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country roads

Yep, those country roads have taken me home and I’m now back ensconced in the English countryside. I can’t say I’m particularly happy about this development, especially as I have absolutely nothing to do with my summer and I’m already bored out of my mind. I haven’t had a day to do nothing since God knows when, so I have spent the last two days pacing around my house looking for company (there is none) and sticking all my Theta/travel souvenirs up on my wall (naturally, I’ve lost most of them):

theta nation

I have also been ‘unpacking’ today, which is a million times harder than it sounds.

this is after a day’s work

As Sophie texted me earlier, it’s so weird because I remember packing everything so clearly and it only seems like about two months ago. I actually posted a picture last August of my packing process just before we left that probably looks almost identical to this one. Anyway, it turns out I have more suitcase space than I have wardrobe/drawer space which has posed quite the problem. I might literally have to pack for Exeter now and just store all my autumn clothes in a suitcase, which would be fine except for the fact that I forgot that English summer weather is QUITE so gross and I’m probably gonna have to wear it all between now and late August when I can move down there (not that I’m counting down the days?)

In the mean time, if anyone knows anyone that wants to employ me…send them my way!

Also there will be a reflective final post coming, we promise…I’m just not ready to leave the Virginia Monologues alone just yet!!!



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IT’S ME! Yes, I can secretly use Bella’s laptop when she is in the shower to hijack this thing. (she said I could)

Anyway, we are in Austin and it’s SO coool. It’s very cool and very hipstery and has loads of cool shops and bars (once again another place we where we are willing ourselves to be 21!) and we like it a lot. Yesterday, we decided possibly slightly stupidly to walk the two and a half miles to 6th Street which is one of the “famous” Austin streets in temperatures of around 94 degrees fahrenheit. It was actually not too bad and we have become much more tanned because of it. But this is besides the point. We began our little adventure by heading down to the UT (University of Texas) Campus which is HUGE. They have over 38,000 undergrads so I guess this is why, but at the moment the campus is just full of high schoolers on summer programs. We obviously then headed to the Theta house which was the biggest we have seen yet. It was pink and gated and literally had about 30 parking spots.


Okay Sophie started this this morning and then we had to leave so Ima take over.

First off, it’s official: WE LOVE AUSTIN. Seriously, I am in love and am already planning ways to return the instant I turn 21.

Anyway, to briefly cover yesterday. After the Theta house, which we couldn’t get too close to due to the enormous wrought-iron gates, we carried on our way down Guadalupe St, where we came across some stalls selling various handmade things and one in particular selling millions of friendship bracelets. These are basically both of our weakness in life and the guy making them was this old ex/possibly current stoner man who was like making them there and then and stuff so we each bought 2 cause we are all hipster now and even promised to return. We had just left the bracelet man and were carrying on our way when we got stopped by two people holding a camera. They told us they were from PBS news and wanted to interview us about the election. We told them we were from England and not all that knowledgeable but we’d give it a try and they were quite excited about this as apparently they’d been told to look for variety. Anyway Sophie went first but literally, as soon as they asked her the question “what is the most important issue today” or whatever, I have never seen anyone look more terrified in her life and eventually she gave up entirely, declaring that she is not qualified to answer such questions. I then took my turn and just made a lot of stuff up about how we all must be hopeful about the future and improve education and so on and so on…I have no idea why we attract these camera crews but you know, I assume it is a very local thing but look out for us on PBS any day now?

We then continued on our way, headed for 6th street. On our way down we were stopped by this Indian man who stopped us to ask us where he’d parked his car. I am not even kidding. We said three times that we’re not from here and had no idea where he might have parked his car but he kept insisting it was in a parking lot on this street and where was it? The weirdest part was he didn’t even seem particularly mental, he just seemed to really believe that we were likely to know where he’d parked his car. Luckily he finally got the message that we didn’t, and so we escaped to 6th street. We wandered all around looking at all the cool bars and stuff and going in and out of all the hilarious souvenir stores, i.e exactly the same thing we have done in every other destination. We also got italian ice with ice cream, which is basically our new obsession in life. Then we went to Anthropologie (again) and went to a HUGE bookstore. When we walked in we had to leave our bags at the front desk and then they informed us we looked like we’d been swimming which I thought was very rude till I remembered we were both wearing bikinis. We were in there for ages looking at travel books and imagining our future lives as famous travel writers (but actually) and then we had to leave ’cause we were meeting Katherine’s brother who lives near Austin and had v kindly offered to show us round for a bit! We went to this really nice mall a little out of town where I was finally able to buy some new bikini bottoms to replace all my mysteriously lost ones, and then returned downtown for dinner. We weren’t trying to get arrested or deported 2 weeks before we leave, and we were both knackered soooo we then returned to the apartment for another wild night trying to sort our lives out.

This morning we were up and out reasonably early and our first stop was the bracelet man again for Sophie to buy more bracelets. Then we carried on heading south, with a brief stop at Whole Foods to buy food for a picnic (and one of the Mexican mangos Carie was telling us about the other day!), which we ate in a park just across the river. It was very picturesque and there were millions of dogs around.

