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nashville, home of weirdos

Good evening fellow travellers.

Picture the scene: a tiny little table with a stone turtle on it, millions of fire flies which Sophie keeps pointing out, amazed, as if it’s the same one travelling really fast, some people around a corner jamming, one of them possibly with a violin. This is our life right now.

But first, let us rewind back to this morning. Our new French roommates left quite early so we got up quite early too and went for breakfast. This morning we even had real bread rather than rolls but it was very crumbly which was weird but with peanut butter it actually tasted pretty good you will be pleased to know. We then embarked on our two mile hike back down the highway and into downtown (the area where all the bars and tacky shops are). The gift shops were very entertaining and had more Southern crap than you can ever imagine. There was a confederate flag bikini that we both really wanted, but unfortunately it was $36.99 and even if we had shared it, it would have taken a whole day out of the budget. A whole day’s budget that we instead spent on ice cream.

Our spirits were raised though when we came across a whole rack of photos dedicated to Southern recipes, but these were not any Southern recipes – these were Elvis’ personal Southern recipes (or at least they had pictures of his face/of him tucking into delicious biscuits on them). We invested in an Elvis’ biscuits postcard and an Elvis’ banana pudding postcard to go with the fried chicken one we already bought in Savannah (sadly this one doesn’t have Elvis’ face on it), so be prepared for a genuine Southern feast when we return to the homeland! We also found a store that we really really liked that was full of sparkly things and friendship bracelets, and so we bought some bracelets and bonded with the guy at the cash register who had the quietest voice in the world/mumbled a lot but was very nice. My bracelet says ‘cancer’ which was fair enough when it was with all the other star sign bracelets but I have since realised I am wandering about with the word ‘cancer’ attached to my wrist so that’s cool.

After the many many gift stores we decided it was high time we went for an ice cream for lunch, so we went to Mike’s Ice Cream. I had a root beer float since we are in Amurca and I actually love root beer, and Sophie had a butterscotch milkshake. We ended up sitting there for ages because a) there was A/C, b) there was wi-fi, and c) we were hemmed in by a crazy man in a mobility scooter. Eventually though, we escaped, and the crazy man thanked us for letting him sit near us. We told him he should consider it an honour and a privilege. Jokes, of course we didn’t. We simply fled. And we fled to the country music hall of fame ( gift shop ) – we weren’t trying to pay to get in now were we?

Next up was a bit more wandering, and then we decided to go sit on some grass by the river. It was here that we had today’s two disasters. One, we sat down and Sophie noticed that her shoe was broken. Then she picked up her bag and noticed that all her water had spilt everywhere. We thought this was fine until we realised that her ipod, which has survived so long and through so much, was looking more than a little dead. It was too hot to move/do anything about it though, so we sat there until another crazy man arrived, and then moved a couple hundred feet to the right. We hadn’t been sitting there very long when a man came along, blessed us with a stick, and told us that “Jesus loves y’all.” So that was nice.

At around 5 we decided to go for more food. Should we just rename this blog “British Girls Eat Their Way Through the South”? Maybe. Maybe something catchier is in order. Anyway, we went to Dick’s Last Resort, which I have been going on about going to basically all year, and it was here that we met today’s friend, Jordan, who was our waiter. He made fun of us and called us cheap for ordering water but was overall very nice, very chatty and very keen to tell us his entire life story. He was born in Anglesey and demanded to know all the things we hate about America. We ate BBQ ribs and chicken, naturally, and since we were sharing and they ‘don’t do plates,’ we had to eat it off a bit of paper in the middle of the table. Wonderful. At the end of the meal we discovered that Jordan is an ex frat boy, has the same keyring as me, used to date a Theta and has the same bank card so after that we were pretty much BFFs.

It was only about 6 at this point and we really wanted to hear some live music but we are irritatingly under age. As we wandered around downtown, we came across yet more weirdos: a man who held up a sign asking us to sit on his face, another man who was offering kisses for $1 (we declined) and a crazy woman who was making fun of foreigners and then asked us if we spoke English. Eventually we decided there was literally nothing to do but eat more food and so we found ourselves in Margaritaville, where there was at least a live man doing some singing, ordering dessert. I honestly don’t know how these things happen. Anyway we had another nice waiter who told us he was new and so to bear with him if we had any questions.

Afterwards we did a bit more wandering. The guys outside the various bars and stuff were all taunting us because we look old enough that they try and entice us in but we can’t actually go in past 6 or 7 PM. We decided to cut our losses and return to the hostel, where we are now. We both really really like Nashville but it is SO ANNOYING being so underage!


