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disasters on disasters

Honestly, I’ve had the best week ever this week but given that this is us, I feel like nobody will be surprised to learn that the week has not been without its disasters. Here are just a sampling of the many tales we have, including the highlights and the lowlights:

– We went to this hilarious restaurant called 50s Prime Time Diner where the idea is you’re at your aunt’s house for dinner and your server is your aunt/cousin/uncle – we had Cousin Katie. We were told off for putting our elbows on our table, slurping our drinks, beginning to eat our dessert before anyone else, piling up the plates wrongly, not setting the table quick enough, laughing too much, amongst many other things. My favourite bit though was when my brother put his elbows on the table one too many times and had to stand in the doorway pressing a sugar packet to the wall with his nose while we all pointed at him and yelled SHAME SHAME SHAME and another waiter tormented him. Sounds bizarre but seriously it was HILARIOUS.

– I also want to elaborate on the Peter Pan encounter. Aside from our breakfast with the Winnie the Pooh characters, he was the first character we met and he was possibly one of my favourites I’ve ever met – we were literally talking to him like he was our friend and he was majorly taking the piss and in the end shoved us both away going “go away girls” – possibly out of character for Disney but hilarious anyway? After claiming that there was no quintessential Peter Pan pose he made us do some sort of yoga/flying pose and then after he did the Peter Pan pose with my brother or someone he pulled us in to get a second picture – I think he liked us (although he was definitely also flirting with my brother and he was wearing green tights so)

– Also on the first day was another of my highlights where we were the stars of the parade – basically in one of the parades you go and like dance with the characters. This is mainly for little kids obviously but for whatever reason it was basically just us lot and Woody getting down in front of Cinderella’s castle which was BRILLIANT. We even ended up with our own personal photographer in the form of a Disney photo man who just stuck with us the whole time taking pictures. Later on in the trip we went back to do this parade again with Mr Incredible but unfortunately there were too many little kids for us to get any attention and so we just had to dance with ourselves.

– We stayed at the Hard Rock in Universal cause you get unlimited front of line access to all the rides with a hotel room key. There were 11 of us and 3 hotel rooms which works out fairly well but for some reason it was declared that the most logical way to organise the group would be to put all 6 girls in one room. This meant that Sophie and I ended up having to make nests on the floor out of spare bedding which was not the most comfortable. Ivan called us at 1am for some reason and then, despite the fact that we had to be up at some ungodly hour to get early access into Harry Potter land, I decided to stay up till 2:30 reminiscing about school with Georgie

– We ate at Margaritaville where, as I have mentioned, there was a live band and a British waiter and we requested Chicken Fried. We were really very lairy but not as sloppy as the very very drunk middle aged woman who was flailing about on the dance floor giving sultry glances to the unsuspecting band. There was also a hilarious man with the hips of a snake doing samba dancing with random girls which entertained me for quite a while.

– We also made a friend in Universal in the line for one of the water rides – he was about sixteen and still had braces but we chatted away and it even transpired that he was staying in the same hotel as us…sadly we did not see him again that night

– On Thursday evening we introduced everybody to Beer Pong and Flip Cup which went down brilliantly. At first us girls won but as soon as the boys got the hang of it they basically thrashed us…given that there were probably 6 girls to their 3 boys this is pretty shameful, BUT Sophie and I have definitely improved a lot and even made some actual shots! Everyone got VERY into it and we have literally never seen anyone be so excited as the boys when they kept winning. For the real authentic experience we’d even forced my parents to buy us a case of Natty which went down with varying degrees of success…

– IT RAINED. And rained and rained and rained. After 2 days of typically sunny weather it then proceeded to rain ALL THE TIME for basically three days solid which warranted the purchase of Disney ponchos. I am not even joking. We wandered about wearing what is essentially a glorified bin bag for three days and we loved it. We’d all bought animal themed Mickey ears and not to be deterred, we wore them over our ponchos in a show of great British spirit.

– We ate dinner with Cinderella, Prince Charming, the Wicked Stepmother and the Ugly Stepsisters who were hilarious and witnessed them all waltzing with guests which made my life

– Although we had been due to leave on Saturday morning, given the weather and the fact that we love Disney, we decided to extend our stay by a night; we weren’t trying to spend a day in Miami in the rain. In theory this was a brilliant plan but in fact it only led to to more disasters. That comes later though. As it was supposed to be our last night we ate at a place called Whispering Canyon Cafe which is one of my favourites, it’s in one of my favourite hotels and you get a skillet of all our favourite barbeque food and my brother got put in ‘canyon jail’ and so on and we all had a great time. UNTIL we went to leave. The others had all gone on ahead to the fun bus so it was just Sophie, Lindsay, my mum and I and as mum went up the kerb her knee dislocated and popped back in but then started to swell up crazily. None of us were really sure what to do but Lindsay (the 15 year old in this situation) took charge and ordered Sophie and I to go tell a Disney man. The first man we saw asked us if we were okay and how we were or whatever and we were like FINE and then proceeded to tell his friend about the incident, and so they all came like running down and then went off to get a wheelchair. There was some discussion about whether to call an ambulance (or as Lindsay called it an ambu-LANCE) but eventually they did and so while we were waiting for it basically my mum was sitting in this wheelchair in the pouring rain with an umbrella, just outside the hotel lobby, while Sophie and I chatted away with the manager guy who had come out to look after us. He was very sarcastic and funny and we were all making largely inappropriate jokes given the situation…anyway in the end it was decided that hospital was unnecessary so we said goodbye to our new friend and jumped into the fun bus and returned home.

