to a post-drinking nap, we eventually made it in one piece. Pre-game was fun as always. We are further cementing our position as Kappa Sig groupies and after a very quick few rounds of Goldschlagar and Ivan’s specially mixed cocktails (obviously containing tequila) we were ready to walk that huge five minutes to the Library Tavern (or Tav as we have now named it).

we also became oompa loompas

Our night down Tav was another one of those ridiculous nights. Our dates were on top form – Thank you for continuing the supply of alcohol for us and not getting annoyed when we subsequently ditched you to “find sig pi!” – we are sorry. We have come to the conclusion that we must be the worst dates ever. Our aversion to grinding and general short attention span/ tendency to cry doesn’t give us the best track record! There was the standard stumbling and grinding that comes with these affairs and I distinctly remember standing on a chair and “american dancing” with Bella’s date…sorry Ben! We also missed out on the tab which was highly devastating – I was hoping to rekindle my love affair with cheesy chips! Basically – the whole thing was a shit show, but a really, really funny one.

So we left with Schofield and his renegade trousers in tow.  And after awkwardly hovering outside Harrison in search of Sig Pi, making some new friends from UEA, meeting a one-armed local (which I found hysterical…he had two arms they were just expertly hidden..)and his friend, a grad student who had read the blog (GOING GLOBAL!) and some a capella boys from Cornell it was time for food. Cold leftover garlic bread of unknown origin was the food of choice. As always, we kept it classy last night.

Today we all, in a highly ineffectual state,  learnt all the ways of Theta recruitment – I feel like I have opened the Chamber of Secrets! We also realised that if we start our travels on May 10th we have exactly 7 weeks and 3 days left in the ‘Burg – WHAT!?

It is suddenly getting very hard thinking about leaving this strange little place that we have called home this year….

S xx

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breaking news

The results are in and in a shocker that nobody saw coming, Pi Phi are the winners of Derby Days – and more importantly, we came second! Woooo Theta Nation!

The lip sync last night was very successful/sexual and we came third – Tri Delt KILLED it but I feel we were robbed of second place. I am a v dedicated camerawoman of course so here is your (wobbly kind of bad) video:

Get it girls.

Apparently all this madness made me and Emily very excitable because while Sophie returned home at like midnight we proceeded to spend the night roaming the units for several hours, showed off the difference between UK/USA dancing (for only the ninety millionth time this year) and culminated the whole affair with a hardcore four-person dance party in Sig Chi basement until like 3:30AM, at which point we began to walk home only to discover that somewhere over the course of the night Emily had lost a shoe. Colin and I sat her down at the side of the road and told her NOT TO MOVE while we went to look for it, but we couldn’t find it, and when we returned she had literally vanished. I do not even know.

Today our stamina let us down and we couldn’t bring ourselves to really day drink for St Patrick’s Day (HUGE deal here!) so instead we lay in the grass on sorority court (where we have spent probably 80% of the last three days) and spontaneously ordered a feast from Domino’s. Tonight we have date party so it is time to RALLY!


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I am an S.O.R.O.R.I.T.Y girl

It is official – I have made the final step to fully fledged sorority sister and will be living in the Theta house for the next semester! For those who don’t know, the sorority house is where only sisters can live ( I think there are like…19 of us in here) and it is basically just a real house. This is not like Sorority Girls with their sleeping porches but a real house with real beds (no more bunk beds for me!) and a real tv!


Since being here I have deduced:

– Everyone is LOVELY ( I knew that already but it’s really nice to get to know some of the other girls I didn’t know as well)

– Thetas cook a lot – there is always the smell of nice food coming from the kitchen so I am always hungry!

– Thetas bake a lot. I have never been anywhere where baking is a daily activity. Obviously this is not a bad thing and I can even smell brownies wafting from the kitchen as we speak.

– Thetas like to work out. Everything from horse riding to “power walking” – I finally have motivation to do the same. (Also Bella, Emily and I are becoming gym beasts – watch out San Diego!)