Total Disaster Count: 11


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do you think they think we’re idiots

Okay, so we were slightly worried that the hostel in Nashville might be a bit sketchy. Everyone will be glad to know that it is fine. It is a bit like a sort of hippy commune thing and the owners all look like characters out of a Tim Burton movie but overall, it’s fine. We arrived, were shown around and then shown to our room, where we met our roommates, two girls also from the UK.

Delightfully, they were leaving at 6AM this morning so that was a lovely wakeup for us both but it was nice to have the room to ourselves when we actually got up. We went and ate our free breakfast of peanut butter & nutella in rolls (very continental) and then we decided to head downtown-ish to the farmer’s market, which was really nice. Just outside was a lady singing country music in an ampitheater which we particularly enjoyed. In the farmer’s market, we made friends with a number of people, including a man who gave us samples of cookies, a man who tried to force us to sample mac and cheese and called me a terrible friend for not liking cheese, and a man who very nearly forced entire cheesecakes upon us and eventually insisted that we take his flier with their number on it so that if we get a cheesecake urge at any hour he can come by and hand-deliver us one. We have concluded that Tennessee people are very very polite and friendly and we like them a lot.

Anyway, instead of entire, 3.5 pound cheesecakes we decided to buy a lovely punnet of strawberries and took them outside to eat. By the way just as a warning this day basically revolves entirely around food so prepare yourselves now. Afterwards, we decided to walk all the way back towards the hostel and past it to Vanderbilt, where there was a baseball game. It was midday, it was HOT and the journey involved basically walking down a highway – wise as ever. Don’t worry though, we stopped at a gas station to hydrate ourselves. Sophie bought an orange push pop thing which proceeded to melt all over her and her white top – needless to say we were attracting some v strange looks as we wandered down the highway.

Eventually we made it to Vanderbilt – it wasn’t actually that far so don’t worry, parents. The iphone led us possibly the strangest way possible across campus towards the baseball field, but we did make a pitstop in the library to use their bathroom. Their library was very unSwem-like, it was a bit like Cambridge, all grand and everything. When we eventually got to the baseball field/pitch/whatever, we bought our tickets, tried to go in the wrong entrance, found the right entrance, and then it started pouring down with massive thunder and lightning. We sought shelter under a nearby tent offering free koozies amongst other things, which we stocked up on. One of the guys in charge fully encouraged this. He started asking us about where we were from, what we were doing etc and was clearly very bemused by what the hell we were doing at a Vanderbilt baseball game. To be honest, by this point, so were we.

It carried on raining and didn’t really look like it was going to let up so they sent us all inside into the gym/arena whatever, where we bought hot dogs like true Amurcans until it finally stopped enough to go back outside. There was this group of boys around like 14 or so with VERY southern accents so we sat like a couple of rows behind them to listen to them. However this then backfired on us as their group multiplied and multiplied until we were sitting so awkwardly close that we definitely looked like we were trying to creep on them, so we subtly moved back a row.

our new best friends

Neither of us have any idea about the rules of baseball, even with our extensive knowledge of rounders, but the sun came out again and so we sat there for a while until we got hungry and decided to head for dinner. I am glad we went even though we didn’t understand one thing that happened cause it was on the bucket list and everyone’s accents were sooooo southern and there were so many funny people around. Also, on the way towards food we found another theta house!! We once again creepily took pictures – all theta houses are obviously the best on campus…

Next up was, you guessed it, dinner. We went to a restaurant called South Street because we both really wanted chicken & meat and stuff and ordered some sort of barbeque combo platter thing which was realllyyyy good, and spent most of the meal lamenting all the food we are gonna miss next year.

We were planning on going downtown this evening to take in the scenes etc butttt we got back to the room and literally could not face moving/walking all that way so who knows what lies in store this evening…I suspect not very much


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this is definitely not a nashville party…

Today we have been on the road yet again. I believe we have travelled over 500 miles and as of now we have spent about 9 hours on buses today with one more to go. It’s been a long day but was broken up with a little adventure in Atlanta which was very exciting. But first, we shall finish rounding off our time in Savannah.