Our ultimate destination for the day was the Barton Springs pool. There were so many cool restaurants and stuff on the way there and the actual pool itself was AMAZING – it’s a bit of the lake that you can swim in. It was really really cold but as it was so hot outside it was perfect to cool down in and I even did some actual swimming at one point which was very impressive I felt. My favourite bit though was watching everyone on the diving board, which kept me entertained for hours and hours. It was so nice just to lie in the sun for a while and chill – we both felt very relaxed!


However eventually we became too hungry to lie there any more so we set off for South First Street, where we were aiming for a restaurant we had found in our extensive research last night (obviously this revolves around food). It was called Freddie’s Place and from the street it looked like just an empty car park but the actual restaurant was set really far back and most of it is outside amongst the trees and fairy lights. There was live music and all the waiters had funny t-shirts and ours was this cool hippie guy and the food was REALLY good. We were enjoying ourselves so much, and we’d eaten so healthily today, we decided to order dessert. They had this thing called Fried PBJ which we decided to be adventurous and try and it was seriously one of the weirdest things I have ever eaten; literally a deep fried sandwich so it looked a little bit like fried chicken. Personally I felt it needed more peanut butter and a little less jelly…somebody tell the chef!

a healthy dessert

Afterwards we walked down First which we really liked, it was like stepping back in time and was very cool, and then we headed over to South Congress which we have been waiting to do for months and months. It lived up to our expectations – it was AMAZING! I think it helped that since we’d eaten slightly later than usual, we were doing all this stuff at a more regular hour when it was dark and everyone was about and there was music at places and fairy lights and it was just sooooo cool! What we really liked was that unlike Nashville or wherever there were loads of kids around and a more chilled out atmosphere that didn’t make us so unbelievably depressed that we are not 21.

Eventually we had to leave but we have already resolved to go back tomorrow morning. I think Austin is the only place I feel like we really need more time – it’s not that we haven’t managed to see all/most of what we wanted to but just that we would both love to spend more time here! I for one could spend at least three more days just hanging out by the lake watching people throw themselves off the diving board…

Also it is INSANE that tomorrow we reach our last destination! What is our life?!


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corn cooking 101

This morning for the first time since we began our travels 2 weeks ago, we actually more or less succeeded in having a lie-in. We got up at like just past ten and then had a lovely leisurely breakfast cooked by our able chefs & hosts, Carie & her brother Charles: bacon, eggs, sausage, raspberries and English muffins to make us feel right at home.

Today was scheduled to be our ‘chill by the pool’ day but unfortunately the sun wasn’t really out so we decided to switch things up a bit and instead embarked on a driving tour of Dallas – but first we experienced the great luxury of doing laundry YAYYYY. Then we all jumped into Carie’s adorable white bug and set off – entirely in the wrong direction. It was okay though, we figured it out and soon we were cruising around the Arts District which is full of like art galleries, a symphony hall, various art schools and so on and looked very cool. Next up it was the first of many little shopping center places we visited today, where we got Starbucks and looked at all the adorable things we are all going to furnish our future houses with from Anthropologie.

After a brief trip to an adorable cookie store, we ventured to yet another college campus, SMU, and, yes, yet another Theta house. This one was possibly the grandest yet. We deliberated knocking on the door but instead decided just to peer in through the windows like true creepers, as well as taking the required Theta mouth pictures on the front steps. I can only hope that there were no rogue Thetas watching from the windows – we already attracted some attention from a bemused truck driver.

Following this, Carie took us to what was essentially sorority heaven: an entire store filled with pretty much any sorority themed item you can possibly imagine, plus a little bit of Lilly. After making several rounds of this store lusting after Theta themed athletic shorts, greek letter cookie cutters (they were out of Theta ones but seriously if they’d had them, we would have bought them) and many other useless items, we eventually both just bought stickers for our laptops.

I could seriously have stayed in there all day but we had other errands to run: namely, buying cupcakes. Carie took us to Sprinkles Cupcakes and I chose salted caramel, Sophie got carrot cake and Carie got red velvet. Solid choices all round. Then there was just one more errand to run, a quick trip to Walgreens, and then we returned to Carie’s gorgeous condo. The sun had come out so we went to the pool for a bit. It was already kind of late though so the shade kept chasing us but it was okay, it was still warm. It was also really windy which proved a bit of a problem when Carie’s dad came down to grill for dinner – there are grills and stuff by the pool SO NICE – but we bravely battled through. We were using Nero Wolfe’s corn grilling technique as he is apparently some kind of hero:


where basically you just stick corn on the grill and do NOTHING to it. We were a little sceptical but it worked very well and the corn was very nice, except for the small problem that Charles was experiencing where corn kept flying up his nose/into Sophie’s eyes. We also had delish gourmet handmade burgers with bacon wrapped around which were soooooo nice. Even though we have eaten in some amazing restaurants since we started our travels (and have told everyone all about them in great detail) it was so nice to have just regular home cooked food and we also felt super American especially as we were drinking sweet tea! Also we learned about Arnold Palmer who invented sweet tea and lemonade which I am now a fan of.

After dinner we thought vaguely about going for a walk but instead we decided just to sit in the A/C for a bit, chill, eat our cupcakes which were SO good, and fill Carie’s dad in on Greyhound tales and sorority stories. Then it was time for more food, this time in the way of froyo, a staple of our diets. Carie’s brother hadn’t had it before so we basically insisted he came and actually this was one of my favourite froyo shops I have visited – I chose lots of healthy toppings and they had such good flavours AND they had a wall you can write on, which we were greatly entertained by. Sophie showed off her great artwork.

