A Stranger In Your Midst

A year at W&M from the perspective of one our of fellow exchangers, one Nushy Rose. Seriously, she has to be met to be believed but her blog is hysterical.

Amy’s America

Miss Amy Longworth is a friend of ours from Exeter who currently lives in Cornwall and is heading off to the University of Pittsburgh the day before we set off for Virginia. She’s probably a bit more eloquent than us and definitely better spoken and she is sure to get up to all sorts of big city adventures while we content ourselves with historical re-enactments down in Colonial Williamsburg!

My Cup of Tea

This is the wonderful blog of our friend Sam Roth who is basically doing the opposite of us. She is spending a semester in Exeter and of course, will be stalking her every move and living vicariously through her for the next 5 months!

The Rest of the ESNA Bunch

It seems that in a desperate attempt to prove to our families we can survive abroad lots of ESNA have turned to blogging:

The College of William and Mary

This is the place that we are going to call home for the next year! We have absolutely scoured this website for any and all information which we are sure nobody is remotely interested in but it deserves a place up here anyway.

Virginia Is For Lovers

Put up here for the slogan alone. We had no idea one state could invite so much innuendo.

The Non-American Bunch

Daryl’s Tumblr

Just because it needs a mention 😉

Young Shields

And if you are bored of all this America nonsense, here is some lovely ‘British’ fashion from one of ma bezzies clezzie

Singapore Diaries

This blog follows my friend Becky as she does a semester abroad in Singapore

8Thirty 3

The J Smith’s artsy photog blog


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