– We got a private audience with Mickey & Minnie and we are pretty sure that Minnie was a Theta in another life cause while Mickey was completely baffled when we asked to kite him, Minnie knew exactly what was going on! They were too tall to actually kite so we made individual kites with them…we had such banter with the two of them and their photographer that he told us we were all awesome as we left which was sweet. Did I mention I LOVE MEETING CHARACTERS?

– Georgie and I spent a very long time finding out the etymology behind both of our last names and looking up our coats of arms…

– At one point, everything we went on immediately broke down on us. We spent twenty minutes sitting in the loading bit of Pirates of the Caribbean, broken down, waving at the woman supposed to be sending off. We spent ten minutes sitting in Nemo listening to the same song over and over again. We broke down briefly on Haunted Mansion. We broke down on Buzz, which actually ended up being very good for our scores as our guns still worked, especially for Georgie.

– And finally, the epic disaster that was today/leaving Orlando. After we decided to stay in Orlando an extra day, we decided it was probably about time to book our transport to Miami. This was directly after the knee incident so I wasn’t really thinking properly and accidentally booked the shuttle for the 11th. We needed it for the 10th. We emailed immediately after but got no reply, so the next day when we were at Typhoon Lagoon, Sophie spent a considerable amount of time on the phone trying to get them to change it. Various people were telling us different things and in the end she shouted at them a bit and they agreed to change it and told us they’d give us a confirmation, which we never got. We were becoming increasingly worried and so this morning, still confirmation less, called them and we were told that it was fine and the reservation had been changed. So, we all piled into the fun bus and set off for the glamorous pick up location of the Holiday Inn parking lot.

The people in the hotel claimed to have no idea where this shuttle company picked up from and so we waited there for LITERALLY TWO HOURS, during which time my parents took Faryl & Georgie to the airport for their flight and returned, before eventually giving up. We went to the airport and went through various options – a flight to Miami, changing our flight to London to come out of Orlando tonight – before eventually discovering a bus company that ran from Orlando for $60 each, at 7pm. By this point it was about 3 so we had some time to kill but so did my parents and everyone so that was gonna be fine. THEN we discovered that Faryl & Georgie’s flight was delayed so much that they were going to miss their connection (sound familiar?) so everyone went to kick off at the US Airways people. After initially being told they would have to go home via Paris, they have ended up doing this route home: Orlando –> Philadelphia –> Manchester –> London/home.

Anyway eventually we composed an email to the initial shuttle company and have been told we are getting a refund – yay – and the bus we ended up on was VERY luxurious with enough leg room for like a giraffe and wifi and so on. We arrived in Miami fine and arrived at our hotel, which is hilarious and run/populated entirely by guidos, but even though Miami looks SUPER fun we figured we were too tired/underage to bother going out so following the trend of this month we basically just went to bed.

In summary, I LOVE DISNEY WORLD (and thanks mum and dad for taking us and everyone on the trip with us/the J team!!) and I cannot believe that this is our last day ever ever of our year abroad. We are literally leaving TONIGHT. Expect a reflective post some time very soon!



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blast from the past

Okay guys, we wrote this like a week ago and forgot to post it so here we go, a time-travelling post from before we even got to sunny (HAH no it has rained constantly for the last three days) Florida:


Although there is still a week and three days until we leave the US, it has occurred to us that, really, leaving San Antonio marked the end of our ‘travels.’ We’ll be meeting my family in Orlando later, and from that moment on, the planning is out of our hands and into those of my mum. Which we are not complaining about at all. We also don’t really count Miami as a stop on our travels: it’s more of an extension either of the Disney vacation or of the journey home. So with that said, we felt it was appropriate to do a little recap of our travels. This has been prompted by the fact that we’re currently in Austin airport with no wifi, only Microsoft Word, at our disposal, so depending on how bored we get you can also probably expect an emotional wrap up of the entire year. Anyway, without further ado:

Favourite City

Altogether now: Austin! We weren’t particularly surprised by how much we loved it; people have been telling us how cool it is all year. It’s very laid back, very cool without being painfully hipster/try-hard (my personal pet hate in life) and very friendly.  I agree, and if I had millions of pounds I would have bought loads of cool stuff and shipped it home. I think I might have to move here one day.

Whether it was because it was our first destination so everything was new and exciting or just because it’s so damn charming, we also loved Charleston. If Austin is where I wanna live right now (or actually, more likely in a couple of years when I’m 21), Charleston would be where I’d wanna live when I’m like, 35 or something, although it was cool and fun enough that I’d be perfectly happy going back there tomorrow!