The day’s final stop was the cinema/theater. We went to this really really cool movie theater that was like stepping back in time, all neon lights and cool stuff. One of the screens is AMAZING it has like real sofas in it instead of regular seats. Our movie wasn’t in that screen but Carie persuaded the popcorn man to let us go in and have a look by telling him we were from England and we’re leaving soon and so on and so on – girl gets stuff done!

Anyway the movie we were seeing was Dark Shadows. I do not even know how to go about explaining this movie. It was definitely one of the weirdest things I have ever seen in my life – we all came out of it just completely baffled and not really sure how to take it. It was just seriously seriously weird and extremely trippy and possibly nightmare-inducing. However overall I think I liked it. It was also quite funny, and like, Helena Bonham Carter is a goddess obviously. It was just…strange.

After this weird, trippy end to the night we returned back to the condo and back to our princess room. Today has been so nice – we haven’t really felt like tourists at all which after 2 weeks of travelling is a very welcome change! And also we have clean clothes now! I really wish we were staying in Dallas another night buttt sadly tomorrow we must leave for Austin. However we do have exciting plans for the day involving a picnic, bubble tea, glass orbs and possibly even a civilised game of boules (all this = weather permitting) so more fun stuff lies ahead! (sry I’m so lame)



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just chillin’

We have truly embraced the slow, Southern lifestyle today because we have literally done nothing. And doing nothing is actually very nice. We had leisurely breakfast and bid goodbye to our new aussie friends (who we are determined to track down in Myrtle beach) and then wandered to a really nice farmers market. We were very good and didn’t spend all our money on food we didn’t need and actually today we have stuck to our grand $40 a day budget so we are very impressed with ourselves. We decided to rest our tired legs and ended up sitting in the park where the market was for about two and a half hours, eating strawberries, looking at puppies and dodging children with lethal footballs. This is when Bella embarked on mission “find my underwear” and we called Emily to get her to try to rescue it. What makes this all the more awkward is that within 48hrs of Bella leaving her room-mate she has already deleted her off facebook…must have made a great impression! There was also a man with a lovely guitar who sang all our favourite songs; Sweet Caroline, Country Roads and so on, which we greatly appreciated and considered enthusiastically joining in with lighters, cheering etc but eventually decided against it.

We also now have a place to stay in Austin, with a man called Matt (he won’t be there when we are but we have his apartment which is very nice) and we also realized we are 100% stranded in Myrtle Beach tomorrow. We basically have found out we are 13 miles from our house, and there is no bus even remotely in that direction which could be interesting…. At the moment our plan is to sit on the beach in the center of Myrtle until one of our friends arrives and then make them come and rescue us (so if any of you are reading this please come in the afternoon and rescue us!!)

We decided it was better to probably move from this spot and get one final look at Charleston and so went back onto the campus and got all nostalgic about W&M (already) because all the College of Charleston seniors were graduating which was very sweet and they were all in white with bunches of flowers and stuff. Dinner came around and we decided on falafel and some Belgian fries which was really good and some gourmet chocolate, pecan bar brownie thing which was yuuuum.

And that really is about it. I think I could get used to doing nothing my whole life.

Oh… and here are some pictures of Charleston – ain’t it pretttttty?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next stop Myrtle – do not expect to hear from us for a couple of days as we may be otherwise engaged. That is if we ever make it…

S xx

Total Disaster Count: 5 (today’s disaster: discovering we are to be stranded in Myrtle AND must pay another ridiculous fee to get a taxi to the Greyhound)

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this place about to blow

Good news folks – WE SURVIVED BLOWOUT!

Surprisingly, in even better style than last semester’s, or at least with more memories. However, as it turns out, Thursday is also worth a little mention. We had Senior Roast & Toast at Paul’s which was very fun if a bit stressful cause it was SO LOUD in there and we had to shout everything, then we returned to Theta where we picked up both of our blowout tanks which were both amazing.


Next up was Delta Phi for a little dose of skippy and then we went to the Leafe for a little bit to crash Emily’s date party. After she started undoing her shirt we thought she was maybe on a different level to us so we jumped ship to Ivan’s, naturally, who promised us food. We had a traumatic time all round watching Hoarders and laughed for 30 minutes straight before he unleashed us on the pizza. On the way home Sophie became very paranoid and was convinced she was being followed by clowns and ghosts but what can you do?

AND NOW onto the event itself. We began the day yesterday at Theta where there were bagels and so on, and then it was onto Pi Phi to begin the festivities. We found Emily was well away already and so we began with some mimosas etc. Then Emily and the Pi Phis decided to go get breakfast so Sophie and I went off to 321 to see all our Theta chums. This was an excellent life decision – the sun was shining, there were amazing tunes and we indulged in some standard Natty-stealing and many photoshoots in all our matching tanks.

After a quick singalong to Macklemore we decided to move onto the soccer house, which was apparently the destination of the day as everyone had been going on about it all year. On the way we found Neal (and tore him away from whatever girl he was with oopppsss) and arrived at the soccer house to find this:


I.e, everyone was right when they said it was the place to be. We literally saw everyone we know and wandered around for hours and hours, spectating games of beer pong and inventing the British Triathlon.

