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So this is it. I am home and it is beyond weird. Don’t get me wrong, it is nice to be home in a house but it is bizarre not to have constant company (especially after our crazy week in Florida) and to suddenly just be in England again. I guess the most notable thing that I need to share with y’all is that we made it home and that we made it home 100% disaster free!!! For a moment we did think that Bella’s bag had gone missing but it just came round late. There were no delays. We had lots of leg room. I honestly am astonished that we are here in one piece.  But enough about that, let’s talk about Miami.

Miami was awesome, and despite being there for less that 24 hours I think we both have agreed that we have to go back when we are 21. We got up early and decided to go and explore, heading straight for the beach which was gorgeous and the weather was so nice and it was just a perfect way to end our travels. I literally never wanted to move from that beach. But we did, and in search of food (obviously). We found a little cafe called The Big Pink and settled down to our final American meal which was a breakfast of waffles and banana (me) and a lovely looking fruit parfait (Bella) and reminisced a bit about how much fun everything is. We then ventured to the shops but as we both have NO money at all this was more of a window shopping excursion. We came across one of those awful beachside souvenir shops and decided it was only apt to purchase a disgustingly tacky item in our last destination. We both, after a lot of deliberation, chose very tasteful shorts with Miami Beach written across the bum. Bet you can’t wait to see those?

Anyway, time was running out and we had our final bus to catch so we just strolled along Ocean Drive in the sun and envied all the glamorous Miami inhabitants who begin drinking cocktails bigger than my head at around 12pm, and vowed to come back. After a final little stop on the beach and some moans about not wanting to go home, we headed to the bus and made it to the airport. This really isn’t very interesting because it was just so easy. We were really early, dropped our bags off and got through security within about 15 minutes and then just sat and waited for the plane. I did at one point drop my boarding pass, but luckily a nice old man picked it up for me. Luck worked in our favour yesterday. I feel like the only exciting part of the flight, which actually was very momentous, was the fact that we realised that we could drink on the plane! You can tell America has changed us – we worried that we might not be served, hunted down our IDs and asked very nicely. Typically, the air steward man was obliging and mis-heard us talking about how it was our first legal drink in six months. He thought we were giving up drinking for six months and was utterly disgusted at the prospect. However, when we put him straight and told him all our alcoholic trials and tribulations of the American drinking age he insisted that if we felt like we needed more wine that we should just let him know. How nice!

The rest was pretty standard. We landed, went through security, got our bags and met Bella’s dad and that was it. The year done.  AND IT FEELS SO WEIRD. After leaving Bella and her dad to get my little bus home I just found myself getting very confused. It literally felt like we were in Heathrow at Christmas about a month ago – I can remember it all so clearly and there I was back in the bus station in the same exact spot that I was texting Bella about a one legged pigeon at Christmas. It’s really odd because everything seems so familiar and yet so alien at the same time. I began making some very acute anthropological observations in this alone time. Here are just some of them:

  • English accents now sound really weird
  • English people are very pale and ill looking
  • Our roads are really narrow
  • Left over bunting from the Jubilee looks really sad in the rain
  • But I like all this Olympic stuff everywhere – it’s exciting!
  • Why are people wearing scarfs in June?
  • Why can I see my breath when I breathe?

Ok, maybe they aren’t anthropological but you get the idea. And another thing – I felt a bit lonely. I realised for the first time in about 6 months I was completely riding solo. No Bella to be my little travelling buddy. No girls in the house. No roommates. Just me. SOOOO…to rectify this I called my mum (who I had just woken up after two hours sleep) which she didn’t enjoy. Ooops! I think I am gonna miss this constant company. (Friends at home take note please and entertain me!) It is probably a good job I am starting work tomorrow because otherwise I would definitely be bored out of my brain. My amazing week with the J-Team has definitely not prepared me for only-childom again that is for sure!! Hmmm, I feel like now is the time to be reflective but I think I am too tired and jet lagged to do it. I will instead reflect on my time at Tesco – it got very excited over all the British food and even made my mum by crumpets, rice pudding and Marmite. I also got two of my disposable cameras developed and was happy to find I do have pictures of Austin and San Antonio so I can prove I have been to these places despite my lost camera!

SO, I guess that is it. I am home. It feels very weird, like America was some sort of weird dream. Maybe I am actually just asleep? That would explain a lot. I will reflect properly tomorrow. But for now – GOODNIGHT!

S xx

OHHHH and I would also like to announce we have completed 40/53 on our bucket list which I think is pretty good!!