– It is SO nice not to have constant back pain from a bottom bunk

– There is always someone to watch trashy TV with (although there is a presidential speech on at the moment…)

– AND you can always find a copy of the hunger games…

I should probably stop procrastinating, Narnia calls! (no, I am not going to play in the wardrobe – this is reading… for class!)

S xx

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one hundred.

We have done it.

We have actually managed to keep up this blog and have made it to our 100th post! Not only that, but COINCIDENTALLY, today marks the 4 month anniversary of the Virginia Monologues (which may or may not have played a part in the several hundred meaningless posts we have spammed everyone with over the last twenty four hours). Anyway over the last four months, this blog has become less excited ramblings and more hardcore addiction. We didn’t really plan for this – seriously it’s like a virtual child – but we have really enjoyed writing it so far so we hope that you have all enjoyed reading it too.

Seeing as this is the monumental 100th post, we feel it should have some sort of monumental subject matter or maybe it should just reflect on the previous 99 posts that we have made. (And, we apologise in advance for the ridiculous pronoun confusion that will ensue…we have both contributed so you guys are left to figure out which ‘I’ is which!)

It seems so odd that we have been here almost exactly 3 months – it now seems like we have been here forever. We have seen the weather change from ridiculously hot to still ridiculously hot (for the time of year) with some strange monsoon periods in the middle; we were actually just discussing earlier how none of us have any recollection of exactly when we switched from hideously humid sticky heat to this gorgeous ‘fall’ sunshine…that first night in my sticky prison cell seems like SUCH a long time ago.

We have also read far too many books than can be healthy (I’m reading 19, 20 and 21 at the moment) and have done more work than we have ever done in our lives. Not only that, but we have also perfected our skills in procrastination and I have acquainted myself with the library and the gym for the first time in my life – not only that but I could even possibly be considered a regular at the gym?? This of course is all an effort to counter the freshman (slash, exchange student) 1500 that has been consuming us all – or rather, we have been consuming it. I can’t believe we were ever excited by what Sadler had to offer (and don’t even mention the caf!) and to this day I am horrified by the sheer amount of crap we ate in Charlottesville. As well as slightly fatter, we have also probably become slightly more obnoxious, definitely more enthusiastic and maybe actually slightly more British?!

What have the best bits been so far? I think there has been so much great stuff we can’t list it all here.  I think for all of us, joining sororities has been one of the best things we could have done here. It’s provided us with a social life, a great group of friends and some sort of activity to fill our time when we aren’t working so that has been great. At this point if I could take one thing from America back to England it would be that. I can easily imagine – actually look forward to – going back to life without a constant stream of work or having my own room but at this point not having Theta just seems absurd. Have to say I am also a massive fan of the frat scene, from singing Sweet Caroline and knocking down ceilings with Sig Chi (which happened again on Thursday, btw) to teaching British drinking chants to Betas and just chilling with our boys in Sig Pi. It’s a far cry from Scrabble and Guardian crosswords in the kitchen of FB200 with my medics ;). We cannot forget we have also met some amazing Brits here – I cannot imagine my life without the rest of Team England. I never thought coming to the USA we could become such good friends with our fellow British cousins but we have…oops! Sophie also considers the vast and copious amounts of food we have eaten a highlight although I’m not sure I agree…

dk if you've noticed we're in theta?

Surprisingly, and I speak for all the other Brits and not just us that we have been more home/uni sick than we had probably expected. Not that we are moping around constantly by any means but there are times when the work gets ridiculous and all you want to do is eat large amounts of Dairy Milk or go to Arena (or Rococos…) and conveniently forget work. Last year I didn’t miss home AT ALL, but I think this year because you just cannot have time to yourself, you sometimes just want to be able to go home and escape the bubble of the ‘Burg. I think this goes for the natives too though…if the semesters weren’t SO FREAKING LONG life would be much easier to deal with!