Favourite Activities

Call us tame, but a lot of our favourite activities have revolved around doing nothing. Barton Springs pool was one of my favourite days; another was yesterday, going to the movie theater in order to escape a thunderstorm that may or may not have ever even happened. The Mud Island River Park in Memphis was a lot of fun, and the day we spent wandering around Dallas’ various luxury strip malls with Starbucks and cupcakes was another of my very favourite days! Aside from that, Myrtle Beach was some of the most fun I’ve had all year and I wish wish wish we could have had longer there!

I’ve also personally enjoyed exploring many college campuses and creeping on all the Theta houses – I wish we’d been brave enough to knock on a couple of doors! (we really should have done, shouldn’t we!) Getting to meet Tori & the other Thetas in Charleston was a lot of fun, too, and hanging withour new Australian friends in the hostel.

I agree with all these things, and I also loved our little dolphin cruise in Savannah (as dolphins despite being very tacky are my favourite animal and I had never seen them in the wild before!) Barton Springs I literally could have stayed at forever and wish we had one more day in Austin so we could have gone again! I also liked the days we just did nothing except sit in parks and soak up the atmosphere / hide from the sun. I think it’s at these times where we really got to see the cities from a perspective that wasn’t just that of a tourist. And neither of us like to be tourists (unless it involves buying tacky souvenirs) so this was a bonus.

And you know what my least favourite activity was…unblocking a toilet with my bare hands – something I hope that I never have to do ever again.

Favourite Restaurants

You all knew this was coming. Let’s see. Freddie’s Place, the restaurant we went to in Austin where it’s mostly outside in the trees and there was live music and a super hippie vibe and everything was healthy. Mrs Wilke’s was good food but I wish we’d had more sociable tablemates! Beginning with Jerry’s, all the various sno-cone places we visited – thanks to Katherine for that tip cause I’d never have got ice cream in them otherwise! Oh, Breadwinners in Dallas was SO GOOD, and also the falafel place we went to in Charleston. We have eaten a lot of good food on this trip, as you may have noticed. Finding restaurants has been one of my favourite parts and, with the exception of Dick’s Last Resort and of the (non-)Hangover Day in San Antonio, we’ve stayed entirely away from chains, which I feel is pretty impressive.

I would also like to add the ice cream place where I had my banana pudding ice cream – was literally the best ice cream I have ever had. Thank GOD we bought those handy Elvis recipe cards so I can make banana pudding every day! Also I can safely say every single meal we have eaten has actually been good thanks to Bella and her extensive menu research. Oh and I also loved the Germantown Commissary in Memphis

Favourite Accommodation

We were a bit wary of hostels given our experience in DC/I’ve never really been a massive fan anyway, but the one we stayed in in Charleston was really good. We were lucky in that we more or less had the room to ourselves a lot of the time – we did technically have a roommate for the second and third nights but she was only there for one of those in the end – and also that we were in a sort of annex building, so we essentially had our own kitchen/dining area as well. It was very social and there were a lot of cool people there – breakfast wasn’t awkward at all and we talked to a lot of fun people! Shame the people in the Nashville one weren’t quite as cool – in fact they were all just rather odd!

Our apartment in Savannah was also great; a more or less perfect location and ridiculously luxurious given we were supposed to be broke students on our travels. Dave, who owned it, was very chilled and laid back about the whole thing which made things very easy and apart from the dodgy internet, the apartment was perfect.

Obviously getting to stay in Memphis & Dallas was brilliant cause we got to be in real houses, and Carie’s princess room/condo in general/pool area was literally perfection. We honestly can’t say thank you enough to both of you and your families for having us! Yes, thank you SO SO much we had so much fun!

Must-Go-Back Destinations

Austin and Nashville, I think, both of them after we’re 21. I’d like to go back to Nashville for like a couple of days because it seemed SO much fun, and I’d love to spend more time in Austin. Like Ocean Beach, CA, spending a summer there working in a bar/whatever would be amaaaazing. Maybe after we find our American husbands and get those green cards. (Brooks and Ivan or Sam and Neal or whoever else we have promised to marry – we mean it boys!)

I’d honestly go back to pretty much everywhere we’ve been, although maybe not San Antonio. We thought it was going to be the least tourist-y city we visited, but actually it was the most. I’m still not sure what there actually is there besides tourist stuff and a mall. Don’t get me wrong, though, I liked it and it was very pretty, I’m just not desperate to go back. As soon as we realised we had 4 days there, though, we knew it was going to be too long, so that was definitely poor planning on our part! It was also kind of upsetting because we could have had another day in Myrtle (idiots!) but it’s ok – we still managed to entertain ourselves fully!

Honestly, for all the disasters we’ve sustained (I never found my bikini bottoms or half my underwear, by the way, so if anyone in the Williamsburg area has a stray collection of Calvin Kleins/H&M bikinis…enjoy) I’ve been amazed at how smoothly everything has gone. After the bizarreness that were the Charleston and Myrtle Greyhound stations, the many many bus trips weren’t even that bad which was a pleasant surprise. Actually, we just had to get a local bus from the Austin Greyhound to the airport and that was far more sketchy & terrifying than any Greyhound ever was!