After the thunderstorms passed and the toilet was fixed we decided to take one final walk around Savannah. It was very pretty and we took lots of pictures of ourselves so that our photo albums aren’t as boring if they have people in them.

see? thrilling

We ventured into downtown because the gunman had been arrested and as we were walking along minding our own business we were stopped by a little old man who wanted to tell us all about the goings on of that morning (we were a block away from where the gunman was held up). He was VERY animated and told us how he saw the gunman run into a car, then crash into a tree and then run into the restaurant. However, his favourite part of the story seemed to consist of the police dog who he seemed to have taken rather a liking too and knew everything about it. Apparently the dog that apprehended the man was from the same county he was, was a very small mixed breed but very fast, had teeth “this big” with very dramatic motioning and bit the robber. He was upset they Savannah had not used their own dogs because the nasty man had kicked the dog and at one point he thought he had shot the dog which would have been awful. He then declared that “they should have shot the motherf**er” (keeping it clean for the kids people) so maybe he wasn’t quite as nice as we had thought! Then he apologised for holding up our evening and continued on his way.

We seem to have had a lot of encounters like this in Savannah– I think people are just very friendly. One man selling reed things on the side of the road began shouting at us, but really he was just warning me my skirt had ridden up. Lots of people have bid us good evening and we bonded with another street selling man because there was a crazy woman talking to herself. People are actually just very polite. We also befriended a taxi driver who used to live in England and who drove us to the Greyhound this morning, was very concerned for our welfare (surprise there?) and gave us a discount on our fare so that was nice of him too.

So this brings us to the Greyhound again. It has all been pretty stress free. We have wi-fi and leather seats so time passes fairly quickly and no one too sketchy on here. Greyhound one was from Savannah to Atlanta (with a stop in Macon) where we had planned to meet the lovely Rory because we had a three hour lay over. Many people had warned us out of all our stops thatAtlantawas one to be careful at and Rory obviously felt likewise and came to pick us up to and take us for lunch. It was probably a good job he did – it is right next to the Atlanta Pre-Trial detention centre…

We went to “the worlds largest drive-in” The Varsity, which has been on the Food Network (and you know we follow these shows around the country) which was really fun. We all donned hats and sat and munched on our burgers and hotdogs. We only had one and a quarter hours so it wasn’t really enough time to do much else and we needed to have time to drive back because Rory unsurprisingly was not familiar with navigating the area that the Greyhound station is found. Afterwards we had a little drive round downtown Atlanta which actually seems really cool – I wish we could have stayed a bit longer. We saw the world of Coke and drove past the Aquarium with a soundtrack of very British music including the Channel 4 instrumental music (who are you Rory?!). We also witnessed a street attack on a policeman on the way back to the Greyhound – it was probably a good idea that we were rescued. We eventually said goodbye and thanked Rory for being our knight in his shining BMW and then we prepared to board our next bus (escorted by a nice policeman who approached us – we really must look like easy targets!) The bus driver warned us that if we said the F-Word on the bus we would be removed because he doesn’t want to hear that horrible language so we are being very well behaved – no cussing for us.

So that brings us to now – about an hour fromNashville in the dark on the bus. We stopped in Chattanooga briefly the home of our favourite Teen Mom Maci and then we were back on the road. Tennessee is in a different time-zone, or at least Nashville is, so we are now 6 hours behind the UK. It is also very pretty and mountainous – no wonder Dolly likes it so much!

S xx

Miles Travelled Today: 552 or something

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country strong

Hello friends,

I am back in the world. After my computer being dead for a million years and and two finals (finished now woo) I am about ready to celebrate. And obviously we are celebrating in our favourite way – sitting on the red couches.

BUT, we do have exciting news. Apart from being done with finals, we have also booked our travels. As in properly booked them – the Greyhound awaits! Eight Greyhound rides, two Amtrak trips and two plane journeys and then we will be home…how terrifying is that? And a week today we will be in Charleston…but we just don’t talk about it.

So…here is our schedule and if anyone is in any of these places at the same time let us know so we can play with you.

10th – 13th May  – Charleston

13th – 15th May – Myrtle Beach ( BEACH WEEK BITCHES)

15th – 18th May – Savannah

18th – 21st May – Nashville

21st  – 23rd May – Memphis

23rd – 25th May – Dallas

25th – 28th May – Austin

28th – 1st May – San Antonio

1st – 9th June – Orlando

9th – 11th June – Miami

11th June – FLY HOME

And that is the adventure. Hit us up if you are in any of these place (or if you know anywhere good and cheap to stay in Austin / Savannah)

In other news, we are off to Sig Chi formal tomorrow. This time we have actually have been asked by real dates so this is a big step for us. Once again we are heading to Virginia Beach and will no doubt have some tales of belligerence to share with you afterwards…hopefully it won’t involve twenty pieces of chicken.

Wish us luck

S xx

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