That said, however suffocating campus can feel sometimes we know that we are so lucky to be here and actually as we were walking back from the gym this morning (where ABC Family was showing a Harry Potter marathon that pretty much made my life) we all spontaneously commented how gorgeous fall is here and how beautiful campus is. We are all conscious of trying not to wish our time away with “Oh my God PLEASE LET IT BE THANKSGIVING BREAK LIKE NOW” and we know we have sooooo many exciting road trip adventures to come…but we only need to think back to Orientation, and being totally overwhelmed by the Caf, and playing endless, endless ice breaker games led by people in neon green t-shirts, and turning up to our first classes totally bemused by this whole add/drop thing, to the hilarity that was the infamous Hurricane Party and then being evacuated altogether, to realise how many adventures we’ve already had and all the stories we have to bore people with for the rest of our lives…

That was deep wasn’t it? Can you tell we’re both desperate to do anything but work?!

HAPPY 100 POSTS TO US and THANK YOU seriously so much FOR READING!!!

S&B xxx


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the hangover

As Sophie has already alluded to, yesterday I found myself in the unusual predicament of waking up in Emily’s bed, in Sophie’s PJs. This was only the beginning of what proved to be a very strange day all round.

After Emily returned me to Bryan, I spent a good hour concentrating on staying alive in Sophie’s room. During this time I checked my calls history, which is always a good place to start for a debrief, and found out that not only had I attempted to call Nicole (who currently lives in Exeter) twice, but I had also called Jake, one of my wayward dates who is a freshman and who I was evidently very worried about, a grand total of 17 times. Excellent news.

Next, it was time to drag myself back to my room to get dressed before the day’s activities. I decided to dress as a middle-aged mum and wore my trainers in preparation for the sports-filled day that was going to ensue, and then headed to Sadler for breakfast. Here, we found an assortment of Theta babies, all looking as similarly worse for wear as we did, and some hangover-y Theta bonding ensued where we discussed such questions as “what happened to my rose?”, “did we actually do the pledge class dance?” and “why did we have giant glow sticks?”

Unfortunately, we could answer none of these and soon it was time to head to the highlight of everybody’s day, class meetings. If a stranger had walked into this meeting they would probably have assumed that they had mistakenly arrived at an AA meeting but no, it was just what Theta looks like the day after pledge formal. (I should probably point out that not everybody looked a total mess.)

Anyway eventually these meetings finished and now it actually was the highlight of the day – Pi Phi ‘Phield’ Day!!! In a brilliant show of teamliness we literally left campus just in time to bump into our fellow team members Ulrich and Chris and coach, Emily, and we all headed up to Frat Field. As class meetings had taken up quite a considerable amount of time already, the events were in full swing. These seemed to be the main events:

– Wrestling

– Stumbling about

– Piggy backing around

– Dressing up as a banana

– Rolling around in a tractor wheel

As you can imagine we were very good at these. Everybody was on very good form, especially our friend John (who you may remember from the infamous date party escapades). It didn’t take long before we realised that reclining in the grass was a much more enjoyable task than running around and we spent a lovely few hours with Ulrich, Chris and J.W. At one point J.W declared that he wanted Chick Fil A. I told him to go and get us some and told him to drive there in order to get it, which may have been a mistake as next thing I knew he had completely disappeared, never to return. (Disclaimer: we saw him at breakfast today and not to worry, he is still alive). Here are a few action shots:

GO TEAM (minus Claire)

When it got to around 3 Ulrich had to leave to do something business-y and so we returned to the basement. I constructed a bed out of two armchairs and we proceeded to do absolutely nothing for three hours. As usual, we were all desperate for Chick-Fil-A (JW had put this idea in my mind) and, as is usual when we want it, it was closed. However, we came up with the brilliant plan of ordering Domino’s with Flex and so we ordered an enormous feast, ate it, and lay on the floor some more.