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last days


For me at least, this has not sunk in AT ALL. I cannot believe this time tomorrow we will be on the train to Charleston. It is literally terrifying. I haven’t been as sad as I was leaving Exeter, partly because I need to learn to stop being a little baby, and partly because I think in Exe I was acknowledging I was leaving pretty much every day since I got there, but here I haven’t thought about it at all. But, failing to acknowledge you are leaving does make the process that bit easier.

SO…what have we been doing with our selves the last few days you are probably wondering…


Because I am a nerd, and because I like to cross  things off lists, I went to Jamestown. Alone. The trip was all a bit more hassle than it was really worth. Disaster started when I forgot my ID. Luckily the nice man quizzed me on my address etc. and decided I was a student so gave me a lovely card with a picture of myself on so I could get in and see all the stuff. When I arrived I must admit I was distinctly underwhelmed by America’s first settlement. It was small with a fake Indian Village and stuff but everything just looked so fake/new that it wasn’t very convincing. The actual first site was in a woods and I couldn’t be bothered to get off the bus there sooo….the replica one had to do. But I did it – and now I can officially say I have been to the oldest town in England and the oldest town in America.

Monday night we spent a night at the Penthouse with our fave sig pi sophomores Sam and John where we listened to English music and became performing monkeys when we were forced to show our proficiency in the lyrics of courtesy of the red, white and blue. We headed to the Crust which was closed and so did the thing that comes most naturally to us. We broke into 333. Again. What is most disturbing about this is that Jake seemed completely unsuprised to have two brits climb up his fire escape, knock on the window and climb in to use the bathroom at about 12.30 at night.  We then sat on the roof for hours and sang with john and sunshine near the sky. This is why I love America.

The night ended with a trip to WaWa which was interesting. Nushy produced a dollar bill to pay for her crisps out of her bra much to WaWa Pam’s disgust. Possibly my fave quote ever of hers followed:

(after Nushy produces the money from the bra)

“That’s disgusting. I don’t like touching women’s titties or pussys. I didn’t even like touching my daughters pussy when she was a baby”

Ok Pam, good to know….


Yesterday we were very productive. We got up early and went on an adventure to Target in the hope of finding some sort of bag to carry all our crap around in for the next month and luckily Target pulled through so we know have beautiful matching wheelie duffle bags. Bella also got her hair cut whilst I got shampoo etc for our trip and deliberated for about twenty minutes whether Bella would let me get snoopy plasters instead of normal ones. I decided against it (I was wrong). We have also become a married couple – now we share a bank account. What have we become? It does just make things so much easier though! No need to split cheques and makes paying for hotels etc easier. I also came home with a beach towel. Just what you need when you can’t fit anything in your case already…

We then went on a little trip to Jamestown beach with Melissa, Grace & Molly and some of their friends which was nice. I managed to burn stripes on my boobs which is always a strong look. And then we went back and commenced mission pack. Which really is a mission. We are both getting 30kg bags shipped home today so we basically had to pack everything yesterday. Safe to say I sat on my case to shut it and my mum is going to have quite a surprise when she opens it. It also means that I had to be up at 9am this morning as the man could come at any time to pick it up…

After this we headed down to the sunken gardens for Riley’s birthday picnic which was really fun (after we escaped the two creepy weirdo’s trying to talk to us) and we began with the goodbyes which is tragic. We had to say bye to the wonderful Sam Quinn and actually this ended up being when we said bye to Sally too (shoulda come to Shirley)…BUT WE SHALL MEET AGAIN IN LONDON! We also had the lovely surprise of Brooks telling us we were having a surprise gathering at Shirley that evening – which nearly made us cry, was very sweet. So off we went to get ready for that.

Shirley was so much fun and our fave boiz Ivan and Brooks were there along with our fave ladiezzzz Hanna and Cari. As per usual, whenever Ivan is involved, there was lots of food and I am not even going to acknowledge how much I ate. We did check out the new burger place Mooyah though -SO GOOD. Did a bit of colouring and then went back to Ivan’s where I, after 3 drinks, fell asleep. It’s been a long week.


So this brings us to today. Today is an awkward day really because I am waiting around for this bag to be collected so cannot leave the house. It is a day of errands – have to finish packing, pay my bill, give my keys back, go to the bookstore one last time, and Bella and I still need a hotel in Savannah! We are now staying in someones apartment who goes to U.T in Austin called Cindy which should be cool and we are now stalking their theta house

oh and my bag just got picked up.

Let the last day in the ‘burg commence.

S x

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