I think everyone on that bus was clinically insane. We kept stopping outside “facilities”. One man got on with an 8” tin foil dragon, and all his belongings were also wrapped in tinfoil. Another guy was lamenting about the fact he was brain damaged after wielding a snake around his head and it subsequently biting him, causing him to be brain damanged. Unusually the doctor couldn’t see the snake but the man could…I think the snake might have been in his mind. Then there was the crazy hillbilly from West Virginia who was terrifying with metal in his legs apparently and I think he had escaped from prison or a mental institution judging by his conversation. He now lives in a park.

However, we survived. Everyone on the buses has actually been very polite and friendly and I don’t think I have ever felt unsafe and some of the buses have actually been rather luxurious.

On the way I have managed to lose my bikini bottoms too (well one pair) and break my laptop and my Ipod and break a pair of shoes. Luckily, there have been no injuries and all our disasters have been pretty funny so everyone who thought we wouldn’t survive – WE DID SO NERRR!

However our flight is now delayed for an hour and a half so maybe I am speaking too soon…

B & S


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tennessee homesick blues

Today Thetas took Nashville by storm.

After packing up all our stuff, being woken up by our timid German roommate who had set her clock two hours behind and was running around shouting “Jesus Christ!”, and of course me putting on my Dolly Parton t-shirt (and no I am not joking) we were rescued by the lovely Maggie and her lovely mum for a little Nashville adventure. Everyone seems to be in Nashville the past few days – we learnt Carie was here last night and our fellow countryman Nushy was also in town (although unfortunately our paths did not cross) – obviously all the cool people are in Nashville.

Maggie was disgusted that we had gone all the way to Nashville and not experienced Gaylord Opryland which is like a huge convention centre/hotel/home of the new Grand Ole Opry so decided that her and her mum would come and pick us up and drive us up there (it takes two buses otherwise – hence why we didn’t go!) All I can say is I am glad we did – that place was ridiculous. Brits think Centreparks on speed. We walk into the “hotel” and it was like walking into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory (without the chocolate). There was a huge river running through,Busch Garden style pavilions, trees, and different climates. It was crazy. I am not quite sure why one would create such a hotel – but it would be hilarious/really nice to stay there one day. We also decided because we are Thetas together in a foreign land that we must kite something. We chose a horse dressed in Western attire.

After wandering round for a good hour you can imagine that we were rather peckish. The hostel had no bread or rolls this morning so we were rather hungry. We decided against eating in Opryland because it was no doubt rather overpriced so we got our shuttle lady to come and pick us up and take us for food. We were going to go to the Backstage Grill but the driver told us it wasn’t very good and that she would take us somewhere better. We ended up at Santa Fe Cattle Co. where we were treated to a selection of nachos, wings, and chicken salad which was really good. Oddly, you get free peanuts at this restaurant and so there were peanut shells all over the floor so you kind of felt like you were in a barn – but it was fun!

After lunch Maggie and her mum dropped us off at the Greyhound (THANK YOU SO MUCH) and whilst they headed off to go and do some line-dancing downtown, we prepared for our four hour bus ride to Memphis which we are on as I write this. Journey as always has been fairly uneventful. The lady sitting next to us roped us in to persuading her man-friend (possibly husband?) that men can get their balls waxed and that this really was a thing. The driver has told us about the toilet at least four times and the bus smells a bit like wee. We just stopped in a town called Jackson,Tennessee which is possibly one of the most stereotypically Southern towns I have ever seen. The bus station was hilarious but it seems that the greyhound has been over-booked, but you know America, a practical solution for everything. Soooo, there are now about five people just standing up squished in the aisle. I am pretty sure this is illegal and we still have over an hour until we get to Memphis but oh well…we aren’t the ones standing. We also just drive past “Rebel’s Diner” – a cosy venue adorned with confederate flags. Would have been perfect for some dinner. But fear not. Our next lovely hostess Katherine has warned us that as soon as we arrive in Memphis we are going for food…we know y’all wouldn’t want to see us starve now.

S xx

(DISCLAIMER: We are not actually homesick at all, in fact far from it…Sophie wants me to assure everyone that it is merely the title of a Dolly song. Of course.)

Miles Traveled: 213

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y’all brightened my day

This morning we had quite a leisurely morning showering, getting ready, rearranging our suitcases and eating a v inventive breakfast of peanut butter & bananas in pitas. Then we headed out to explore Savannah. Our apartment (who are we?!) is in a really really good location, just basically next to Forsyth Park which is lovely and feels just like Hampstead, and all the houses are GORGEOUS and all very elegant and historic feeling.

We’d booked onto a dolphin cruise which we had set in our sights many months ago (I think it’s on the bucket list) so we wandered all the way up to River Street where we looked around loads of the shops there and read a million more menus of restaurants we can’t eat at. Basically the shops fit into two categories: tacky gift shops and sweet shops, all of which give out free praline samples. We also found a Peanut Shop, the partner of the one in Williamsburg only three times bigger, which was good as it meant three times the free samples. We have figured out that you can pretty much eat entirely for free in these places we are visiting. We also went to this visitors’ information stand thing to ask for a map and met a lovely very Southern young man who was very very helpful and got slightly carried away when we vaguely mentioned we wanted food at some point, recommending all kinds of restaurants and even recommending places on Tybee Island which we can’t even get to but didn’t have the heart to tell him so. When we left he told us that we were lovely and that we’d brightened his day by stopping to talk to him so that was nice.