I know I have been going on and on about this day for about a year now but sorry, it’s not over yet. At 9.30 ish we headed over to Theta where we were introduced to yet another adorable tradition where we write letters to our future Theta selves and receive letters from last year’s seniors, and then we all watched a film called Pleasantville. Obviously I got bored and hungry halfway through so I left to meet Emily and eat cold pizza & chicken wings, and then FINALLY I was allowed to go home and watch Made In Chelsea and go to bed and this time, I am proud to say, I stayed in one place all night.

By the way, in case you can’t tell I feel that all the messes we (or mainly I…) have got ourselves into over the last couple of weeks is a sign that we are now truly settled in…sorry in advance, you guys 😉


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just be prepared


Or, like, formal.

Today has been a day full of leisurely preparations. Me and Emily started things off on a v active foot by a trip to the gym – please note that this was our second trip in 24 hours. I am not even joking. I have somehow already acquired an injury to the knee which just goes to show that exercise is very dangerous.

Next, we FINALLY GOT OUR HAIR CUT so my hair is no longer a hideous scraggly mess that looks like it has been cheaply dip-dyed. I told her to take as much off as she wanted and she did such a good job that I just sat there stroking it for like a full half hour after she finished. She asked me about the Royal Wedding and I prepared myself to explain to her how not everybody in the UK is related or good friends with Wills & Kate (although as one miss Kate Bastable pointed out, actually I am friends with *A* Will & Kate…) but then she informed me she doesn’t really care about the weddings anyway. We discussed X Factor instead. She told me that she finds Simon Cowell to be a “sexy-ass man” and also adorable.

After we were all cut and dyed, we decided to become ladies that lunch and went to Baker’s Crust and then, since I am now apparently the sort of person who a) gets her nails done regularly and b) condones child labour, we went to get manicures. Mine was literally done by what I can only describe as an Asian child. She was wearing a zip up hoodie with a fluffy bunny rabbit on, and not in an ironic way. She was pretty good anyway, though. In the end it didn’t matter how good she was because we hadn’t even left the salon before I messed one of my fingers up.

Then it was time to go back to campus. We had the same trolley driver who took us there in the first place and wow, I have never seen a bus driver who loves her job more. She told us all about her daughter’s British boyfriend and what a “hoot” he is. Then it was time to actually get dressed and attempt to strap myself into the Enormous Shoes of Doom and learn the dance that Alla made up for us. It is going to be a treat for everyone involved, let me tell you.



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“I would like to formally introduce…”

There are frantic emails flying and crazed texts being sent left every five minutes which can only mean one thing – it is our pledge formal tomorrow night. Woo!! And it’s at the Community Center. Wooo!!

What is a pledge formal you ask? Basically, this is the new pledge classes formal introduction into the “society” that is W&M greek life. All I can think of at the moment is She’s the Man style debutante balls, but I think this one may be more alcohol fueled…

This event has caused a lot of stress in mine and Bella’s life in the past week or so. We are allowed to take three dates to this event (yes three) which is all well and good except two other sororities Pi Phi and Tri Delt also have their pledge formal on this night. This means sensible sisters sorted dates well in advance. We had been warned that dates will go but chose to ignore these warnings. Thus, because of our inefficiency, as of two days ago we were dateless – Alas! By now many (but not all) of the boys that we could have taken had been snapped up  and all our girlfriends are otherwise engaged with greek stuff or rowing!! It was a tragic state of affairs. However, this story did end happily. I recruited my fairy Godmother Big to find me dates and am now being escorted by two lovely freshman, Ryan and Jamie and my Big’s roommate Dana.  Bella actually found her own dates in the shape of Baby Jake the Beta Freshman, our favourite Russian Paul (I’m not even going to try to spell his last name) and my Big’s other roommate Meghan. Princesses you shall go to the ball!

Tomorrow we are getting well needed hair cuts and dyes so we will look beautiful for tomorrow / I cannot spend any more time looking like Shakira and then the festivities will begin!! Excited.

S xx

P.S – Today was a huge day for me, I lost my gym virginity!! Fitness here I come…

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you the you the best

I have no words.


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