In what was possibly the strangest and most badly judged part of the day, we somehow ended up on a trip to Beret’s with Vicky, Drew and Schofield. We were told we had to sit at the taphouse bar (or the tapas bar) so we went outside, and the boys kindly offered to pay for us, so we all ordered and Schofield ordered about six dishes just for him. Immediately after the waiter left, we remembered that there was food for free on the sunken gardens. We then decided it would be a wise decision to abandon ship and quite literally sprinted away from the restaurant. No, I am not proud.

Anyway when we reached the sunken gardens we almost got into a fight with some obnoxious men who kept pinching sophie’s bum, but eventually we fought our way through the crowds and managed to get to the food, where we promptly devoured at least three hot dogs each and too much generic barbeque meat. After a while, and after Sally had poured about a ton of pasta salad on the floor, I got a call from Lydia on Emily’s phone so I went off to find them. Sophie insisted that she was not going to move so I left her and went off to find Lydia who was with Emily.

When we returned Sophie had disappeared so Emily and I found Neal and lay on the ground for a while. After a while we started to get a bit concerned about Sophie’s whereabouts so I called her and she confusedly told me she was ‘just lying on the flowery couch in the chapter room.’ Shortly after this she appeared back on the sunken gardens, and then Brooks and possibly someone else turned up, and then later Ivan did, and so for about two hours we all just lay there. Brooks was a very comfortable bed. We also all betrothed ourselves to each other so you should look for wedding invitations in around 20 or 30 years.

Eventually we realised it was getting kinda late so we all retreated to our various houses and Sophie and I went back to Theta for a while, then we went to Sadler cause there were free pancakes but the line was ridiculously long so then we went to the Sexchange and eventually we gave in and went to bed.

All in all, a massively successful day and WE DON’T WANT IT TO BE OVER!!!!!


p.s I would totally be doing some blogging right now but my computer exploded on me…soooooo I can’t – S

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Today we had our senior send off – a chance to say goodbye to Theta for all the seniors (and us). It was a really lovely service and allowed us all to share our memories from our time in Theta. We had been warned that this would be an emotional affair but I wasn’t quite expecting it to as emotional as it was. Everyone’s speeches made me appreciate how lucky we are to be part of Theta and how central Theta has been to our lives this year (God, If my speech had been this concise it might have been more emotional). Looking around at all the girls it made me feel so privileged to have been part of something so special (and so American!) and I am in no doubt that Theta was the best decision I have made this year. 

I am suprised I didn’t just bawl the whole way through but I stayed fairly composed – welled up a lot but now embarassing snorting which was good. My speech left a little to be desired. Americans I have learnt this year are very good at all there inspirational speeches, and at being very candid about their feelings which is really nice. I however, seem to have inherited my mothers stiff upper-lip when it comes to emotional expression. (this is the woman who finished my senior letter “ok, that’s about it…regards!). Grace said to me after that “I liked your speech…it was straight to the point!” and she was right. Although I thought I was being all emotional (by British standards I certainly was) I really was shown up by everyone’s great speeches. It must be something that comes with the territory – but seriously although I am maybe not that articulate, I do love you guys. 

So that is enough of me gushing (see we just can’t do it us Brits!), but I just felt this special day needed a little mention and GOD am I drained after today! I have possibly done more public speaking today than I have in my whole life – after a 25 minute presentation and a speech in front 80 odd girls I am prepared for life. Also, the weather is awful so that has made things so much more miserable! I hate the fact that we finally have to confront the fact we are leaving Williamsburg in just over two weeks and today has kind of made all that a bit more real. I DON’T WANNA LEAVE WAHHH. 

To make myself slightly less miserable I am gonna list the exciting things happening this week:

 – Senior dessert 

– Finishing classes

– 2 more 8am’s


There are some positives to all this! Bring it on!

S xx


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all hail the red couches

Yesterday was another day productively spent: I think I literally sat on the red couches for about 8 hours. Although actually, I did somehow manage to read two entire books (admittedly one of them is for 11 year olds) and write a response paper.

Yesterday also began, as far as I’m concerned, the beginning of the end, because we had to go to the house for our ‘Senior Lunch.’ There was SO MUCH good food and lots of alumni Thetas to talk to. We were in the middle of our emotional ceremony to celebrate us moving on in our lives etc when suddenly Alice appeared, looking terrified, and announced that there was a fire in the kitchen. Can you say total Theta move?

Anyway so Carolyn, as ex-president took charge while Sophie and I, along with most of the alumni, grabbed all manner of umbrellas and sought shelter a safe three feet outside of the door, preparing ourselves to watch the house burn down. Not five seconds later we were summoned back in and the ceremony continued.

After that, and after having eaten way too much crap for my own good (a theme of this weekend), I concluded that it was way too wet and disgusting outside to even contemplate going home and so spent the entirety of the rest of the day on the couches (which, we learned, have been there in some form or another since 1997. Long live the red couches etc). This was well rewarded when it got to 10pm and ‘William and Kate: One Year On’ began on TLC. This was truly a gem of a program, firstly because I am quite possibly hopelessly in love with Kate Middleton and also because of the hilarity of the commentator, who seemed to be determined to make Wills & Kate’s relationship and royal duties as dramatic as physically possible and turned every possible situation into a dramatic rhetorical question. Sophie and I also went back in time for a little bit and read some of our blogs from when we first arrived/rushed/joined Theta which was hysterical and not at all a waste of time.