At 2 it was time for our dolphin cruise so we went off and boarded the boat. The man gave us lots of interesting facts about Savannah’s industrial history and some terrible terrible jokes but most importantly we saw dolphins! The driver made them surf in our wake which was so cool and we got video which I will put up when we have a more reliable internet connection! (in the mean time here is a cool picture)

By the time we finished it was about 4. We went up to the City Market kind of area which was really really nice, loads of really cool shops and stuff and actual normal shops too like Gap & Urban Outfitters which seemed weird to see – I’d kind of forgotten they exist. We also found one store that we both absolutely LOVED and planned to furnish our entire house out of, and then we went for fro yo and both got a bit carried away but whatever.

After that we returned to our lovely apartment via the Square where Forrest Gump sat and also via the park where we went on the swings for a bit and I found out that Sophie doesn’t like swings whatttt? As we have eaten way, wayyy too much these last few weeks (and now that we are finally free from Ivan…) we decided to actually cook for ourselves and so we whipped up a lovely stir fry, improvising with the use of salad dressing in the place of oil/stir fry sauce as we had neither. We have spent the rest of the evening battling with the crappy internet, planning what to do in the rest of our stops and watching ABC – it’s so nice to have an actual house to ourselves!

Tomorrow we have a ridiculous Southern feast planned soooo we have prepared ourselves by doing 5 minutes of ab exercises. Yeah we take this workout regime seriously.


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let the adventures begin….

so here we are. two semesters, one sorority and a million nattys later. This is the morning we leave the ‘Burg. After a week of frantic planning that has ended with us staying in rental apartments, we are ready to board that 9.38 out of here. AND I AM SO EXCITED.

This is not excitement to leave Williamsburg, not at all. BUT, I am very excited to explore America, and have an amazing month. Wish us luck and keep reading.

I just feel I should mention last night which was as perfect as any last night could be. John the birthday boy had a wonderful party at our fave destination 333 where we got to (emotionally) say goodbye to all our favourite boys, acquire a t-shirt or two and take many a picture. What was so nice is that so many Theta’s were there too and it was so nice just to have everyone together, drinking natty and burnettes and being sloppy together. We also got inducted into “The Team” which we are assured is a very sacred honor by it’s three members. Things truly have come full circle and it was only apt that our final party was with Sig Pi. WE LOVE YOU ALL. (but actually) 

We also popped by afterwards to see our other fave Kappa Sig boys. It was pretty standard Kappa Sig and was topped off nicely with a heart felt rendition of the one and only wagon wheel (obviously we were on a table at this point). BROOKS, IVAN, SHANE, DREW, SCHOFIELD and DUNKYYYY (obvs) etc. etc. Thanks for putting up with us dancing on your tables, eating your food and stealing your shit. You da bessssst. 

Naturally the night ended in the only way that would be suitable to end our amazing second semester in the ‘burg – with Ivan, cheesy bread, a pizza and about 40 pieces of chicken. What has our life become?? All I know is that I am going to miss it. Alot.

Ok so there we have it, a little mini goodbye to Williamsburg. I just said goodbye to my amazing roommates, and am sitting on the couches for the final time. All a bit too real for my liking. 

To everyone – we love you all. Thanks for an amazing year!


S xxx


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courtesy of the red, white and blue

As Sophie already pointed out…IT IS OUR LAST DAY IN WILLIAMSBURG. In, like, 15 hours we are outta this joint forever (or at least until we hopefully return at Homecoming). To celebrate, I feel it is time to publish a post we wrote a month ago, in which we shamelessly copied our friend/future housemate Amy and wrote a list of all the things we have done/accomplished/are most proud of since arriving, delirious and disaster prone (what’s changed?) all that time ago in mid-August. Here we go:

– Joined a sorority

– Been to (many) a football game

– Experienced Thanksgiving

– Memorised the lyrics to at least three thousand country classics

– Been christened with the nickname Team England, and used this to our obnoxious advantage at any moment since

– Seen Obama(‘s motorcade…)

– Escaped “death hostel”

– Been to a really cool D.C club stone cold sober

– Seen the Statue of Liberty – and to widen this point a bit, been to New York

– Flown cross-country

– Stood in the Pacific and the Atlantic

– Been to a hockey game

– Planned an epic trip

– Crashed a frat formal and got actually invited to another

– survived two blowouts

– Played beer pong, flip cup, slap cup and any other fratty, red-solo-cup-involving game you can think of (not with much success, mind)

– Been removed from date party (had to be done)

– Drank on roofs

– Been to restaurants featured on Man vs. Food and Diners, Drive – Ins and Dives (FAT)

– Seen dolphins in the wild!

– Not got arrested (amazing right? there have been a couple of close calls)

– Been skiing

– Been ice skating

– Been canoeing

– Been on national television


S&B xx

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country strong

Hello friends,

I am back in the world. After my computer being dead for a million years and and two finals (finished now woo) I am about ready to celebrate. And obviously we are celebrating in our favourite way – sitting on the red couches.

