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So today is:

– the 20th day of black history month day

– mono-day

– nearly but not quite snow-day

– Presidents Day


wooooooooo, and boy has it been an interesting one!

I woke up today, at 3am, with a very very swollen throat. As birthday surprises go, this wasn’t the big present I was counting on. I am not going into details with all my glandular issues (I feel that Bella has heard enough about my glands over the past four months) but basically I had a rather eventful morning.

By 8am I decided I should probably go to the health center because I couldn’t speak, so took the trip, through the snow across our gorgeously wintery campus down to see the doc. I went through the same process I have gone through now…5 times I think of the doctor exclaiming my glands are rather large, having a chat about England naturally, and then testing me for mono (as well as tonsillitis and strep throat). This time the doctor promised me a birthday diagnosis!

You know that you have been to the blood lady too many times when she recognises you, feels very bad and makes you “her special hot chocolate, which is for all the staff, with marshmallows” because she felt bad for me. TRAGIC. Anyway, as I plodded off back to the waiting room with my hot chocolate I was expecting them to just be like “nahhhhhh…there isn’t really anything wrong with you…..just a virus or something” …

Then they called me in.

Doc: SO…we have great news!

Me: yes….

Doc: YOU HAVE MONO!   (this is glandular fever for us brits)

Me: ooooooh noooo!

So yeah, four mono blood tests later I have finally been told what I always had suspected. This biggest tragedy of this affair is that I have to be sober Sophie at Campus Golf  and semi-formal! One of the nurses hugged me in despair and the doctor gave me a superman stress ball as a “birthday present to make me feel better!” as well as a wad full of information, a warning not to do any strenuous exercise (like “jumping out of windows”) and a pack of steroids.

So that was that – my tragic birthday morning!

The rest of the day I spent eating soft foods, going to one class, eating more soft food with Bella (fanx 4 da berrybody), eating more soft food with my theta fam and emily and josie, dressing like a princess. And what am I doing tonight you wonder?  more soft food (red velvet ben and jerrys – fanx grace!) and Gossip Girl… so all in all a wild 20th birthday for me!!

I blame this weekend for my current state! Never. Drinking. Again (for 8 days…)

S xx


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