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spring awakening

Yesterday I was so excited for formal that I literally woke up at 8AM raring to go and proceeded to spend more or less the entire day counting down the hours. Luckily it was fairly easy to manage; we went for a walk around C Dubs, ate millions of peanut samples, and then ended up wandering about with John & Neal as it was the day for Admitted Students and so there was loads of stuff going on on the Sunken Gardens and stuff.

Despite my state of great excitement I ended up hideously un-ready and ended up getting ready in like fifteen minutes – how this happened I do not know. Then we ate pizza with Grace and everyone and began easing ourselves into the evening with a little beverage or two. We were running a bit late – when are we not – but it didn’t matter, so were our dates. Eventually they showed up and so we moved the festivities on to NoBo with our motley crew of Sig Pis trailing behind us. Sophie made quite the entrance by falling completely over in an extremely dramatic and Bambi-esque fashion just as we crossed the threshold; unfortunately, it was just around the corner from where everybody was so nobody got to see this hilarious moment. Everyone said that they knew we’d arrived when ‘all of Sig Pi rolled up’ so that tells you everything you need to know about our relationship (read: weird obsession) with them.

Honestly, the pregame was so good that I would happily have stayed there all night. Almost all of our favourites were there and we had a jolly old time cavorting about in the back garden and so on. Unfortunately we had to get the buses very early so with a quick swig of some delicious (not) strawberry and lime concoction (the same one that was my downfall on Thursday) we rounded up all our dates once more and piled into the Wrenmobile, which was being driven by Casey. We were all very excited cause the buses were real life American schoolbuses. On the journey, we started a spontaneous singalong of Wagon Wheel and also nearly had a minor disaster when a certain someone at the back started vomming into a beach bucket 😛

Eventually we got there, checked in, and at this point things get a little blurry so we feel that the best strategy is gonna be to write a list of memories of actual formal:

– Gathering all our dates up to dance in a sort of domino-esque chain

– Being presented (kind of); actually all I remember is lining up, then suddenly finding myself several feet in the air and hiding behind my flowers while Hanna called my name

– Inadvertently taking a bite of some sort of hideous crabby/fish thing which was gross

– Demanding that Jake buy me a glass of wine (which cost $7) and, in true fresher style, downing it

– Sophie running up to me with a very excited look on her face and proudly yelling “I JUST VOMMED ON SOMEBODY!” (which, we have now concluded, was likely a total lie)

– Falling asleep on Schofield on the bus back (Sophie)

– Removing our shoes – probably for the best as Sophie fell over at least three times

– Bonding with one of the Sig Chis we talked to outside the unit for like an hour the other week

And I’m sorry to report that that is it. At some point somebody told us it was time to leave so we all got back onto the buses and, judging by the pictures, partook in a) a photoshoot and b) a game of musical chairs. We returned to Theta for what was supposed to be a brief pit stop, and next thing I know Sophie and Mae are both passed out cold on the couches which did not please me at all. I texted Emily and then went over to Pi Phi for a bit, and then good old Ivan came through with an offer of food and even a ride from Theta to his house which was perfect. Sally was also there, having got changed for the occasion, and so off we went to Ivan’s house, where for some reason he insisted that I eat a cinnamon roll (where this was from I had no idea) and where he had brilliantly already ordered pizza, and not just any pizza but my utmost favourite, barbeque chicken. We have already trained him well. In hindsight eating more or less half a pizza at probably 1:30am was not the wisest life decision I have ever made but at the time it seemed like a brilliant plan and it did stop the horrific hangover I definitely deserved.

Meanwhile, Sophie and Mae were left on the couches and apparently woke up at 4am very confused. All in all, a successful night…



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the day that time slowed down

Yesterday was a very long, very fun day. It started at 10:45 when my alarm went off and I remembered that Mae’s train was supposed to arrive in Williamsburg at 11:15. After spending a bit of time lolling at the previous night’s facebook antics, doing some quick piecing together, and struggling to understand how to dress myself, I headed over to Theta and off we trotted to the train station.

Mae’s train was like a couple of minutes late which was good as so were we. We were joyfully reunited, and headed off to the Days Inn, where the lady at the desk had no record or even recollection of Mae’s reservation. Luckily as this is the Williamsburg Days Inn in April it was surprisingly not fully booked and so she got a room anyway. We all looked longingly at the pool, received our gifts of digestives, chocolate and deodorant (for Sophie) and then we made a spontaneous plan to go to Nawab (BUCKET LIST!!) with – guess who?! – Ivan, with a brief stop at Food Lion on the way.

Ivan described my night before as ‘shambly.’ I have to agree. We accidentally caused quite a lot of chaos in Nawab by talking loudly and obnoxiously British-ly but whatever. Naan bread. Ivan then insisted that we went to Rita’s and we tried a selection of various frozen dishes such as frozen custard (which nobody wanted at all) and something delicious involving mangos.

