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the end.

So here we have it…the end of The Virginia Monologues.

Believe us this was a difficult decision to make. We LOVE writing this – honestly, every disaster we have encountered (and there have been many) has been met with the phrase, “at least this’ll make a good blog post!” and I have been known to blog in my mind during classes to alleviate boredom. And yet, to save everyone’s sanity, we have decided to quit while we are ahead and not bore you with our uneventful, decidedly un-American summers, and so have decided to finish the blog. Let’s call it a hiatus more than an official end: we may return one day. Thanks everyone for your dedication to “the blog” – if you had stopped reading we would have stopped writing so it’s all your fault we kept annoying you on a regular basis. I don’t think either of us ever thought we’d get as many people reading this as we did (although admittedly most of our views came from our self-indulgent Sorority Girls recaps and that one riot in the library).

We’ve come a long way since Sophie was posting in between selling Volvos and drowing in a sea of medical records, and I was listing the many things I had completely failed to do – although in many ways we have also come full circle as Sophie has gone right back to work and I have still lost all my possessions and am still bored and hopelessly unemployed. But we’ve also developed a new appreciation for fried chicken, for exercise and for Natty Light and of course we have grown spiritually as people and, somewhere between JFK on August 16th and Miami on June 11th, Found Ourselves. Sort of.

Thank you everyone for the most amazing year, I can’t believe it is already over. Be assured we are already¬†making plans to return to the ‘Burg in due course…so watch out.

But at least for now, goodbye! It’s been real guys.

Sophie & Bella

a.k.a. Team England.



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all hail the red couches

Yesterday was another day productively spent: I think I literally sat on the red couches for about 8 hours. Although actually, I did somehow manage to read two entire books (admittedly one of them is for 11 year olds) and write a response paper.

Yesterday also began, as far as I’m concerned, the beginning of the end, because we had to go to the house for our ‘Senior Lunch.’ There was SO MUCH good food and lots of alumni Thetas to talk to. We were in the middle of our emotional ceremony to celebrate us moving on in our lives etc when suddenly Alice appeared, looking terrified, and announced that there was a fire in the kitchen. Can you say total Theta move?

Anyway so Carolyn, as ex-president took charge while Sophie and I, along with most of the alumni, grabbed all manner of umbrellas and sought shelter a safe three feet outside of the door, preparing ourselves to watch the house burn down. Not five seconds later we were summoned back in and the ceremony continued.

After that, and after having eaten way too much crap for my own good (a theme of this weekend), I concluded that it was way too wet and disgusting outside to even contemplate going home and so spent the entirety of the rest of the day on the couches (which, we learned, have been there in some form or another since 1997. Long live the red couches etc). This was well rewarded when it got to 10pm and ‘William and Kate: One Year On’ began on TLC. This was truly a gem of a program, firstly because I am quite possibly hopelessly in love with Kate Middleton and also because of the hilarity of the commentator, who seemed to be determined to make Wills & Kate’s relationship and royal duties as dramatic as physically possible and turned every possible situation into a dramatic rhetorical question. Sophie and I also went back in time for a little bit and read some of our blogs from when we first arrived/rushed/joined Theta which was hysterical and not at all a waste of time.



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senior spring

As Amy recently pointed out in her blog, all those firsts we kept celebrating when we got here have quite suddenly become lasts and I don’t think I like it.¬†I’m not entirely sure how this has happened, but somehow yesterday was our last ever (regular) Theta meeting. Like actually. The last time we’ll ever sit on the chapter room floor till our legs fall asleep and our last ever chance to win the A Box (unsurprisingly I didn’t although my name was in there). Next week we have a whole host of senior-themed events which is sure to reduce everybody to hideous messes – I’m having horrible flashbacks to when I to take all my photos down off my wardrobe in Rowancroft.

Speaking of photos, over the last few weeks I have uncharacteristically managed to break my camera, lose its charger and lose a charm off my Tiffany bracelet – karma for something I’m sure. However, as I just took a poetry exam I decided to reward myself by ordering a new camera. Oooooops. I can’t go through our last weeks here with no camera! Who would document blowout in increasingly blurry pictures?! So there is a new camera hopefully on its way to me soon. I even forewent free shipping and paid a whole $4 to have it here in 3 – 5 business days so that’s how serious I am about this thing. Also, last night Sophie and I amused ourselves by going through everybody’s formal pictures spying ourselves in the background. It is a sight to behold – although weirdly Sophie is in millions and I am in hardly any which leads us to believe we may actually have been separated for quite some time? What is this?! Then, entirely by accident, both of us posted near-identical statuses about the whole thing. It was embarrassing all round and should never happen again.

Anyway I’ve come totally off track. Basically my point is I DON’T WANNA LEAVEEEEEE!

Also, have we mentioned Hanna Rocks’ AMAZING party favors we all got at formal? We all got a Theta coozie (YESSSSSS!!!) and amazing sunglasses just like the ones I tried to steal from an unsuspecting Drew once upon a time but most importantly, all the seniors got one of these:

yep, everyone got a picture of me

ISN’T IT ADORABLE? Definitely an inspired idea on Hanna’s part and seriously I’m in love. Now all we have to do is figure out how to get it home without dramatically breaking it…


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