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country roads

Yep, those country roads have taken me home and I’m now back ensconced in the English countryside. I can’t say I’m particularly happy about this development, especially as I have absolutely nothing to do with my summer and I’m already bored out of my mind. I haven’t had a day to do nothing since God knows when, so I have spent the last two days pacing around my house looking for company (there is none) and sticking all my Theta/travel souvenirs up on my wall (naturally, I’ve lost most of them):

theta nation

I have also been ‘unpacking’ today, which is a million times harder than it sounds.

this is after a day’s work

As Sophie texted me earlier, it’s so weird because I remember packing everything so clearly and it only seems like about two months ago. I actually posted a picture last August of my packing process just before we left that probably looks almost identical to this one. Anyway, it turns out I have more suitcase space than I have wardrobe/drawer space which has posed quite the problem. I might literally have to pack for Exeter now and just store all my autumn clothes in a suitcase, which would be fine except for the fact that I forgot that English summer weather is QUITE so gross and I’m probably gonna have to wear it all between now and late August when I can move down there (not that I’m counting down the days?)

In the mean time, if anyone knows anyone that wants to employ me…send them my way!

Also there will be a reflective final post coming, we promise…I’m just not ready to leave the Virginia Monologues alone just yet!!!



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So this is it. I am home and it is beyond weird. Don’t get me wrong, it is nice to be home in a house but it is bizarre not to have constant company (especially after our crazy week in Florida) and to suddenly just be in England again. I guess the most notable thing that I need to share with y’all is that we made it home and that we made it home 100% disaster free!!! For a moment we did think that Bella’s bag had gone missing but it just came round late. There were no delays. We had lots of leg room. I honestly am astonished that we are here in one piece.  But enough about that, let’s talk about Miami.

Miami was awesome, and despite being there for less that 24 hours I think we both have agreed that we have to go back when we are 21. We got up early and decided to go and explore, heading straight for the beach which was gorgeous and the weather was so nice and it was just a perfect way to end our travels. I literally never wanted to move from that beach. But we did, and in search of food (obviously). We found a little cafe called The Big Pink and settled down to our final American meal which was a breakfast of waffles and banana (me) and a lovely looking fruit parfait (Bella) and reminisced a bit about how much fun everything is. We then ventured to the shops but as we both have NO money at all this was more of a window shopping excursion. We came across one of those awful beachside souvenir shops and decided it was only apt to purchase a disgustingly tacky item in our last destination. We both, after a lot of deliberation, chose very tasteful shorts with Miami Beach written across the bum. Bet you can’t wait to see those?

Anyway, time was running out and we had our final bus to catch so we just strolled along Ocean Drive in the sun and envied all the glamorous Miami inhabitants who begin drinking cocktails bigger than my head at around 12pm, and vowed to come back. After a final little stop on the beach and some moans about not wanting to go home, we headed to the bus and made it to the airport. This really isn’t very interesting because it was just so easy. We were really early, dropped our bags off and got through security within about 15 minutes and then just sat and waited for the plane. I did at one point drop my boarding pass, but luckily a nice old man picked it up for me. Luck worked in our favour yesterday. I feel like the only exciting part of the flight, which actually was very momentous, was the fact that we realised that we could drink on the plane! You can tell America has changed us – we worried that we might not be served, hunted down our IDs and asked very nicely. Typically, the air steward man was obliging and mis-heard us talking about how it was our first legal drink in six months. He thought we were giving up drinking for six months and was utterly disgusted at the prospect. However, when we put him straight and told him all our alcoholic trials and tribulations of the American drinking age he insisted that if we felt like we needed more wine that we should just let him know. How nice!

The rest was pretty standard. We landed, went through security, got our bags and met Bella’s dad and that was it. The year done.  AND IT FEELS SO WEIRD. After leaving Bella and her dad to get my little bus home I just found myself getting very confused. It literally felt like we were in Heathrow at Christmas about a month ago – I can remember it all so clearly and there I was back in the bus station in the same exact spot that I was texting Bella about a one legged pigeon at Christmas. It’s really odd because everything seems so familiar and yet so alien at the same time. I began making some very acute anthropological observations in this alone time. Here are just some of them:

  • English accents now sound really weird
  • English people are very pale and ill looking
  • Our roads are really narrow
  • Left over bunting from the Jubilee looks really sad in the rain
  • But I like all this Olympic stuff everywhere – it’s exciting!
  • Why are people wearing scarfs in June?
  • Why can I see my breath when I breathe?

Ok, maybe they aren’t anthropological but you get the idea. And another thing – I felt a bit lonely. I realised for the first time in about 6 months I was completely riding solo. No Bella to be my little travelling buddy. No girls in the house. No roommates. Just me. SOOOO…to rectify this I called my mum (who I had just woken up after two hours sleep) which she didn’t enjoy. Ooops! I think I am gonna miss this constant company. (Friends at home take note please and entertain me!) It is probably a good job I am starting work tomorrow because otherwise I would definitely be bored out of my brain. My amazing week with the J-Team has definitely not prepared me for only-childom again that is for sure!! Hmmm, I feel like now is the time to be reflective but I think I am too tired and jet lagged to do it. I will instead reflect on my time at Tesco – it got very excited over all the British food and even made my mum by crumpets, rice pudding and Marmite. I also got two of my disposable cameras developed and was happy to find I do have pictures of Austin and San Antonio so I can prove I have been to these places despite my lost camera!