Next on the agenda was a little trip back to Theta and then a trip to Pi Phi which was full of excitement as everyone was trying on their dresses/various combinations of other peoples’ clothing & shoes ready for their formal. Then we separated for a little while to get ready for our athletic adventure of the evening, i.e a trip to REBOUNDERZ!! We were driven by the lovely Hanna, along with Sally and Rose, and had a wonderful time on the drive there singing Call Me Maybe very loudly and so on.

Rebounderz  was the most hilarious place, it was essentially a massive warehouse with lots of trampolines in it. It was a bit antisocial as there were a lot of rules including one that meant only one person could be on each trampoline, so you had to kind of yell across to everyone, but it was still sooooo much fun (although it was exhausting) — SISTAHOOOOOOD!!!

Afterwards we got back into Hanna’s car and decided to go to Panera for dinner which we’d never been to and which I enjoyed a lot and then it was time to introduce Mae (against her will) to Sweet Frog. Thennn we went back to Theta where the couches were buzzzzzinnggggg and watched Anchorman for a bit and so on and so on.

TONIGHT IS FORMAL WOOOOOOOO SO EXCIIIIITEDDDD (so excited that I had a very bizarre dream about the whole thing involving pregaming in Paris and wearing a dress with a layer made out of clear plastic)


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may the odds be ever in your favour

So as is becoming habit for us, we kicked off the weekend yesterday with yet another weird weird night. We had a mixer at the Crust that involved a $300 tab, and, knowing how much Thetas love food, we headed down there at least ten minutes before the tab opened to find half of Theta already there. Great minds think alike.

Anyway Amy/whoever was in charge had cleverly arranged for them to just bring out a billion pizzas, so we all sat down around a raging fire (no exaggeration) and sort of awkwardly looked at the boys, like we were at a year 8 disco or something. Eventually though we got some mixing going on and bonded with our two fave British Pikas (us foreigners stick together!), mainly over US dancing (always a conversation point).

When the tab was over it was time to move the party onwards so off we went to Diamond Den, where some more awkward boy/girl separation happened until Carie took charge and ordered some pledges to mix with us, which they did. Then there was a game of flip cup, general festivities, and then it was time for possibly the most exciting part of the night…


Why yes, we did leave a mixer to go to the 12:05 showing of a teenage dystopian fantasy movie/novel. And what? We gathered Emily, Jil and Carolyn and all got in the car and went to Movie Tavern, which is an experience in itself – it’s like half movie theater, half lecture hall. I won’t spoil it but we all thought that the movie was very good (although obviously not as good as the books!)

Anyway then we went back home cause we were all knackered after our ridiculous 8am start (ONLY TEN LEFT!!!!) and we had had quite a wild night watching teenagers kill each other…


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snap back to reality…

As you can probably tell – this week has been very strange. It seems to have lasted forever, and has been an odd mix of wholesome and trashy as hell. It is safe to say this week has been one of mine (and Bella’s) favorites since we have been here. So lets just recap some of the stupid and weird things that we have done this week before getting on to date party. We have:

  • Painted a banner
  • Made hundreds of cards for sick children (don’t laugh we actually did!)
  • Donated our pennies
  • Lost our dignity
  • Found some new friends (awww)
  • Collectively had two of the worst hangovers we have ever had
  • Partied in the Sig Chi unit til ridiculous hours (Bella – I was defeated by said hangover by 12pm after a near vom experience ^)
  • Been kited many a time
  • Watched Theta dominate in the slutty dance category
  • Eaten our weight in Dominos at a Team England hungover feast
  • Been in our bikinis an abnormal amount for March
  • Experienced some (more) ridiculous English accents / racist comments
  • etc. etc. etc

So that was us until Saturday afternoon. Bella was nursing an epic hangover and I was on day two of mine so we did not commence our day originally planned for St. Patrick’s Day raging. Everyone on campus seems to take this “holiday” (I use the word lightly) very seriously. Campus was a-wash with people wearing green and everyone was devastated to learn that we don’t take St. Paddy’s Day (not PATTY’S people!) very seriously.  Worried our dates were a little worse for wear we decided to hunt them down at around 5pm. Safe to say they were mildly intoxicated at this point. We had our first Natty of the day which was delightful, I argued with my date about a pre-game location, had a quick rap battle with a drunken young man and then we set on our merry way to get ready for date partyyyyy.

The theme was “rhymes with green” and because we are firm believers in poetic licence we just went in green (they do rhyme – Tim Kendall taught us so!!). I began pre-game at the house with my fam and then met with Bella and Duncan to continue on our way. Despite Duncan nearly missing the pre-game due to a post-drinking nap, we eventually made it in one piece. Pre-game was fun as always. We are further cementing our position as Kappa Sig groupies and after a very quick few rounds of Goldschlagar and Ivan’s specially mixed cocktails (obviously containing tequila) we were ready to walk that huge five minutes to the Library Tavern (or Tav as we have now named it).

we also became oompa loompas

Our night down Tav was another one of those ridiculous nights. Our dates were on top form – Thank you for continuing the supply of alcohol for us and not getting annoyed when we subsequently ditched you to “find sig pi!” – we are sorry. We have come to the conclusion that we must be the worst dates ever. Our aversion to grinding and general short attention span/ tendency to cry doesn’t give us the best track record! There was the standard stumbling and grinding that comes with these affairs and I distinctly remember standing on a chair and “american dancing” with Bella’s date…sorry Ben! We also missed out on the tab which was highly devastating – I was hoping to rekindle my love affair with cheesy chips! Basically – the whole thing was a shit show, but a really, really funny one.