BUT, we do have exciting news. Apart from being done with finals, we have also booked our travels. As in properly booked them – the Greyhound awaits! Eight Greyhound rides, two Amtrak trips and two plane journeys and then we will be home…how terrifying is that? And a week today we will be in Charleston…but we just don’t talk about it.

So…here is our schedule and if anyone is in any of these places at the same time let us know so we can play with you.

10th – 13th May  – Charleston

13th – 15th May – Myrtle Beach ( BEACH WEEK BITCHES)

15th – 18th May – Savannah

18th – 21st May – Nashville

21st  – 23rd May – Memphis

23rd – 25th May – Dallas

25th – 28th May – Austin

28th – 1st May – San Antonio

1st – 9th June – Orlando

9th – 11th June – Miami

11th June – FLY HOME

And that is the adventure. Hit us up if you are in any of these place (or if you know anywhere good and cheap to stay in Austin / Savannah)

In other news, we are off to Sig Chi formal tomorrow. This time we have actually have been asked by real dates so this is a big step for us. Once again we are heading to Virginia Beach and will no doubt have some tales of belligerence to share with you afterwards…hopefully it won’t involve twenty pieces of chicken.

Wish us luck

S xx

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this place about to blow

Good news folks – WE SURVIVED BLOWOUT!

Surprisingly, in even better style than last semester’s, or at least with more memories. However, as it turns out, Thursday is also worth a little mention. We had Senior Roast & Toast at Paul’s which was very fun if a bit stressful cause it was SO LOUD in there and we had to shout everything, then we returned to Theta where we picked up both of our blowout tanks which were both amazing.


Next up was Delta Phi for a little dose of skippy and then we went to the Leafe for a little bit to crash Emily’s date party. After she started undoing her shirt we thought she was maybe on a different level to us so we jumped ship to Ivan’s, naturally, who promised us food. We had a traumatic time all round watching Hoarders and laughed for 30 minutes straight before he unleashed us on the pizza. On the way home Sophie became very paranoid and was convinced she was being followed by clowns and ghosts but what can you do?

AND NOW onto the event itself. We began the day yesterday at Theta where there were bagels and so on, and then it was onto Pi Phi to begin the festivities. We found Emily was well away already and so we began with some mimosas etc. Then Emily and the Pi Phis decided to go get breakfast so Sophie and I went off to 321 to see all our Theta chums. This was an excellent life decision – the sun was shining, there were amazing tunes and we indulged in some standard Natty-stealing and many photoshoots in all our matching tanks.

After a quick singalong to Macklemore we decided to move onto the soccer house, which was apparently the destination of the day as everyone had been going on about it all year. On the way we found Neal (and tore him away from whatever girl he was with oopppsss) and arrived at the soccer house to find this:


I.e, everyone was right when they said it was the place to be. We literally saw everyone we know and wandered around for hours and hours, spectating games of beer pong and inventing the British Triathlon.

In what was possibly the strangest and most badly judged part of the day, we somehow ended up on a trip to Beret’s with Vicky, Drew and Schofield. We were told we had to sit at the taphouse bar (or the tapas bar) so we went outside, and the boys kindly offered to pay for us, so we all ordered and Schofield ordered about six dishes just for him. Immediately after the waiter left, we remembered that there was food for free on the sunken gardens. We then decided it would be a wise decision to abandon ship and quite literally sprinted away from the restaurant. No, I am not proud.

Anyway when we reached the sunken gardens we almost got into a fight with some obnoxious men who kept pinching sophie’s bum, but eventually we fought our way through the crowds and managed to get to the food, where we promptly devoured at least three hot dogs each and too much generic barbeque meat. After a while, and after Sally had poured about a ton of pasta salad on the floor, I got a call from Lydia on Emily’s phone so I went off to find them. Sophie insisted that she was not going to move so I left her and went off to find Lydia who was with Emily.

When we returned Sophie had disappeared so Emily and I found Neal and lay on the ground for a while. After a while we started to get a bit concerned about Sophie’s whereabouts so I called her and she confusedly told me she was ‘just lying on the flowery couch in the chapter room.’ Shortly after this she appeared back on the sunken gardens, and then Brooks and possibly someone else turned up, and then later Ivan did, and so for about two hours we all just lay there. Brooks was a very comfortable bed. We also all betrothed ourselves to each other so you should look for wedding invitations in around 20 or 30 years.

Eventually we realised it was getting kinda late so we all retreated to our various houses and Sophie and I went back to Theta for a while, then we went to Sadler cause there were free pancakes but the line was ridiculously long so then we went to the Sexchange and eventually we gave in and went to bed.

