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the end.

So here we have it…the end of The Virginia Monologues.

Believe us this was a difficult decision to make. We LOVE writing this – honestly, every disaster we have encountered (and there have been many) has been met with the phrase, “at least this’ll make a good blog post!” and I have been known to blog in my mind during classes to alleviate boredom. And yet, to save everyone’s sanity, we have decided to quit while we are ahead and not bore you with our uneventful, decidedly un-American summers, and so have decided to finish the blog. Let’s call it a hiatus more than an official end: we may return one day. Thanks everyone for your dedication to “the blog” – if you had stopped reading we would have stopped writing so it’s all your fault we kept annoying you on a regular basis. I don’t think either of us ever thought we’d get as many people reading this as we did (although admittedly most of our views came from our self-indulgent Sorority Girls recaps and that one riot in the library).

We’ve come a long way since Sophie was posting in between selling Volvos and drowing in a sea of medical records, and I was listing the many things I had completely failed to do – although in many ways we have also come full circle as Sophie has gone right back to work and I have still lost all my possessions and am still bored and hopelessly unemployed. But we’ve also developed a new appreciation for fried chicken, for exercise and for Natty Light and of course we have grown spiritually as people and, somewhere between JFK on August 16th and Miami on June 11th, Found Ourselves. Sort of.

Thank you everyone for the most amazing year, I can’t believe it is already over. Be assured we are already making plans to return to the ‘Burg in due course…so watch out.

But at least for now, goodbye! It’s been real guys.

Sophie & Bella

a.k.a. Team England.



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let the adventures begin….

so here we are. two semesters, one sorority and a million nattys later. This is the morning we leave the ‘Burg. After a week of frantic planning that has ended with us staying in rental apartments, we are ready to board that 9.38 out of here. AND I AM SO EXCITED.

This is not excitement to leave Williamsburg, not at all. BUT, I am very excited to explore America, and have an amazing month. Wish us luck and keep reading.

I just feel I should mention last night which was as perfect as any last night could be. John the birthday boy had a wonderful party at our fave destination 333 where we got to (emotionally) say goodbye to all our favourite boys, acquire a t-shirt or two and take many a picture. What was so nice is that so many Theta’s were there too and it was so nice just to have everyone together, drinking natty and burnettes and being sloppy together. We also got inducted into “The Team” which we are assured is a very sacred honor by it’s three members. Things truly have come full circle and it was only apt that our final party was with Sig Pi. WE LOVE YOU ALL. (but actually) 

We also popped by afterwards to see our other fave Kappa Sig boys. It was pretty standard Kappa Sig and was topped off nicely with a heart felt rendition of the one and only wagon wheel (obviously we were on a table at this point). BROOKS, IVAN, SHANE, DREW, SCHOFIELD and DUNKYYYY (obvs) etc. etc. Thanks for putting up with us dancing on your tables, eating your food and stealing your shit. You da bessssst. 

Naturally the night ended in the only way that would be suitable to end our amazing second semester in the ‘burg – with Ivan, cheesy bread, a pizza and about 40 pieces of chicken. What has our life become?? All I know is that I am going to miss it. Alot.

Ok so there we have it, a little mini goodbye to Williamsburg. I just said goodbye to my amazing roommates, and am sitting on the couches for the final time. All a bit too real for my liking. 

To everyone – we love you all. Thanks for an amazing year!


S xxx


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