So we left with Schofield and his renegade trousers in tow.  And after awkwardly hovering outside Harrison in search of Sig Pi, making some new friends from UEA, meeting a one-armed local (which I found hysterical…he had two arms they were just expertly hidden..)and his friend, a grad student who had read the blog (GOING GLOBAL!) and some a capella boys from Cornell it was time for food. Cold leftover garlic bread of unknown origin was the food of choice. As always, we kept it classy last night.

Today we all, in a highly ineffectual state,  learnt all the ways of Theta recruitment – I feel like I have opened the Chamber of Secrets! We also realised that if we start our travels on May 10th we have exactly 7 weeks and 3 days left in the ‘Burg – WHAT!?

It is suddenly getting very hard thinking about leaving this strange little place that we have called home this year….

S xx

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breaking news

The results are in and in a shocker that nobody saw coming, Pi Phi are the winners of Derby Days – and more importantly, we came second! Woooo Theta Nation!

The lip sync last night was very successful/sexual and we came third – Tri Delt KILLED it but I feel we were robbed of second place. I am a v dedicated camerawoman of course so here is your (wobbly kind of bad) video:

Get it girls.

Apparently all this madness made me and Emily very excitable because while Sophie returned home at like midnight we proceeded to spend the night roaming the units for several hours, showed off the difference between UK/USA dancing (for only the ninety millionth time this year) and culminated the whole affair with a hardcore four-person dance party in Sig Chi basement until like 3:30AM, at which point we began to walk home only to discover that somewhere over the course of the night Emily had lost a shoe. Colin and I sat her down at the side of the road and told her NOT TO MOVE while we went to look for it, but we couldn’t find it, and when we returned she had literally vanished. I do not even know.

Today our stamina let us down and we couldn’t bring ourselves to really day drink for St Patrick’s Day (HUGE deal here!) so instead we lay in the grass on sorority court (where we have spent probably 80% of the last three days) and spontaneously ordered a feast from Domino’s. Tonight we have date party so it is time to RALLY!


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oh these derby days

We’ve now been back from California for a week, but it doesn’t really feel like Spring Break ever ended. Since we returned, W&M has been less campus and more holiday camp (think Centerparcs): the weather has been gorgeous, we’ve had hardly any work, and we’ve spent the entire week painting, eating, sunbathing and doing serious Theta bonding.

Most of this is because of the wonder that is Sig Chi Derby Days. We’d heard vaguely about this but hadn’t really appreciated the time and ‘effort’ it would take up (I say effort…). After our brilliant banner-making on Tuesday, Wednesday was the ‘Miss Derby Days Pageant’ and, more importantly, Sorority Appreciation Dinner. We all paid our $5 (SAVE THE CHILDREN) and went to the Alumni House (which is amazing, complete with special W&M CARPETS) to watch representatives from each sorority tell outrageous lies about themselves and eat pasta. Jil was repping Theta and did it brilliantly – I wish I had a picture – in true Southern belle style but unfortunately we were robbed, despite the fact that our v dedicated coach Colin came up with a brilliant bio in three seconds flat cause somehow we’d missed the memo we needed one at all. Also, we got chocolate dipped strawberries which were served as like a bouquet AND our table got double the amount which actually was the best part. Afterwards we all went to the Crust and sat outside and it was just like being on holiday and we had yet another ridiculous conversation about Harry Potter, England etc etc which as everyone knows never gets old.

Yesterday after classes we spent the whole day lying on the grass in sorority court getting our tan on and then we went to the Sig Chi unit for a pregame in honour of Theta Thursday – the boys were on top form and we got a sneak preview of the lip sync dance for tonight. I’m fairly sure we’re definitely gonna win. And speaking of, the dance is exactly what I’m heading to right now and I am seriously excited to see what everyone’s come up with. After weeks (days) of practising, it all comes down to this…


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royally good time

Once again we bring you a weekend round-up. This is not because we are super lazy bloggers, this is because we are super busy bloggers who have not had the time or energy this weekend to blog. This weekend seems to have been very long, and extremely odd once again and I think the best way to tell you about this strange weekend is by taking it a day at a time…

Friday – Semi-Formal

Now this was an odd night. Fun, but odd. The night started in the way that so many nights do – a pre-game as NoBo. Both Josie and John our dates for the night were on top form and we had a lovely time drinking (or pretending to in my case) high quality liquor, taking some very attractive pictures and playing some interesting games.