All in all, a massively successful day and WE DON’T WANT IT TO BE OVER!!!!!


p.s I would totally be doing some blogging right now but my computer exploded on me…soooooo I can’t – S

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the virginity chronicles

Shout out to the person who found us by searching ‘the virginity chronicles british bella sophie’

Sorry, but I think you might be disappointed with the content of this blog… 😉


And also – can we just point out the hilarity of Ginger Ambler’s e-mail today:

“In recent days, a number of faculty have written to me expressing particular concern that not everyone treats the last day as though there are still classes and work to be done.  Know that your professors expect students to come to classes Friday prepared – and sober.  There is a myth that that police, faculty, and/or administrators turn their heads to misconduct on the last day of classes.  Sadly, some students each year learn that is NOT the case.  Please, keep your celebrations safe and legal.”

Ok so that makes sense…but then five lines under this

“Sadler Center Terrace Fun featuring Brewster’s Ice Cream, “Blow a 00” t-shirt and breathalyzer, and more (8:00 p.m., Sponsored by the Student Conduct Council and the Class of 2014)”

Really Ginger? We all know you want us to get drunk…there isn’t enough t-shirts for the whole campus now is there?

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Today we had our senior send off – a chance to say goodbye to Theta for all the seniors (and us). It was a really lovely service and allowed us all to share our memories from our time in Theta. We had been warned that this would be an emotional affair but I wasn’t quite expecting it to as emotional as it was. Everyone’s speeches made me appreciate how lucky we are to be part of Theta and how central Theta has been to our lives this year (God, If my speech had been this concise it might have been more emotional). Looking around at all the girls it made me feel so privileged to have been part of something so special (and so American!) and I am in no doubt that Theta was the best decision I have made this year. 

I am suprised I didn’t just bawl the whole way through but I stayed fairly composed – welled up a lot but now embarassing snorting which was good. My speech left a little to be desired. Americans I have learnt this year are very good at all there inspirational speeches, and at being very candid about their feelings which is really nice. I however, seem to have inherited my mothers stiff upper-lip when it comes to emotional expression. (this is the woman who finished my senior letter “ok, that’s about it…regards!). Grace said to me after that “I liked your speech…it was straight to the point!” and she was right. Although I thought I was being all emotional (by British standards I certainly was) I really was shown up by everyone’s great speeches. It must be something that comes with the territory – but seriously although I am maybe not that articulate, I do love you guys. 

So that is enough of me gushing (see we just can’t do it us Brits!), but I just felt this special day needed a little mention and GOD am I drained after today! I have possibly done more public speaking today than I have in my whole life – after a 25 minute presentation and a speech in front 80 odd girls I am prepared for life. Also, the weather is awful so that has made things so much more miserable! I hate the fact that we finally have to confront the fact we are leaving Williamsburg in just over two weeks and today has kind of made all that a bit more real. I DON’T WANNA LEAVE WAHHH. 

To make myself slightly less miserable I am gonna list the exciting things happening this week:

 – Senior dessert 

– Finishing classes

– 2 more 8am’s


There are some positives to all this! Bring it on!

S xx


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mid-week mayhem

Well not really mayhem but never mind.

What have we done with ourselves this week so far you may cry…and the answer is not a lot.

On Wednesday night we had a lovely night at the Trellis with Josie’s visiting family which was SO GOOD. (THANK YOU SO MUCH) We ate real food which is always nice and I had shrimp and grits so felt very Southern. These grits were much nicer than the ones offered in Sadz and didn’t taste like watery porridge so I enjoyed them and I think that means we can cross that off the bucket list!

Yesterday was also a weird one. It was my lovely roommates birthday yesterday (Happy Birthday JILLLL) and so she had a surprise party organised for her which was fun (basically ended up being a Theta/Kappa Sig mixer) and then we somehow managed to talk our way into the bars! We had been to College a few times but usually not at times when there were real people there so it turned out to be a pretty fun night. Bella was on a much higher level than me and Emily which was all well and good until we told her we wanted to leave…which did not please her (and terrified us a little 😉 ) but overall night at the bars = success


Once again Team England is expanding to invite another Northern member (Emily watch out!) so we will have to find many activities to do with her. We are inflicting the trampoline thing on her today so that should be interesting and then formal tomorrow…oh dear god

Wish us luck!

S xx

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richmond – yet another delirious adventure

or “delrious advntuere” as typed it before spell check fixed my tiredness

This is the attempted blog I began last night, makes sense right? I then fell asleep whilst writing it…

Anyway, I will start where I left off. Yesterday we went on a delirious adventure to Richmond – the glorious capital of Virginia. “Why?” you may ask – we decided that it would be stupid to come all the way to Virginia and get home only to realize we hadn’t actually seen Virginia (and we were  lonely on Easter weekend so wanted a middle-aged outing) so that is how this little adventure came about.

So the day began with me in a panic, which I know does not sound surprising. The night before we had spent an interesting few hours at the Sig Chi unit. After a super-fun/super-bonding pre-game at Theta with the babies we went on our way in search of some sort of night time activity. We arrived initially at Delta Phi and were all handed an…interesting…drink commonly known as “skippy” (I think it is beer, vodka, and lemonade?) which after our classy Franzia pre-game was enough to make us think a night at the units was a brilliant plan. Basically, the night continued as followed:

  • Broke into Delta Chi to abuse the bathroom
  • Lost all the babies
  • Broke into an empty Sig Chi unit
  • Got banished to the party in the basement
  • Broke the beer pong table
  • Bet on a race between two Sig Chi’s
  • Hid from the police
  • Escaped the wrath of the rabid raccoon
  • Rapped to a poor, unsuspecting boy to his utter disgust

and the next day…prime suspects in the case of the stolen I-Pad! (we don’t have it!)

