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DC Days 3 & 4: “can we get another spoon please?”

(First I just have to say that WE HAVE HIT THE BIG TIME BABY and are currently featured on the Flat Hat website, albeit with my name spelt wrongly. Woooooo I always knew I’d be a celeb someday.) And with that:

Day 3

This was Monday, Columbus Day (sorry but we have no idea what that means) and also the day we set aside for shopping. After having consumed at least three times our own body weights in cheesecake the night before, we had all made a pact to Eat Healthily from now until the rest of our lives, and so we healthily bypassed the bagels and muffins for breakfast and made our way, bright and early, to Georgetown. Conveniently wiping the outlets from our memories, we convinced ourselves that this is the only chance we will get to shop between now and Christmas, and so for the rest of the morning, we happily abused our poor, poor bank accounts. We did split up at one point, and since Sophie’s phone was completely out of minutes and mine very nearly, we made a cunning plan that Josie and Emily would take Emily’s phone, and Sophie would take Josie’s. This would have been a brilliant and very effective plan if Emily had actually had her phone.

Luckily, we were drawn together by magic/fates/Gods/luck anyway and, in celebration, decided to hit Serendipity (another of Sally’s recommendations – THANKS GIRLLLL) for lunch. We got a seat by the window, which was wide open, so we could terrify passers-by by shoving video cameras in their faces and acting like spoon-holding puppets. We did quite well on the health front with our sandwiches etc, but then we decided that it would be very rude not to get an ice cream and proceeded to work our way through the hugest carrot cake sundae I have ever seen. I say ‘work our way through’ – it took us all of five minutes and required very little effort.

In a sort of sugary, carroty haze, we did some more shopping, wandered around some stairs that were apparently famous for some reason (can’t remember why, sure Sophie will know) and then headed back to the hotel before the night’s entertainment – CAPS GAME! We had spontaneously booked tickets to go and I am soooo glad we did cause this was literally my favourite thing we did. As our tickets only cost $20 or so each we were practically in the ceiling tiles but it didn’t matter, we had soooo much fun and got extremely into it, we were quite literally on the edge of our seats. We have officially named ourselves Caps fans…apparently we have to go to 3 games before we are wise enough to buy/wear the jerseys.

On the way back we magically discovered yet another new favourite place in the world, this shop that looked like a regular book shop but was secretly also a cafe/bar/restaurant. As we hadn’t eaten for at least two hours now we were practically dying with starvation but we limited ourselves to just bread and appetizers and then we spend agesss wandering around the bookshop part getting our nerd on and mourning the death of real books etc etc. We are planning to go on a mass kindle burning protest at some point so watch out.

Day 4

Mrs & Mrs Organization i.e Sophie and Emily had decreed that we would get up at 8am this morning. Naturally this didn’t happen which meant that our planned trip to show Josie all the sights she’d missed had to be done at top speed. We went on a glorious quest for knowledge in the Library of Congress and then came the most exciting part, the part where we went to the Capitol and sat in on Congress which made us feel extremely important. Also for some reason I apparently got really carried away with the statues they had everywhere as my camera is full of pictures of them. Anyway if we went anywhere else I don’t remember doing it, and then we went back to the hotel, grabbed our stuff, and then it was off to Union Station to go homeee booooo :(. The train home was long and boring as per as per. Then it was back to Sadler for dinner where for some reason they decided to only give us disposable plates.

DC = DONE. We had suchhh a good time if you can’t tell and then the fun has not stopped oh no we have been up to all sorts this week and literally in 30 minutes I am going to go be INITIATED into Theta and then it’s CLUE WEEEEEEEKKKKKK i.e what I have been looking forward to all my life. GET EXCITED cause I am.



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