We then progressed back to Theta house for part #2 and were greeted not only with a huge pong table in my bedroom but also Ivan (naturally, complete with tequila) … you can see where this is going. My date was a little worse for wear by this point so we headed to Trinkle Hall (think a bigger version of the Bop exe people…). Trinkle was…interesting. I must admit my highlight was the free catered Chick-Fil-A and brownies. American dancing is even more scary when one is sober and sober me felt like she was in the middle of some giant, clothed sex party without an invite! At least I had my fellow Brits to awkwardly dance as if we were in Liquid in the middle of all the action! It goes without saying that everyone had abandoned Trinkle and the high-class DJ who did at one point refer to us as “party people” in favor of other events.  We however, had no other events so went on back to theta where sober drunk texts were exchange, the piano was played and a jolly good time was had by all. It was all a bit odd really, but a fun night none the less. It has also proved to me that these formal events require a certain amount of intoxication to overcome certain cultural differences 😉

Saturday – Campus Golf

So THIS was Campus Golf…

We had been warned about Campus Golf from the very first weeks of our time at W&M. It is a time to get drunk, dress up, frolic gayly and hit tennis balls around campus for charity. As you can see we thought we were really funny and decided to dress up at the British Royal Fam and I must say, it went down a treat with our American cousins. Here are some of the royally good moments of the day:

  • Finding out our t-time was 10.08am…at 9.15am. Subsequently crawling out of bed and running around in a stupor trying to find tiaras, elastic and royal attire. (Obviously we were not prepared in advance…)
  • Pre-game #1 – ten minutes before tee time, Bella and Emily struggling after the night before, Josie still in bed and me sober on meds was an interesting and frantic pre-game.
  • Actually “playing” golf – we basically just had to hit a ball across the sunken gardens, but with the royal masks, and thus no peripheral vision, it was even  more difficult than it should have been.
  • Sending greetings and salutations to tour groups – for some strange reason I felt it would be entirely appropriate to wave to groups of perspective students touring campus shouting “welcome to william & mary!” in my best queen voice. whilst most people looked bemused there were always one or two mothers at the back exclaiming “oh my gawwwwd it’s the queen!” – priceless.
  • Emily getting her calf stuck in her jeans. Realizing that she had a mysterious bruise from the night before, Emily proceeded to try and show us, only to her get skinny jean well and truly stuck on her calf. A four man effort could not make it move and as her circulation began to slowly cut off we thought it best to remove the jeans fully which was a beautiful occasion all round.
  • Pre-games #2  & #3 – Queenie decided to drink Monster to rally…bad idea. For the rest of the day I may as well have been intoxicated. My strange caffeine/steroid mix was enough to make me suitably inappropriate for a sober person for the rest of the day. This included waving to more unsuspecting tours and shouting “RULE BRITANNIA” at the top of my lungs..
  • Wills getting stuck in a tree – perhaps my personal highlight. I haven’t yet mentioned the fact that Saturday was VERY WINDY. I am not talking a breeze but huge gusts. One gust caught poor, unsuspectingly Wills off guard and blew his little face up, up, up into the air…then down into a tree next to WaWa.  I think I must provide a picture just because it was too funny.

  • The rest of the day was basically us pretending it wasn’t freezing outside, trying (and failing) to find the rest of our friends and then crashing at 4.30 to the OC, followed by an evening of classic Disney (more lion king) and sleeeeeep zzzzzz.

Sunday – The day that never happened

What happened to Sunday?! One minute it was 10am and the next it was midnight! I did spend my day in a very Sorority like manner with an alumni tea (minus the alumni; awkward…) and watching my wonderful room-mate Kate sing her recital (she was AMAZING). The evening was spent in what can only be seen as the best way ever – watching the Oscars with ma britz and my sistazz and eating Girl Scout Cookies. It’s a hard life.


S xx

and just for the lols…

as one facebook commenter said: it's funny 'cause it's true. B

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in luuuurve with the ‘burg

Today I have fallen back in love with Williamsburg. After what we can admit was a slightly apathetic (or at least a less excited) start to the semester I feel we are now settled in and ready to embrace our last 16 weeks in this strange little place. There are a few things that I think have invigorated my luuuurve for the ‘burg.

1. (this speaks for itself)











2. I actually really like my classes this semester (and seem to have less work)

3. I have a new-found love of the gym which fills time and doesn’t make me feel like the whale I become at the end of last semester and Nike running shorts have entered my wardrobe (I am officially both sporty and american)

4. I am really happy living in the house. Not only is it nice to live with people who speak to you, where you don’t have to walk a sizeable distance in your towel to get to the shower and where you don’t get robbed – it’s just so much nicer than Bryan in every way.

5. We have abandoned Bryan Basement – the land  where all hope is lost. I feel that space alone constituted to 90% of our miserable moods last semester.

6. We have also abandoned Sadler – by reducing our meal plans and having one not 3 meals a day has made me so much happier. It is nice to remember America does actually have real food too and my insides are definitely not hating me as much this semester.

7. We have so much fun stuff planned / left to do that each weekend pretty much is gonna be full. We are going SKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING on Saturday which could be interesting (particularly as Bella has never skied) but no doubt it will be hilarious (as long as there is not a repeat of the ice skating incident)and the Superbowl on Sunday too!

8. This campus, especially in the sunshine, is actually really, really beautiful (it even puts “the view” in Exeter to shame)

9. This is our last time to fully appreciate frat parties and red solo cups (possibly the biggest tragedy?)

I guess that will do for now – I think all this sentimental reflection rubbish has come from the fact that Bella and I are about to book our flight home to England (12th of June – be there!) and this kind of means we don’t have that long left! Sooo, I just wanted to make sure you realised that we aren’t really miserable bitches and that Thrilliamsburg is actually pretty OK!!

S xx

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