SO, I guess that is it. I am home. It feels very weird, like America was some sort of weird dream. Maybe I am actually just asleep? That would explain a lot. I will reflect properly tomorrow. But for now – GOODNIGHT!

S xx

OHHHH and I would also like to announce we have completed 40/53 on our bucket list which I think is pretty good!!

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in luuuurve with the ‘burg

Today I have fallen back in love with Williamsburg. After what we can admit was a slightly apathetic (or at least a less excited) start to the semester I feel we are now settled in and ready to embrace our last 16 weeks in this strange little place. There are a few things that I think have invigorated my luuuurve for the ‘burg.

1. (this speaks for itself)











2. I actually really like my classes this semester (and seem to have less work)

3. I have a new-found love of the gym which fills time and doesn’t make me feel like the whale I become at the end of last semester and Nike running shorts have entered my wardrobe (I am officially both sporty and american)

4. I am really happy living in the house. Not only is it nice to live with people who speak to you, where you don’t have to walk a sizeable distance in your towel to get to the shower and where you don’t get robbed – it’s just so much nicer than Bryan in every way.

5. We have abandoned Bryan Basement – the land  where all hope is lost. I feel that space alone constituted to 90% of our miserable moods last semester.

6. We have also abandoned Sadler – by reducing our meal plans and having one not 3 meals a day has made me so much happier. It is nice to remember America does actually have real food too and my insides are definitely not hating me as much this semester.

7. We have so much fun stuff planned / left to do that each weekend pretty much is gonna be full. We are going SKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING on Saturday which could be interesting (particularly as Bella has never skied) but no doubt it will be hilarious (as long as there is not a repeat of the ice skating incident)and the Superbowl on Sunday too!

8. This campus, especially in the sunshine, is actually really, really beautiful (it even puts “the view” in Exeter to shame)

9. This is our last time to fully appreciate frat parties and red solo cups (possibly the biggest tragedy?)

I guess that will do for now – I think all this sentimental reflection rubbish has come from the fact that Bella and I are about to book our flight home to England (12th of June – be there!) and this kind of means we don’t have that long left! Sooo, I just wanted to make sure you realised that we aren’t really miserable bitches and that Thrilliamsburg is actually pretty OK!!

S xx

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I realise we have been somewhat lacking in content the last few days – sorry guys! Here is a random list of things that have happened to me since I have been home:

– After a BRILLIANT New Year’s with Emily, my travel joys continued when I arrived at Manchester Piccadilly to find that there was a body on the line at Alderley Edge and so no trains were going anywhere. Excellent. An hour later, luckily the first train to leave was one that was going to Birmingham (incidentally it was the same line I always use to get to Exeter – I was tempted to stay on) which I can change at, so after another 45 minute wait at New Street due to awkward connection times, I FINALLY got home and was actually allowed to stay there for more than twelve hours.

– Speaking of New Year’s, we celebrated in style. I’ve been in the US pretty much every NYE since I was about 15 so I’ve never really done it properly but well and truly made up for it this year with a proper house party that was, really, a bit like Skins. Kind of. There was even a really inexplicably muddy basement, in which we welcomed the beginning of 2012.

– My first solo trip out in British public left me standing in Cult, bewildered and overwhelmed, looking at all these pretty British clothes and wondering what language all these strange northern Hull natives were speaking. I got over it enough to go on a bit of an impromptu shopping spree, though, so don’t worry. I also made the mistake of greeting a stony-faced and entirely unresponsive cashier with an enthusiastic “Hi! How are you?” – if nothing else reminded me where I was, that did.

– I also purchased alcohol legally for the first time since August. I was fairly jumpy standing in the spirit aisle of Tesco, convinced the police were going to come and whisk me away any moment, and also had more or less completely forgotten what I actually LIKE to drink (months of Burnett’s and Natty have distorted my brain) and Emily and I ended up coming away with what looked like an alcoholic’s feast of champagne (a bottle of which we consumed in the car to Liverpool oops) and Vodka. I’ve just remembered that it was Imperial, although not from the Co-op, which possibly explains away certain effects…

– Only marginally less excitingly, I also made a highly-anticipated trip to Waitrose which didn’t disappoint. And, finally, had a real life meal cooked with actual food in my actual kitchen at home (granted not by me). I also found myself wistfully staring at cookbooks. Honestly, last year brought out such a chef in me.

– For some reason it is taking me FOREVER to get over the jetlag, possibly because what with all my travel woes and New Year’s hedonism I have yet to even try and enforce a sleeping pattern based around GMT. Not that it really matters, because my schedule for the next few days largely involves a whole lot of nothing, and I’m loving it.

– Another thing I’ve been waiting months and months to do: send out a message to my Exeter friends announcing my triumphant return and, basically, demanding their attention. They have obligingly arranged a fam dinner and a Timepiece Wednesday – could I ask for anything more?! (Except plans for the other days I am there, obviously. And a trip to the beach.)

– Tonight I get to see my home friends AND WE ARE GOING TO NANDO’S – America is seriously lacking in Nando’s and I can’t understand it. It was a major food group of mine through 6th form.

– Finally, I had a dream last night that we got to Heathrow only to find that a massive flood meant that we couldn’t fly (the way my luck has been going of late, I would not be surprised) and so we just had to be evacuated to the Grosvenor Hotel, where we saw Victoria & David Beckham. Here’s hoping.


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