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welcome to san antone

We have made it to our final destination San Antonio after about two and a half weeks and a couple and thousand miles. We are a laptop, and ipod and a pair of shoes down (all me) and a number of bikini bottoms down (Bella), but we are here, in one piece. It seems so weird that we are already so close to Disney world, but then Williamsburg seems like it was so long ago already…

But enough reflecting. We need to save that for the end of this thing. Instead, here is a brief run down of what we did today.

  • Got up and headed straight for South Congress (again) cos we really liked it and wanted to go in all the shops.
  • Spent about two hours exploring all the really cool shops. There were some awesome antiquey shops full of vintage american flags, neon lights and the odd bit of taxidermy. Literally just loads of cool shops with really nice clothes and really cool stuff. We also found (another) old fashioned candy store and both had some candy to set us up for the rest of the day. We also found a really cool little book shop but were shocked to overhear one guy asking his girlfriend who Jane Austen was (and this was after he asked her what sort of store they were in …)
  • After shopping we needed food/cool (because its about 35 degrees here) and so we headed to Guero’s Tacos which was so good. After a bit a of wait we hand a veritable Mexican feast and I ate chips on chips but it was really good. No wonder it was so busy
  • We then had the same conversation about how we had both fallen in love with Austin about five times
  • It was finally time to leave so we got on the bus back to our apartment, said our goodbyes and met Ana the apartment lady who helped us with our bags and took they keys
  • We had an interesting taxi journey to the Greyhound with a driver who has a keen interest in forgery. He was fascinated by all the promotional signs on the side of the road for various¬†political candidates and suggested that we made our own signs along with him and but them amongst the real candidates and then took a picture. What a joker.
  • Greyhound. Actually very short and very uneventful.
  • Brief panic when we get off because our bags had disappeared. Luckily they re-appeared pretty quickly.
  • After another jolly taxi man we arrived at the Rodeway Inn Downtown (who said we weren’t classy?) ¬† where we were greeted with TWO DOUBLE BEDS. Yay. Its actually not too bad!
  • Hungry as always, we ventured downtown, got our first glimpses of the river walk and eventually weaved our way around the river to get some food. We were planning on a cheap meal but ended up at a restaurant called Bella on the River. We had to go there. If there was a Sophie restaurant I would have forced us to go there soo…
  • It was very nice and we noticed it was the first proper restaurant we had been to in ages. We shared a pizza like a married couple and listened to a nice man playing jazz piano. It was all very civilised. (It was so nice! We’ve eaten at so many restaurants but we haven’t been to an actual NICE one for a while…despite the fact we set off with the intention to find somewhere cheap and easy I was very glad we ‘accidentally’ went upmarket! AND obviously it was named after me so it was fate -B)

And there we have it. Now we are in bed, watching MTV and loving life in our own personal beds. Just a shame the shower doesn’t really work properly.

S xx


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