So yes, anyway I woke up feeling fairly fresh but Bella was not replying to my Facebook messages and this continued as the time grew closer and closer for  us to be picked up. I thought she may have been dead or very very hungover but …alas she awoke and we were both very spritely for our little trip.

The wonderful birthday girl Meg picked us up (THANK YOU SO MUCH) and drove us right to the center of Richmond where she thought we would like the most which was so useful. She dropped us right in the heart of Cary Street which was really, really cool. Like a very southern Porterbello or something with loads of cool shops and restaurants. Naturally we saw Sweet Frog and so fueled up with fro-yo before we began. Cary street was basically looking at clothes we couldn’t afford and getting lifestyle inspiration but it was fun. It was here we also both realized how tired we were – we were both literally talking SHIT at each other that didn’t really make much sense. It was also here where I realized my allergies were so bad that I couldn’t smell ANYTHING (thanks Richmond allergy capital of America). After the walk up Cary St. we were obviously exhausted and despite our fro-yo interlude we just had to stop again to get more refreshments to re-hydrate our shrunken brains and so stopped at a cafe and decided our course of action.

In devising our plan we realized we basically were on the opposite side of the city from the train station and so our main aim for the rest of the afternoon involved getting back there. We thought this would end up being the best way of seeing the city so we began on our merry way. On the way through the city we came across The Virginia Historical Society and because we always want to expand our minds…we decided to venture in. And expand our minds we did…by dressing up as colonial people!

I think this perfectly highlights how delirious we were – we thought this was a brilliant idea! Anyway we continued on our trek though the city, heading down Monument Avenue which is apparently a famous street and naturally it has monuments on it. The houses were gorgeous and very southern / haunted looking and many were adorned with ridiculous eastery decorations.

An d then we just kept walking, and walking , and walking. We walked the one sole aim – food (obviously). We eventually, after about an hour and a half of walking the weirdly deserted streets of Richmond and a stop in VCU to abuse the bathroom, we came across The Tobacco Company which was a really cool American restaurant with three floors and an old-fashioned lift which takes diners to different floors. We were ravenous by this point and couldn’t decided what we wanted to eat – I settled on a rack of ribs (carniverous) and Bella had salmon (what?!) which were both choices out of character for both of us but it was GOOOOOOD! So so so yummy.

With time to kill before our 8.37 train we just continued our exploration, going to see the Capitol, briefly exploring Shockoe Slip, and eventually ending up at Main Street Station. This was the weirdest station EVER. SO grand, like someones old mansion. Very odd. And so we waited for the train…and waited and waited.

Because this is us – obviously the trip was not going to be disaster free. At 8.35 we went to go and board the train when a little man stops us and says “oh sorry, the train is delayed and is now expected in at 10.03” WAIT. WHAT?! We were less than impressed – mainly because this would mean we were going to miss our mixer with Sig Chi (tab and the crust and sig chi…what more could a girl want?!) so we were grumpy and tired and not very impressed. Typical. I swear I do not think I have ever felt as tired as I did yesterday – I felt way worse than I did after our red-eye from CA at Spring Break so proceeded to pass out – only to feel almost as shitty today. THANKS NATURE AND YOUR POLLENY WAYS!

S xx

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here comes the summer sun

This pretty much says it all –


We are finished (pretty much… just one paper to hand in). It is gorgeously sunny. I am wearing summer clothes…in MARCH. I had fro-yo. I am having Cheese Shop for dinner (courtesy of my $10 voucher won at Greek study break). LIFE IS GOOD.

That’s all.

S xx

EDIT: Jokes! I have spent the last 4 hours in my room looking at Word, watching Community episodes (which I have just discovered), raiding my drawers for pop tarts that I really don’t need to eat 2 days before we hit Cali and staring out my window at the gorgeous sun – or, as I prefer to call it, working on my paper. Life is not good. (But it will be quite soon) – B

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It is clear that this semester, at least during the week, we have become rubbish bloggers. I feel this is largely due to the fact that both Bella and I share two classes and have our other classes at pretty much the same time so there is nothing of interest to share. Also you don’t really need to hear our thoughts on Modern Poetry or the injustices faced by American Indians in the US today do you?

This weekend should be fun, it’s technically my “birthday weekend” although it’s not my birthday until Monday I plan on getting mildly intoxicated at least once this weekend. It would be 3 times but I HAVE 4 PAPERS TO DO….4!! This is not normal W&M – sort your life out please. I become a psycho bitch when I am stressed and I don’t wanna be one! Good news is I am enjoying my (self purchased) birthday kindle and michael kors watch so…there are some good things in life.

Sooo that’s about it really! Just wanna say we have also been exercising a lot so sports science chums, watch out! I may even be able to participate in your workouts without dying!!

S xx

ps. I would like to introduce you to my new addiction :

nom nom nom

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someone’s 21







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